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Updated Sn@tch

Kick Ass

As soon as the notice went out that the Riot and Lucky Boards had been updated at Sn@tch I was over there like a shot.  I blog Sn@tch a lot not because I get paid to (I wish) or get free stuff ( most acceptable) but because they never fail to impress.  The items in the LBs and the Riot boards are shop quality and so are the freebies on the table at the entrance.  One of the most updated shops in SL, not a week goes by without new items being added.  Mainly non mesh but I’ve noticed the mesh selection is getting bigger and bigger and so are the Lola Tango selection but it still excels in the non mesh with it’s quality texturing it stands up well against any mesh clothing.

The outfit I am wearing is one of the LB wins, the weapons are from my own arsenal, but remember even in the LBs and Riots the clothing are shop quality and not old tat. As always each pack contains as standard a selection of colours and layers the only difference between the LBs and Riot items is they are non trans.  Because you get so much as standard then what I do is I have a folder in my invent labelled “Donate” and I pop the few items which I’m not keen on the colour and keep the colours I do love and when I stumble on a lost and lonely noob I treat them to some Sn@tch (boom boom).

Check out the Gatcha’s and the free gifts on the front desk. I picked up some pretty undies for free and a lovely flower locket earring set which I’m hoping to get a picture of and will post that soon as it’s adorable.


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Check Out My Teddy Bear


Have to confess I’ve had these “teddies” in my invent for a very long time but fortunately Acid & Mala still has this cute/evil little number in stock.  Non Mesh so good for everyone.  I’m wearing the whole lot, teddies and ropes but have to say that I normally wear just the teddy bra and panties and with jeans it’s actually quite a fun/sexy look. You can either buy the whole look for 150Lds or separately for cheaper but of course at 150 for the whole lot that works out at a bargain price.  BTW if I turned around you will see I’ve got another cheeky teddy strapped to my a**.


Loved my visit to Acid & Mala because it has everything from the weird(octopus tentacles that come out of your ears, nose) to pretty summer dresses.  Even a hardened blogger like me found (and bought) a few new items for my invent and the glasses you see me wearing above is one of them.  You get 7 different ways to wear them. As normal on your nose on as shown on a string etc.  As usual I stuck to the safe black but you can choose from petrol blue, black, maroon, sky blue, magenta or purple.  150 Each.  Have to say I loved all those colours.

A big shop well laid out so set aside some time for a wander around and make sure to treat yourself and if your penny pinching (or Linden pinching) a big discount section.

Acid & Mala

Acid & Mala Marketplace

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Room With A View.

With the 2 very large picture windows and the glass around the door this is a very spacious looking and yet compact in size, price and prims skyhome.

D4I’m using a windlight setting to show off that even the windows have light polka  dots on them.  Lovely atmospheric texturing.

D4 DoorAlthough this is a small skybox with the 2 large picture windows and the glass around the door it seems more spacious.  It’s a Gatcha and OMG only 10Lds!  They actually have a small selection of skyboxes with cute interesting texturing and all not only low primed but also low-priced.  A few at 10, 40, 70 and a choccie skybox for a 100Lds.

D4 BenchThis picture was taken in normal SL light so you can see that even without windlight the colours and texturing are great as so is the amazingly shabby chic Victorian ladder. With its padded cushion and scrap of fabric draped over you wouldn’t expect this to be as low as it is, only 3 prims and 25Lds.  Capriccio is a small shop which is a shame as it has such lovely items for such a good price I’d love more. Special mention to the old-fashioned wash stand, the beams of lights (which I did buy) and the make it yourself poster kit.


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Roses Are Red (Yellow, Pink, Peach,Etc)

Get ready for BOOM!  At Xmas I won a prize from one of my FAV Sl shops Boom but since I knew Boom was coming out with new stuff inc a range of clothes for Lola Tango’s I was more than happy to wait and it’s paid off because instead of sending me items Ara Ultra,egaforce (aranel.ah)sent me a store card for a massive amount (won’t tell).  Since Boom clothes are more than reasonably priced for the quality I know I will be stocking up a whole wardrobe.

Zina I TPed as fast as I could but held off clicking away until I saw this great little number. Called…. and it’s very Salsa inspired.  It is also a Sculptie which in my optinion lends itself to this stylised skirt.

CorneredYou can see in this close up that the skirt has an over skirt of netting and just look at those sculpted roses!!! The top is a backless halter top with just a hint of side boob.  A big choice of coloured roses are available 19in total.

As I’ve said this is a Sculped outfit and not mesh so no demo but it is editable and apart from a little tweaking on the bum it was easy peasy to even the novice to tweak so not an issue at all.


Sneaks this one in not just for the dress but the sim.  The sim belongs to …and it’s open to all and sundry to enjoy.  So if you need a place to take a friend for a dance or just somewhere to sit and be unbothered then this is the place.  Lots of sitting areas, dance floors, tree house, check out the big boat in the back ground and the dance floor has a really good Salsa dance hud.

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“Persnickety=Fussy about small details” is what one dictionary translates it as which as it happens suits this shop “Persnickity” completely because close up or from a distance these items look great.

Now I have a confession because I’ve had so much stuff from Persnickity in my invent just waiting to be blogged but I’ve not known where to start because basically for garden and home there is everything you need and it’s got everything I like such as attention to details, low prims and low price.  I’ve got everything from a Victorian love sofa, blender, plastic laundry basket that’s so realistic it’s a shock and the best ever sim stuffers.

To me “sim Stuffers” are those plants that have amazing depth to them even though they’re seriously low primmed. When trying to work out how to show you this I decided just to do a few close-ups so you can see the amazing texturing.

HasselA 2 primmed rose bush.  Close up and the next one is in full.

Hassel14Not only is it one of the best low primmed plants I’ve found but it’s only 35Lds! 2 Prims and copy! Lots of her items are copy but not all.  Hassel 8Vivid colours, great depth and so pretty.

Hassel 7All of these photos were taken with the same settings (nams) which is very similar to midday if you don’t use Windlight.

Snapshot_058Plenty of grasses, bushes, trees from the more realistic to the vivid. A thick wall climbing ivy for only 3 Prims.

Hassel6Bubble hearts so cute and still only a single prim.


I’ve not even started on the home furnishings but the lovely dressing table and chair are a prime example. Shabby Chicness galore.  Kitchen wares, beds, baskets, Cabbage rose textiles,  living room sets all with that Shabby Chic charmingness.

Tor Scifi Rezzable

Sorry last photo I promise but this is 2 of the 6 prim beech woods together and nestled in the middle is Faiths tent inc her washing line.  I also had a fiddle with Windlight but it was mainly to show how even if you have the smallest of plots or the biggest of sims you can use her excellent low primmed garden items to pack it out.  Every time I pop back here I find new stuff.  She has the best fat leaves Hosta plants out and now I’ve noticed in the back area she has a Rezzer so now if you need a home to place all your items in and in keeping the with Cottagy theme you can find it all here.

She has so much up on the Marketplace but make sure to pop inworld as well because you can hop on an egg and go for her Egg Hunt.  Hidden are 5 Big Fat Gold covered eggs with fun free stuff.

Persnickity Marketplace


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Mary Lou

Bubblez Lucky board- Mary Lou outfit complete with skin,hair,pose & attachments

While I was stalking the luckboards at Bubblez yesterday my letter came up hazzzzah ! I received this incredible outfit called Mary Lou, now I know most of Bubblez outfits but Id never ever seen this one ! Wowser…I was bowled over by the colours…so fresh ..and ohmaiii what-a-lot you get in the box. Not only do you receive the glorious clothing…but also

Bubblez Lucky board - Mary Lou outfit,skin,Hair & attachments FREE!

…the hair which is sooooo FUN…the choker with a butterfly jauntily caught around your neck…a tiny wee bird to pose with on your hand…stockings andddd the skin . The pose I used for these photos is also included…isnt that “complete”?! The only thing that isnt included in this look is my roller boots which I nabbed at The March Arcade event, by The Secret Store and I lurve them heaps.


The Arcade

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Sexy Drow


Going to be going from one extreme to another in this post. First is this amazing Drow skin which comes with perfectly matching Lola Tangos and Lush Applier.  “Drow” is something which I know nothing about but what I do know it’s I look FREAKISHLY SEXY! I don’t mean that Drow is “freaky” but this ash black skin is so unique and with the added extra boobage it’s stunning.  Because there are certain restrictions on the amount I can  show I’ve placed a more full frontal picture on my Flickr account.  This is a  subscription gift from Everian Malus (mizevangeline) and her shop is called “By Eve”.  A small shop in a rather large shopping mall dedicated to BOOBS of all sizes and brand names.  Now Everian has Appliers for all boob brands but if the item you have bought doesn’t contain the applier you need then she will send you one free of charge. Check out her profile for that detail and some other info.  So pop in check out the cute summer dress and make sure to slap the Sub board and grab this skin.

Flowery“Mirror Mirror on the wall who is fairest of them all” ME OF COURSE!! Still wearing the Essense Wednesday skin, Special offer from Violent Seduction is this Versailles costume for 70Lds.  Meshed AND Lola’d excellent. Love its Marie Antoinette styling.  Comes in only 2 sizes which are s/m and m/l.  Wears just as well without the Lolas so don’t let that put you off if you’re not into boobies.  A selection of sexy cute, Kawaii, Fantasy clothing.

Violent Seduction is on the CupCake Sim which is having a special reopening event going on which should sadly be ending today but rush in and grab this dress because Sgt. Pepper (iki.akiri) might be sweet enough to leave this out for a little bit longer or you might just get tempted by one of the lovely items here or even try the Gatcha or Lucky Boards.


By Eve

Violent Seduction