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Well Xmas is coming and unless I tighten my RL belt I will be eating gruel for Xmas dinner.  So being a budget minded Gal I was happy to have a wander around a little shopping area and even happier because I scored some bargain beauties.  First example is this  Gatcha table.  Love the post it holes in the back and for 8Prims and 35 Lds a lot of details for a little amount of money. There is a LB there as well and on the other wall some lovely and interesting homes at such a reasonable price with a TP to the demo area.

Desk Gatcha HSH

Next find was this simple mesh vest top and this is the best I’ve found so far.  The lacing is so delicate it looks like doilys sewn together.  Sheer and cheeky and great stretchibility. 40Lds a bargain and even if you have a load of similar style tops you can make space for this one.  Demo available but I only wish they had a Fat Pack as well because I want all 10 colours and patterns.

Vest Top Outlet Store

And right next door to the sheer vest is  the never-failing Ribbon shop.  How cute is this and how comfy do I look (I’m sat outside one of our newer homes next to Faith ignoring her insane chatter).  This is a LB win or if you can’t be bothered to wait you can buy it for a mere 30Lds.  However if you want droopy bunny ears then for 40Lds you can buy that version. I think between us both Faith and I probably own everything that Ribbon has and it’s one of those shops well worth popping back to as they do add new stuff to their fail safe regulars.


The title of this post is called backlog because I have so much to blogg about so you are warned.


Ribbons for her hair

Ribbon  has a special offer on at the moment (not sure for how long) two sweet little lacey tops,each just 7L ! They come with a jacket & shirt layer so you can be brazen like moi and show a bit of nipplage…

.or wear both and cover them up ! Absolutely adore the white..sooper summery and perfect for jeans or a denim skirt…there are also two lucky boards to stalk, a gatcha machine with hats and the store is literally stuffed with inexpensive prettiness !

Go get laced: Ribbon


A ribbon for the weekend

Snagged a gorjuss dollarbie…and built a little weekend shopper look around it…brrrr might need a jacket if its chilly…click the pic for a closer view !

RibboN Animal Fur Minione 1L

Never been to RibboN before but they have some cuter than cute gear…saw this dress/shirt dollarbie on the counter and decided to do the old  try-before-i-buy routine (I alwaysss try a dollarbie on first before splurging cash in stores I don’t know!) and I have to say I adore it! Can be worn as a shirt over leggings or tights etc..long enough to cover yer bits as a dress too…I teamed mine with some VERY old lace edged leggings from kitties lair, one of Janes new scarfs “loop de loop” in cherry (dont forget Jane has a pack of these fabbo scarves for freee out at the moment) and an old hunt gift from YS&YS the “Espalmador” bag…

Now…wheres my credit cards…Im all set to gooooo !

Get the look: RibboN

Get the scarf: Jane