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Chic Boots for $1L !

I really had to share this find with you from Chic & Shoes. These cost you just $1L and you get the Hud for added colours !

Fits: Belleza Freya,Isis & venus – Maitreya – TMP- Slink Physique – Slink Hourglass.

You’ll find them at the BoHo Culture Fair

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The Challenge – Electronics

The Challenge - NEW round - FREE animated mesh bed (pack of four) FREE

Refreshed from my recent holiday , Im back to bring you a few of the releases for this months round of The Challenge. The theme is electronics and its REALLY a mixed bag! Above is  a montage of items, plus a free mesh bed I picked up from Belle Epoque , you get four colours and each has poses for a singleton – low prim and perfect for photo props. Group is free to join also – I did notice as I was going through my emails that they have another group gift out , so if the bed is gone might be something different?

The Challenge - NewChurch Digital camera with.without strap

Close up of the Zeus digital camera by NewChurch, its static , so great for slipping onto a table or in a photo. Lovely details and comes with the option of strap or no strap.

The Challenge - 22769bauwerk

I fell in love with this bakers block and décor items from 22769 bauwerk – Super pretty and ever-so-low prim, you get the kettle, coffee machine and tins also – perfect for staging your home.


The Challenge Blog (all landmarks listed for stores)


Belle Epoque

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Free mesh outfit - Maxi Gossamer sandals -

I found this sweet mesh harem style pants suit the other day – totally forgot to try it on DOH! I was pleasantly surprisedwith it – its a group gift and the group is free to join – although I did have to fiddle with my chubby legs a little to get the band at the bottom to fit ! Nice touch of purrrple takes away the “all blackness”, perfect for a beach stroll or to lounge around in. My sandals….hmmm….well…I TRIED to resist them – seriously!

Free mesh outfit

They are by Maxi Gossamer and are currently for sale at this round of Collabor88. At 488L a considered purchase perhaps , you can’t buy them in single colours – so the all-size-fits-one is the only option. However, for that princely sum you do get 12 bead colours and 16 leather options.(Slink flat feet required btw) I’m really chuffed with them and know that they will get a LOT of wear over the coming months. My necklace is an old favourite from Eclectica, check out the new store, it’s crammed with deeelicious sparklies !

BN Designs

Eclectica store

Eclectica market place


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Lazy Sunday

cleo design - Lazy Sunday whole set 75L ! (two chairs included)

Ohmaiii this post is bought to you by the speeeed of sound! Only an hour or so ago Cleom shared this with me and its so very special and so very gorgeous I don’t want you to miss it at this ridiculously LOW price! As it’s the Lazy Sunday item this week, you can get your hot little paws on the whole set (it comes with two of the lodge chairs btw) for just 75L *faints*…yes thats right…75L ! I just totally fell in love with the chairs, so comfy and SO full of poses its unreal. Something for everyone, reading, relaxing, sprawling etc, and items are given to you to wear with many of them. Theres also a sideboard, lamp, two fantastic lodge style framed prints, cups of warming cocoa and some scatter cushions!

Cleo Design - chair textures

Not only are the chairs sooper low prim, if you touch the shadow underneath you’ll get a HUGE selection of fabrics to choose from. The back cushion and seat cushion are independent of each other – so mix it up if you wish! Heres a few of the fabrics you can select…and it really makes such a difference in the look and feel of the chair depending on what you use. My favourites are the leathers, they remind me of chairs I used to own in real life, and there’s quite  a few colour tones of the leather….

Cleo Design chair textures 2

I’m just showing you a small amount there are also knitted fabrics, florals etc , but its all out on display at the store if you want to fiddle around and see them all.

Go grab yourself a real gem of a bargain, you will only get this set at this price for Sunday! Thanks Cleom ❤

Almost forgot to add that my outfit is a free gift by Prism ! You get mesh floral trousers and a black turtle neck sweater (non mesh) a handy dandy little outfit, group is free to join also hurrrah!

Cleo Design


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Something new…Something(s) free

DUH Free boots - DUH Free leggings - Somnia sweater NEW!
I hadn’t been to DUH! for a while , I popped over to mooch. As soon as I got inside I saw these fabbo Winter wellies , which are totally free and a pair of woolie leggings to wear with them, also free !

Paradisis NEW! FREE Skin !

Heres the newness from Paradisis ! A lovely little shorts and jacket set with heart motif. The set is called Winters nerd and is available in other colours. Its ONLY available currently in the Winters market, which is situated just outside the main store. lots of mini stores there with some gifts and great Seasonal offers ! My skin is by new-to-me store Mystic Canvas, called “Uma”, pretty pale skin tone with lush red lips, its also totally FREE! Just head over to the Jewelry & Accessory Expo to collect .

Jewelry & Accessory Expo

Paradisis Winters Market


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Boho Culture Fair

Gosh, it was hard to find out about this event…but I managed to track down some info… The Boho Culture Fair is opening today and runs till the 31st of October. Seems to be a huge amount of well known designers participating so worth a hop along down there. Legal Insanity is in it and sent me this darling dress to review..its called “Goldie” and comes in a heap of various colours…I really liked this cream version. The plunging neckline  gives your cleavage a boost and the pattern is sooooo retro ! My new bench is from {what next}  “Fall Cottage Coffee Table & Decor”, they have a new 10L section on the market place for older creations…great idea! For just 10L you get the bench which has some lovely poses, and the little decor items sat on it…

I also grabbed this sweet Autumn hairband from Eternal Jewelry…thought it really set my dress off nicely…and guess what? Its free …great stuff…and really nicely made. It has a resize script for easy fitting, although I didn’t have to fiddle with it at all. Btw…I tried to teleport to the Boho event…I dont think they’ve actually opened the doors yet…so might be best to try later today.

Boho Culture Fair

{what next} market place store

Eternal Jewelry