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Boo Hoo!

I finally managed to find these trouser because I had forgotten to rename them and they got swallowed up in the chasm that I call my inventory.  So I popped them on and then popped back to Cloe/Censored to make sure they were still on sale and not only are they still there but the prices have been slashed.  In fact all the prices have been slashed to just 4oLds so on the one hand I was happy to pick myself up some great shoes, a couple of hairs, a skin, a gacha item and all the group gifts I wanted and then on the other hand I “boo hoo’d” at the items I’d bought at full price previously.

Pants UseThe trouser is bright colours bleeding into themselves, pulled down on one hip with a big fat bow attachment and one also on the behind, non mesh but I’m not sure if the bows are or sculpted.  The back of the trousers is also lace texturing unlike the front, not the tarty flesh flashing type of lace but a good texture contrast to the front but with the same colouring.  A choice of 4 colourings.

BoatZσє (Princesacindy Bravitz) has quite a selection of (free to join) group gifts of which top this is one.  A mesh summer striped tops and looked just great with a skirt, shorts or a bikini bottom.  I picked up another top like this but with a slashed back and then scored a dress from the Group Lucky Chairs .  The bargains just kept on comming.

Round 11Recycling this the photo from an old post but since it shows off not only the undies but also the hair and hair dryer and now everything is only 40Lds each.  Worth it for the undies alone and yes I still have everything I am wearing. A lovely selection of a bit of everything and some lovely summer fresh colours and patterns.

So not only does she have a very generous sale going on if you TP to the Group Gifts, discount section etc you can pick up quite a few treats.  The skins don’t come with demos, but again at 40Lds so what, what I liked about them is that they have that more realistic look.  Some have quite reddened noses like you have the sniffles and I’ve bought one and tucked it away for when even SL moves back into the colder wintery months and I can wrap up warm with my reddish nose.

Almost forgot to mention some Lola Tango boobies tops available.

Chloe Mainstore

Discount/group offers

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Hair Raising

And because I love the hair with Roses so much check it out from one of my old photos  Roses

Everything I love is in these photos, from my Laqroki skin, Post Furniture, Etchaflesh corset, Virtual Poses, No.9 Stockings and my shamelessly sexy Moody Stilettos and last but not least the hair.  How sexy, decadent and elegant are they? and amazingly they are so …CHEAP…or should I change that to reasonably priced because they are not cheap quality.  Not only do you get magnificent hair but each comes with a choice of colours, 4 shades in a pack and changed by clicking on the hair, and of course easy resizing BUT the accessories can all be changed.  To be honest I really cannot list ALL of the choices you are given with these hairs.  The first hair shown I’ve bought the fat pack and not only do I get a choice of 16 colours but 2 choices of roses AND a total of 20!! colours.  All of them have very generous colour combos and they’re also in the demo packs so get clicking and you will see what I mean.  OK how cheap? 200LDS!!! thats all and even the Fat Packs are only 450Lds
The LM should take you to the shop entrance and if you want to go straight to these hairs then it’s the Models Hair on the TP board you want.  Have a wander around because there are 3 rooms of elegant Yumminess.
Oops forgot to mention that the last hair with the big fat bun came from downstairs.  Good luck hunting out some goodies.

The name of the shop is W&Y HAIR

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Step inside for Freckles

No photo effects, no trick lighting, just a clean photo taken in the midday sun and how nice is this skin?  Holly is the name of this sweet skin, smokey green eyeshadows, nude lips, light freckles over face, shoulders and chest with great attention to lips, collar bones, boobs, belly button and I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. Young and fresh looking.  Excellent.

This is Erica and ok a little bit of lightening to this shot but I snuck into one of Faiths photobooths because I also wanted to get the Vest in shot as well.  This is another young fresh faced skin.  More nude in lip and eye make up.  Just plain excellent quality and now here is the “kicker” BOTH skins were won on a Lucky Chair! Honestly as I stood there looking around the shop, checking out the skin demos my initial or a wildcard came up and then to win shop quality skins as well is just damned generous.  Except it didn’t actually stop there because there is a 1ld promo pack on the wall next to the chairs and then at the entrance to the skin department they have offers of skins for 99lds and if they’re the same quality as the chairs then well worth the price.  Now the usual price for the skins are 400lds or 1500lds for the Fat Packs of 10 skins and if you don’t want to hang around for the LC to come up with your intitial at 400lds you could treat yourself to one of their skins and pick up the promo score on the LC and come away smiling. OH and I’m going to drag Steve over there because they have a small selection of mens skins but each of them has a touch of individuality thats not too common in SL and I’m hoping he too will be taken by the skins as much as I am.

Step Inside furniture and skins

Special mention to the “vest” I am wearing.  Group gift from Toki-Doki.  It is  mesh and is worn without the need for an alpha.  Simple long line grey vest with small pockets.  And to think I almost didn’t go to pick it up!