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I’ve got bunches to share with you today…two new Stores to welcome to the blog, even.flow and estatica ! Above I’m showing you the Enviro vest from even.flow in the scrummy earth shade…I teamed it up with a handy dandy layering tshirt from Jane…et voila. I’m going to play around with this vest later and see what else I can wear it with…got a feeling its going to become a firm fav…the super good news is its available for just 69L at the moment in the Acid Lily Gallery…dash to grab yours ! (There is also a lovely blue scarf that sits so well with the vest on offer for only 1L)

The bench I’m sat on, is from estatica…suhc a classic shape and realistic shade of stone…just one prim and 47 poses I believe…his, hers & friends yay! This is the round version…149L…great price…photo one above is the straight style…same prims, same great price….

You all know I’m rather passionate about decor..and estatica is my kinda place..not only superb looking pieces but low low lowwww prims and really lovely animations…I just will not say something is fabulous..unless it truly IS ! I was genuinely astounded by how good looking these pieces are..this is the desk and chair from the Bertram range…again a very traditional style, yet it still works in my shabby chic boathouse…the whole item is just TWO prims ! Couple that with some seriously cool poses…this is something you don’t want to miss…totally adore the couple arguing poses !

The desk also rezzes items for some animations, such as reading (like I’m doing here) and writing…just perfect. One thing I just loved, was the captains letter that rezzes on the desk..if you touch it, it passes you a copy of the letter that you can wear as a HUD..such a beautiful passage (Im reliably informed it’s from a Jane Austen book) so so so romantic…

If you have time check out the other items in the Bertram range…especially the sky home…its gorgeous…loww prim once again (13) and has a few surprises to keep you entertained ! I opened this door…loks like you can walk right in huh? Well you can’t, it’s an optical illusion ! estatica also has a few gorgeous group gifts out, join fee is just 50L at the moment, definitely one to go for…thanks estatica & Pam and Yingy ❤


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