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Moonlit Bay in Winter

Moonlit Bay in Winter

Zan has been SO busy the last week – she had a flash of inspiration and whizzed into action on the sim we rent. Then I spied what she was doing and whined and whinged to have it too ! Snow, a new home and also a causeway out to a beautiful garden (you cant see that bit) I don’t know how she does it all so fast but I’m glad she does ❤ Her home is in its uhm 5th reincarnation atm – keeps changing her mind and each time I log in its different !

Happy 1st December ❤

New Home: Trompe Loeil – Garrett Country Cottage

Snow: Hayabusa Design Snow particle $49L

Snowy rocks: :Fanatik Architecture: Lofoten H Winter

Beach: –Skye Rocky Shore

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Hunt Those Pumpkins !

Met up with Zan at the Swank Pumpkin hunt this morning ! We decided as it was such a large event and there were so many pumpkins we would do it together. Pumpkins are mostly $0L but a few are $1L. Then ensued arguments about who was going to show which item – SO MUCH ! I was definitely going to show this gorgeous leather dress by Glitter , such a rich toffee leather – great fit too .

Then I found a wearable yay! This back drop is by Colour Alchemists, dont rez – wear it ! Im also showing the corset and suspenders by Ghostyss – a myriad of fits included.

Last for me is the big box of gifts from Park Place. The arched gothic windows are amazing, you also get some black pumpkins, the footstool and the floral arrangement – great gift ! Im wearing the sweet witch outfit including boots by Key Style – dead nice and a huge amount of fits included for both dress and boots.

Here comes Zan !

Here’s a FIRST! We’ve never really added/edited or interferred in each others post so this does seem weird.

We did literally bumped into each other at the Swank event, I think Faith was there first, and so both of us went pumpkin hunting and then agreed on who would wear what and although Faith had wanted to show you this dress from the Rapture stand I’d “bagsied” it first in the comment lol.

A rather nice blue but it’s the creases, folds and the sexy lightly rounded belly which makes this a lovely gift. Those lines are not “breakthrough” they’re very reflective and change as you walk through different windlight settings.

This is the gift off the “ADI” stall and I’m going to admit I don’t recognise that name but a quick check of the Marketplace shop and I can see some familiar Dollarbies. I will of course check the in world shop as soon as I can.

BTW if you’re wondering I can’t cast a shadow in SL. Actually I sorta can but can’t. My computer is a gaming one and so I can run SL at high settings but for some reasons my shadows mainly come out as dirty patches at best and bad pixels at worst. So in the end I just decided I’d not bother with the hit and miss shadows and allow Faith to cast them instead. You need to join the free Swank group to grab your gifts btw.

Swank Pumpkin Hunt

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“Alexa what day is it?” (Freebiesssss & 2 Ld Hunt).

Turns out it’s Thursday which feels just like a Wednesday, Tues or basically any bloddy day. Natually we will all just get on with it but I hope that you find something today which makes you smile just a little bit.

Which I did yesterday when I came across a couple of things. Regular readers and SLers will know this “cart sale” and occasional hunt event as it’s been going on for years. This year it’s called the “Patch of 1000 Pumpkin Cart Sale” and not only is there a gift on each stall the whole sim is a pumpkin hunting ground.

I’m not talking about that big pumpkin patch, you might just be able to see the single on at the front of this barn that is just one of the hunt prizes. Each pumpkin costs 2Ld, if you don’t like suprises then just click, go into edit and then check contents and you should get some idea of what that pumpkin contains.

As for the cart sale a lot of the carts have cheapies, bargains and lots of freebies, the orange gift boxes are the gifts. I don’t think there are many clothes in those boxes just lots of Halloween themed decor so I was pleased when I found this simple and yet handy outfit.

Just a simple look but a very servicable look as it comes as seperates which means that skirt can be teamed up with a few things and as for that top it was the pattern on it that I loved. BTW The skirt is a very dark brown not black.

I bet she thought I wouldn’t notice lol.

Yes I know I’m wearing Uggs lol, sorry I don’t think they’re freebies anymore.

Faith and I do pull the occasional joke on each other, I’ve had a witch flying over her house, a space craft shooting at her home, a foot chained up in her garage and my all time fave was the dead nun under her bed. This year she’s got me first and filled my home with spiders!

Back to the goodies. Don’t forget to pop into the “The Artist Shed” shop as I know there are some hunts going on inside, I did have a quick look and didn’t find them but now I’m inworld LM grabbing I’m going to have another look as I know they will be really good.

The Artish Shed, “Patch of 1000 Pumpkin Hunt/Cart Sale”.

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I think I’ve broken Sugar! (Freebie(s)).

In RL I’ve always wanted a horse, sadly though it’s something that will have to remain a dream. Of course inworld we can live our dreams and this is “sugar” my animesh horse. Sadly not free but worth every linden it costs. I would have liked to have shown him standing up but everytime I zoomed he laid back down again!

In the background is my little Shetland pony called Fred. Fred was a gift off Faith many years ago and I’ve always had him out on my land as he’s such a sweet little chap.

I’ve shown you these boots before but I just can’t remember if those ones had the spurs? So they may have been updated since that post.

These are not only amazingly detailed you get a BIG hud of colours and plenty of fits.

Since there are riding boots and as you can see very sculpted to fit snugly then finding jeans to fit is a nightmare which makes me SO grateful that the matching pants are ALSO FREEBIES!

These pants aren’t actually “jodhpurs” they’re the “Diana Jeans Leather” which are designed to fit perfectly with these and probably some of the other boots. Everything seems to come with the same big hud of colours and in some cases, shininess so I did have to reduce the shine on these pants which was dead easy to do with the slider.

I’m pretty sure these are only on the Marketplace but I have just spotted there is a LM for an inworld shop so you could check that out as well.

PS. The hat/hair is of course a Mina and the sweater !g0. As I always say “save to spend” so from the waist line down I’m all free and from the waist line to the top of my head reasonably priced.


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“It’s time to say Hello to 25Ld Tue”. (Cheapie & Freebie(s))

I just love hats, never wear them but I still can’t resist them so when I saw this one which is one of the 25Lds offers out in the shop. The other 25Ld offer is a dress but not the one I’m wearing.

I was so happy that I didn’t need to faff on with trying to get a hair to fit under it so the only difficulty was chosing which colour to buy.

I will put the link to the Seraphim blog so you can see everything thats on offer as it can be much quicker looking on their blog as you can see all the offers on the one page and also use the links to TP direct to the shop.

Now for one of the freebies.

A most interesting style with that macrame effect and bamboo heels. The other freeie is a dress with a very good hud. Both of these are Group Gifts from the Hilly Haalan shop.


Belle Epoque

Hilly Haalan

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Welcome to our new home

Its been a frantic week or so decorating our new homes and land – but we’re are almost there phew! We decided to go back to our roots and do something we used to do yearsss ago. A Pure Eggs & Spam H.Q. Now that sounds grand (it isn’t!) but we have set up a tree house high on top of the mountain range dividing us from our neighbours. We’d like to place items there that are transferable, so you, our readers, can come take them –  all free. Mostly gacha items – because we both love gachas and get a bit carried away – some rares, a mixed bag really. Anyhoo I’ve set the landing place and it doesn’t seem to behave at the moment. Below is the landmark that I’m HOPING gets you on top of the mountain – look up and there is a blue triangle to TP up to the tree house – et voila ❤ Seemed the right time to take a photograph of me and Zan, new beginnings etc.. Guess who is who? !


Pure Eggs & Spam H.Q 

Update – All the boxes are now gone.

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Oh wow – Eight Years !

Blimey O’Riley , this blog has been going for over EIGHT years now ! I was chatting to one of our readers (that sounds posh doesnt it) earlier today and she said she had been reading the blog on and off for quite some time – which got me thinking – “how long have we been doing this”?! So…I checked…and yup – its just over eight years.

In those heady days of sculpted clothing,flexi, and prim builds we girded our loins and rampaged through Second Life looking out for things to show you – free things, funny things, weird things – and we still are ! These days of course its Zan and me, we used to have Steve who was pretty good eye candy I have to be honest. However, he left SL and headed off to seek his fortune in the big wide world.

Zan and I work really well – the occasional bitch fight over covering stuff , or a note-card saying “back off biatch” etc… She loves the weirdest things – but pulls it off with aplomb , I’m your standard Barbie doll Second Life kinda chick – safe & sane at all times. But…it works and here we are – eight years! Thanks for reading the ramblings, putting up with not always the best pics and for not grumbling when we get a landmark wrong!

Without YOU..its really for nothing ❤

Faith xxx