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Be Lucky.

When I take a picture I name it something relevant to what it is so it’s easy to find again and I named this picture “SQUEEEEEEE”.

How freaking adorable! I’m knitting this sweater as I’m wearing it!  If my Lelutka head had a decent smile I would have used it lol.  As it happens in RL I’m grinning like a loon at this adorableness.

This, sorry, is a Gacha win and I’m breaking a rule here as the wins in this Gacha aren’t all the same but this totally adorable sweater/hand one is not a rare and at only 50Lds a try I just thought I’d do a quick post.

I’ve not had time, as I really do need to return to RL, to check out the …shop fully so I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the Gacha’s and of course see if there is any freebies.

PS.  The hands come with it so you have to remove your hands and Alpha your arms out and there is a skin hud for the hands.


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Baking bread.(Freebies).

The one and only good thing about sh*te weather is that it’s an excuse for comfort eating and so I’ve had bread baking in the oven and I’m sat here with my tum grumbling waiting for it to cool.

I also treated myself to a new pose cube/build from my FAV shop but I’m not too sure how to work this one.

So ignore the background and concentrate on these quality gifts from Hilly Haalan.

The dress and shoes are just top quality, lots of sizes and decent size huds….what else can I say apart from the LM takes you right to where these 2 gifts are.   Yes, you’re right this is a quick post as it’s time for coffee and scrummy homemade bread.

PS. It’s been a long time since I was last there but I’m wondering if this is the shop which also keeps out a lot of the old GG’s so it might be worth your while to have a look around and not just snag and run like me.

Hilly Haalan

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Belle again.(25Ld Tue).

I’d be quick if I was you as I’m not sure if Janire Coba will keep this 25Ld Tue offer out all week until next Tue or it will finish before then.

You have 2 colour choices, pink or beige and this is the beige, both choices cost 25Lds but you do get a small 4 textured Hud for the fur collar…and yes that’s Alex again I told you any excuse to wear one of my fav hairs lol.

Tbh, I TPed over so quickly as I didn’t want to miss this I didn’t even wait for everything to rezz before I clicked and bought this so I don’t know if there is a demo available but of course, this oversized sort of item fits all.

You will also see that again this week there is this coat plus another 25Ld offer which is a Gacha and the theme of the items in this Gacha is “Painter” and YASS I won the 1 item I really wanted and it’s not even a rare, the bag I’m wearing is my prize and it’s stuffed with all sorts of arty stuff……just like my heart.

PS Remember there is some very nice GG’s inside inc amazing boots and only 10Lds to join the Belle Epoque group plus another 10 for the Teleporthub group.

Belle Epoque

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The Human Centipede pt 3

Will you all think less of me if I admit that I love the films the Human Centipede 1 & 2?  Never said I had good taste.  In anycase there I was meandering and came across this and it was too icky for me not to hop on it and react some of my fav scenes.

CenterI hung around like this for a while and went through my notes and notices and I came across a great Freebe from FA Creations.


We all in RL have this shirt or something very similar to it because you simply cannot beat a simple oversized cotton shirt, I’m even watching some on ebay at this moment.  They’re so easy to wear, casual and yet not sloppy.  The quality of this freebie is second to none and the buckled belt a great finish.  A

hair 2

This isn’t a freebie but not only was I surprised it cost only 50Lds but I was equally surprised it actually comes with a colour changing Hud so you get in total 8 Autumnal shades.  This also comes from FA Creations and is in the entrance marked “new”.  Make sure to check out the rest of Sandie Saenz shop because it seems most of her clothing comes with colour option Huds and very reasonable price tags. I spotted a cropped, slashed back, cable knitted jumper for 70Lds which I’m going to assume also comes with a Hud and a lovely and sheer crotchet top again with a Hud the only reason I’m assuming that is because when I grabbed the Demos I forgot to relabel them so I can easily find them and they’ve been sucked into the black hole of my invent.  I’m almost hoping they’re rubbish so I don’t spend more Lindens but I have a feeling they’re going to be great.  Loads of demos here so come and be tempted.  There are more GG’s upstairs but as far as I could see they’re all non mesh so handy for non meshers but I didn’t pay much attention.

FA Creations

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Lost Ball (Freebies and big 50% sale).

Something is just about to jump down Faiths chimney and it’s got suprises.


Again another rush job but I had to get this posted because I have a busy RL day tomorrow and in all honestly I wanted to blog not only these 2 fantastic free Mesh AVs but also to SHOUT OUT that yet another 50% sale is going on at Cocos.

rudolpUnfortunately for me the Cocos doesn’t have much for men and I could be wrong since I’m not too sure of what the prices usually are  but I don’t think they’re reduced in this sale (I’m probably mistaken) but the women s stuff is slashed in price and I know 2 people (Zan and Faith) who will be TPing right over there as soon as they find out. So I’ll settle on these fun free, and you don’t even need to join her group to get them, AVs.

PS I’m looking pished in my reindeer outfit cos the sim ate my pose ball…..and it was non copy!

Coco Designs

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Another(Free) kiss.

Another KISS as this is a simple mesh hoodie but with quality texturing and comes with the shirt layer included.  A Group Gift (free to join) for the men and there is one for the girls and I can’t remember what it was (but it wasn’t a hoodie I remember that much).

Orange h

Almost forgot the hair! From Dura and it’s their 3 year anniversary group gift. Again another free to join group and great hair.  I don’t change my hair much as I stick to the same style but this is just the sort of thing I like. A great selection of colours as well a total of 18 so pretty generous.  2 Hair offers for the girls as well. This hair which is pretty unisexed and a much longer curly pony tail one.


Dura Dura

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Bohemian Dream in Cream.(Update)

I first saw the template of this skirt I couldn’t wait till I found it available in the shop and so as soon as I saw this  Bohemian Dream skirt top combo from  JC Davi’s shop called Davi Designs I snapped it up.

SkirtAs good as the full length mesh skirts are there is still that touch of not quite right in the way the skirt hangs at the hem but this is such an improvement.  I happily paid 299 for this plain cream skirt and a floral bustier included.  What I also appreciate is that although it comes with a matching floral bustier mesh top they are separate and so you can wear them together or as separates.  This is going to be a very versatile skirt which I can see myself wearing a lot of times and with a change of tops and accessories to create so many looks.

Skirt2I chose the Cream Dream colour but there is a small choice of English Rose or Olive Branch and all are soft and lovely colours.  Fortunately demos available so you can try before you buy but the funny thing is is that this is a shape shop and I’ve cammed and scanned and so far all she has in the clothing line is this winning look.  You will find it upstairs. Downstairs is all shapes (although they may also be skins but I am in a crashy mode so I’ve not been able to check).  The shapes don’t seem to come with demos but if she is branching out into the clothing sector then this outfit bodes well for her taste so I’ve slapped the Sub board and can’t wait to see what else she comes up with.

If the landmark takes you to the little garden square  then just walk forward a bit and you will see a notice board with the TPs to the different shops and Davi Designs is the pink one right there it’s easy peasy.

Just spoken to the lovely JC Davi and she really does sound lovely and she’s informed me that she does have demos out PHEW I’m glad.  I think the demo sign just take a little bit longer to rezz or with my SL issues I didn’t see them so if you’re tempted by something just loiter and they do appear.  She also says that yes this is her first forage into clothes and has another one in the works and I said that if they’re all as good as this then she should also do really well.  Also snuck a big fat hint in about FREEBIES cos a little bit of freeness goes a long way.  As I’ve said I’ve slapped the Sub board and will keep you updated.

Davi Design