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Dont get your knickers in a knot


I have this lovely little saying, that I use often as I’m cheap as hell when I buy day-to-day knickers (I splurrrrge on my fancy smancy ones though). This is it –  “I paid a pound for these and I’ve got 50p’s worth up my butt”, classy huh?! Well, as you can see above – these gorgeous knickers don’t ride up at all – infact Id go as far to say they are best fitting mesh knickers I’ve ever had.

Ayiki geek kitty

Lovely details all over and a big range of slogans and colours to choose from – of course I was drawn to the ones with a kitty cat on the front. You also get arm & leg warmers in the pack – they don’t really work so good with Slink hands and feet – which is why I was lazy and didn’t show them. These are by new-to-me store Ayiki, pretty place to wander around with some sooper retro lingerie and also modern sets on offer. My hair is by Clawtooth, “hang it up”, currently on sale at Collabor88 – love it !

Ayiki Bikini group gift FREE! Clawtooth hair hang it up Collabor88

Join the group (free by the way) and you can get your paws on this rather nautical looking mesh bikini as a gift. Again brilliant fit for mesh !

Ayiki Ame dress

While I was there I couldn’t resist treating myself to this dress. Its called “Ame” and has such a fantastic linen look fabric. Sweet print and a slightly wrap-a-round feel to it. It comes with a HUD which means you get six dress for the small amount fo 99L ! Did you spot my new shoooooz yet ?

Reign Sovereign wedges 100 Block

These are by Reign, another new store for me. I finally managed to get into the 100 Block event to grab them up – totally in love with them ! I did also head over to the mainstore to take a gander, other lush shoes are on sale from between 200 – 300L a pop. These are 400L a go, but I really felt it was worth the outlay. Lotsa colours to choose from, I might have to go back and get the red ones toooo! (They are for Slink high feet btw)


100 Block



Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Its All White

SF Design VIP Group gift sneakers

I have some real finds for you today…and as I’m feeling rather fresh…Im gonna show them all in zesty pure white. Above is this months VIP Group gift from SF Design. HolyGramoly…these are gorgeoussss ! Expertly textures and spot on style..Guys theres a pair for you also. Just join the group (small fee applies and we get such brilliant gifts EACH month!)

Somnia - for 100 - Moustache tops & Silken Thatch pants

A new event is starting on the 10th of May…dont try to head over before, you can get a sneak preview ! Somnia have a fantastique range of items…these are the Silken thatch pants along with one of the moustache tops… get excited because, you get a whopping EIGHT colours in the pack of each item *faints*…each pack is only (for the duration of the 100 Block event) an amazing 95L !! They will then revert to the usual price of 200L, which is still a steal.

Somnia Velveteen Dress


Also at the 100 Block event is this velveteen dress, snug fit, great belt. Wear it with heels, boots or as I have sneakers for a sportier look…againn eight tones for the lowww price of 95L…cant wait to get in to this event..looks like its going to be a doooozy. Thanks Sanura ❤

100 Block (on the 10th – 31st May)

SF Design