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Beyond the pale.XXX.(Sale, Men & Women 50Ld GG’s)

I went over to the “XXX” shop to check out the skin sale that is going on but when I saw the wall of GG’s and the joining price is only 50Lds  I decided to go for them instead.

There are no demos for the GG’s but it’s pretty obvious from the pictures the style of skin you were going to get ie young, pale and kawaii.  What made this even more tempting is that you also get the body appliers to go with the heads which isn’t always the case plus there are extras such as “glassy eyes” lipsticks etc.  All of them are on the wall but you will also spot gift boxes on the desk and chairs so grab them.  These seem to be mainly clothes and I did bin them all inc the really GOOD black coat in the Halloween gift box but make sure you do check them out before you make your mind up.

In these 2 pictures, I’m wearing the same skin and I took the pictures just in my sim setting and with the lightest of light face lights.  In the bottom picture, I just added a few layers of my own makeup/freckles/lashes etc to see if this is a skin you can add your own layers to and you can.

I think you get about 5 or 6 faces and the 2 body appliers are the matching shades for these skins.

There is also skin for men and some clothing.  The men’s skins are in the same matching style as the girl’s skins ie youthful, kawaii so not “manly man” skins but lots of people do love that look, me inc.

Here is the list of the appliers for the gifts but in the full-priced skins you get many more appliers.

Body Appliers. Belleza, eBODY, Maitreya, SLink, Omega

Head Appliers. Omega, Catwa, 6Doo

PS.  There is a sign for the older skins and if you go there there is a dollarbie of freckles you can buy, not shown in the picture.


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Meet Brenda.

Meet Brenda.

ShapeIf you look at past posts (Nah don’t bother) you will find that in all the time I’ve been blogging which has been a long time now the ONLY shape I have ever promoted is from Anna Shapes. The shape I had worn till I got sent my first Anna Shape was  the same I had gotten as almost a Noob but I had tweaked and nipped and tucked it into what I considered to be perfection.  Of course I have tried on many a free and even expensive shapes and basically hated them and then Analy Amat sent me a review copy and I’ve worn it 100% since then.

Now ignore the skin it’s the shape to be looking at.  Smallish boobies, small waist, slightly flared hips, long legs, perfectly proportioned.  So good that even though these are mod I’ve never had to change one even the slightest.  A perfect fit for Mesh Clothing (you need the S, XS, or sometimes M fit).

Face useExtreme close up.  Again shape of the features and not the skin texturing.  However you could recreate this look for only 160Lds!!!!! Because Anna’s maybe a high end shape/skin shop but fortunately for us poor people she regularly offers a shape at discounted events so this shape can be picked up from The Designer Circle and of course my skin is another 80Lds offer from Essenses but discounted at the Fusion discounted shop.

Make sure to check out her shop because loads of demos available but also for a few lindens she has some gifties out (o,1,5Lds).

Designer Circle (the discount store)

Anna’s Shop

The Dressing Room Fusion (Essenses Skin)

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Love The Skin Your In (SAH) Freebie

This is the Group Gift skin  not the SAH hunt item because they didn’t have it out at the time I grabbed this sweetie ( it should be out now).   In fact I got not just this skin but another 2 LBs skins and all of them have a totally creamy soft look to them.  The lips are exceptionally pretty as they have just a touch of gloss to them which makes them pink and pretty.

I’m being sneaky and using a smudgy effect to disguise the fact you can see my boobies but I wanted people to be able to see how lovely and creamy and amost virginal this skin looks.   If this is the quality of the Group Gift (group is free to join) and the Lucky Boards then I will be going back to get the SAH item because these are just so pretty and perfect.
Don’t panic men because Shiva has not only a large range of great skins for you but also Lucky Boards.


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Step inside for Freckles

No photo effects, no trick lighting, just a clean photo taken in the midday sun and how nice is this skin?  Holly is the name of this sweet skin, smokey green eyeshadows, nude lips, light freckles over face, shoulders and chest with great attention to lips, collar bones, boobs, belly button and I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. Young and fresh looking.  Excellent.

This is Erica and ok a little bit of lightening to this shot but I snuck into one of Faiths photobooths because I also wanted to get the Vest in shot as well.  This is another young fresh faced skin.  More nude in lip and eye make up.  Just plain excellent quality and now here is the “kicker” BOTH skins were won on a Lucky Chair! Honestly as I stood there looking around the shop, checking out the skin demos my initial or a wildcard came up and then to win shop quality skins as well is just damned generous.  Except it didn’t actually stop there because there is a 1ld promo pack on the wall next to the chairs and then at the entrance to the skin department they have offers of skins for 99lds and if they’re the same quality as the chairs then well worth the price.  Now the usual price for the skins are 400lds or 1500lds for the Fat Packs of 10 skins and if you don’t want to hang around for the LC to come up with your intitial at 400lds you could treat yourself to one of their skins and pick up the promo score on the LC and come away smiling. OH and I’m going to drag Steve over there because they have a small selection of mens skins but each of them has a touch of individuality thats not too common in SL and I’m hoping he too will be taken by the skins as much as I am.

Step Inside furniture and skins

Special mention to the “vest” I am wearing.  Group gift from Toki-Doki.  It is  mesh and is worn without the need for an alpha.  Simple long line grey vest with small pockets.  And to think I almost didn’t go to pick it up!