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Just for the Guys (Free & cheap)

Player raided the sYs market place store – everything is around the $1 – 10 L mark, some great guys stuff included. These are the “Chester” jeans @ $1L – great fit ! Fits included are: Signature

He also found this vest top which has a cool tucked in and layered feel to it from Umbrellafun for just $19L. Fits included are:

 FitMesh Body for Slink Physique

– FitMesh Body for Signature Gianni



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Guys gift & cheapies

Player scoured the market place and came up trumps with a few items above. The jacket and shirt comes in five classic mesh sizes and is by Dark Underground for just $1L. The pants are by Electric feel and come with a vest top for just $30L – mesh sizes XS – XL. The sneakers are from a dollarbie outfit by Who Cares posted previously.

Dark Underground outfit

Electric Feel pants

Who Cares outfit sneakers inc.

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Can you blame me? (Freebies).

These trainers/sneakers from Vale Koer are just so good they deserve to be blogged and reblogged until every AV has them.

I remember when I first grabbed these how pleased I was because these are in a male clothing shop and it’s not actually clear that you don’t only get all the male fits BUT also all the women’s fits.  I think these are examples that before you bin anything to open it just to make sure.

This is the second pair of trainers and you can just see the amazing attention to details and both pairs of shoes come with damned big colour huds.

Vale Koer is a shop packed with classy, hip and sporty male clothing.  I swear if I still used my male AV I’d be treating myself to clothes from this shop.

I’m (not) sorry but I do judge male AVs and when you see a Cheap Assed Gorilla Man in some basic wear you know they’re only SLing for one thing.  Just as much as I judge Gorilla Man when I see someone who has spent a few Lindens and time and effort to make their AV look good I judge them in a much more positive way…I still wouldn’t “scr*w” them though lol.

As I was looking around I spotted near to the gifts TPs to 3 builds, skyboxes which have been created with unfussy, manly mancaves. I love them, as much as I like Froo Froo and clutter I also admire clean lines and quality.  So you will find the Group Gifts inside the shop on the shelves near to the customer desk and the TPs to the skyboxes are there as well.

PS.  Only 6 prims rezzed, I didn’t check the other shoes prims.

Vale Koer

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Over loaded with FREEBIES!

Faith must have brought some good luck back with her because yet again I’ve scored and scored so well!

I popped over to Allure and joined their Free group and then found that there is so many Freebies out there I can’t actually show you them all….but I’m damn well going to give it a try.


Leather straps and rivets are not my usual style but this is just great quality and of course mesh you can also wear it with or dare I say without those panties!


Red hot n sexy and that’s the dress not me.  The rose I’m holding seems to be in all of the boxes and inc a 50ld gift card for you to use.  I’m also going to assume its 50lds for each purchase and you can’t lump them all together to buy the one item that would just be greedy LOL.


I found 2 pairs of SLink shoes with different outfits.  These teal green pair come with a black dress but because of my very dark skybox you couldn’t really see it so I just zoomed on the shoes…DIVINE!



You can’t really see the design of this pair of SLink shoes in this picture but again they’re worth snagging.


The texturing on this cat suit is both stunning and scary because it’s so snake-like!  It really stands out.

Now that I’m in the Allure shop LM grabbing it’s a case of OMG as I’ve realised that apart from the New stuff everything in this shop has a Free Version for Group Members.  Check out my next post as I picked up even more and if these don’t tempt you then I’m sure my next post will.

PS in the entryway there is a TP to private changing and unpacking rooms for both men and women so handy if you have to go to a sandbox to unpack.


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Always waiting

FLG Guys gift FREE

Poor guys, you always seem to be waiting for us huh? Outside stores, inside cafe’s…such is life…I can cheer you up with a little Saturday free action though. FLG has this brilliant free gift for you, it’s a limited time offer so scoot over and grab it up fast. The group is free to join , and if I were you Id stay in it as the gifts I’ve seen so far have been of top-notch quality. This outfit is called Winsome and comprises a jacket with roll back cuffs, shirt and shorts. The fab bit is it comes with a HUD and you get three choices of colours for the jacket & shirt combo…great huh?! Dash over, join up and get some stylish togs for the weekend. (Oh almost for got – there is also a pair of snazzy sandals in the box !)

FLG Store

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In from the Cold

FATEwear Feb 2013 2 Final

Don’t I wish! I am quite sick of Summer and am looking forward to the upcoming cooler months (not that it gets really cool here).  At any rate, cool or warm, I’m glad to be back amongst these pages to show you guys some new brilliance from FATEwear.

The Edward suit is the first thing I’m going to talk about and there’s not enough that I can say – there’s just too much to mention about this suit. Firstly and most importantly, the look of it is just fab. As you’d expect from FATEwear, the texture is fantastic and every detail is accounted for wonderfully. There is a great selection of colours to choose from and we’re just scratching the surface of this suit.

FATEwear Feb 2013 Final

Can you see what I mean? See how in the first picture I’ve got a hand in my pocket and this one the jacket is over my shoulder? Course you can see that! They’re not my poses though. Nope, those are animator attachments that came with my suits. You see, the Edward suit is a collection of different looks, seven of them, individually packaged and they are labelled (A) to (G) to make it easier to work with them. This is why I earlier said that I couldn’t say enough about this suit, all you need to know is that it looks awesome and that there’s so many options to play with, you have to check them out next time you’re down at FATEwear (which will be soon right!?)

FATEwear Feb 2013 3

Last but not least, a new coat! How many times over the years have you heard me say I love coats? I’ve lost count myself but it still holds water, I can never get enough of them and FATEwear’s Lando coat is a great one. Check out the detail on it, so so good, I just love the belted style. The texture, wow, you can almost feel it just to look at it. The addition of the turtleneck to wear underneath just gives it that little bit more awesomeness but you can choose to go without it if you’d like. As always, the range of colours is fantastic so you’re bound to find one you like.

There you go, some super new gear from FATEwear that you should definitely check out as soon as you can! Thanks Damien!

Get the gear here: FATEwear

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Crosstown Traffic

Ah Jimi, I remember my brother-in-law introducing me to his music when I was younger and still today, quite a few years later (maybe more than a few), I’ve still not heard too many guitarists as good. Why am I talking about Jimi Hendrix? Well, I’ll tell you. Legal Insanity have recently released a range of super cool mesh t-shirts and they are the ‘Jimi’ collection. There are so many different and excellent designs available, all very funky and very Jimi, as well as plain black. The mesh has a cool, loose look to it and you get so many sizes (XXS-XXXL) you can be sure you’ll find a match.

So if you’re a Hendrix fan, or even if you’re not and just really like a super quality mesh t-shirt, get yourself on down to Legal Insanity and pick yourself out a new Jimi shirt.

Get the gear here: Legal Insanity