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Never cast a clout….

until May is out…so my mum always says ! I’ve got the perfect little vest for those chilly spring days, its new from Timmy , comes in a few diff colours..and refreshingly is edit yay! Wear it over sweaters…or like moi..with very little at all *wink*…So pleased to see Timmy has a small store open inworld again ! Nice selection of items..pop over and take a mooch…thanks Glasz ❤



Juicy is threeeee!

Doesnt happen often that a shopping sim gets to be a mature 3 years old..but Juicy did it! Its a fun place to shop and I love wandering around it. What can I say, all THEE best things are born in October *wink*

Sooo a whole boat load of designers decided to celebrate this by setting out some birthday gifties for us hurrah! I’ve selected a few of my favourites to show you…*twirrrrrrrls* and lotsssss of it is PINK…yesss indeedy, PINK is a real gooood birthday’ish colour I always say.

Soo less waffle from moi and on with the show..click the pics for a closer view !

ouTRage birthday dress for Juicy

isn’t this just a purfect party dress? Super girly ! (and of course..PINK )

Schwarz juicy dress

Schwarz really went to town to celebrate with this stunning purply dress, gorjuss satin fabric with a dahling lace trim…check out the back

Schwarz juicy dress

verrrrry smexy huh? lowww dipping back ! Notice the skin? Welllll Gelsi has also included that in her gift box…I have to say…its just divine…such glossy PINK  lips…*swoooon*..and she isn’t finished there, oh noesss more goodness..

Schwarz sheer birthday tank (unisex)

A rather norty sheer top (unisex boys!) anddddd

Schwarz juicy pants & top

This! Its soooo PINK ! The detailing is superb…great skinny fit pants and a cropped tshirt…yummm

Flirt birthday dress

ooOOOooo the pinkness continues with Flirts birthday offering…such a retro feel…very twirly and party’ish

alice project hair *amara*

Alice project have offered this amazing hair…it has all sorts of options, for resizing, different hair colours & streaks! (shown with the Schwarz skin for a close up)

Timmy sculptie jacket

w-o-w such a great jacket…not pink but glorrrrrious zesty orange ! Top notch quality…fitted beautifully with no editing required !

Last but by no means least…

Twinkleberry necklace,brits hair,instinct fall dress

*Brit* hair by Britney Hadlee has been around foreverrrrr…my very first non-noob hair was from her ! If this new *just for the party* hair release is anything to go by, shes gonna be around always..I just LOVE it! It is only available for this birthday celebration at the moment, so go ge tit ! Love the Twinkleberry necklace soooo much and Instinct gave this chocolate brown uhmm *dress*, I’m thinking its more a tank top though as I just wouldn’t wear it out with no panties !

Happy Birthday Juicy, may you have many many more..and a biggg thank you to ALL the designers who so generously helped make it a special occasion ! The juicy event is on from today till the 30th October ! Dont forget, I just grabbed a *highlight* of whats there. go see !

Go get JUICY! : Juicy