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Group Gifts @ Rowne

Free top & pants. Free bag 2 hold poses

I was at Rowne to try on the happy weekend items not for me – but then I spotted the shelves with a load of group gifts – group is free to join. Really nice mixture of items, from this pants suit, long dresses, short dresses, jewellery even this soft leather bag with two hold poses. Had a mooch around and spotted several items I really liked – so I will be back! Enter the store and turn right, then look around the corner – you’ll find a couple of shelves with black gift boxes on them.


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Free Fatpack Hunt !

FREE fatpack dress

I did this hunt yesterday at Flamingos – a new-to-me store which I will definitely be returning too! All the prizes are fatpacks which is lovely and its totally free to do. As you enter the store click on the big poster and you’ll receive a notecard of hints – makes it a lot easier. You’re looking for little lollipops. I picked out two items I really liked, above is the July dress, a body, skirt and top joined and of course a Hud with a ton of colours.

FREE fatpack top & Fatpack pants

I also loved this two piece set of pants & top, again a fatpack of colours which is brilliant.

Happy Hunting !


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Free $ 500L Gift Card

Free Gift Card $500L

Its as simple as One two three – head over to Carol’s Store and claim the $500L gift card. You’ll need to join the group which does cost $10L but I think that’s a fantastic deal ! I had a quick scope around and its a bit more formal than I would choose to wear – party dresses etc, upstairs there is a small *mother section* which could be useful if you’re expecting. Also a couple of pairs of jeans – but I’ve got plenty – sad to miss out tbh!!

Carol’s Store

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Back In The Day Hunt $2L

FREE dress

Lovely little hunt to do, a couple of the stores aren’t ready yet but still plenty to keep you searching. This dress is the prize from Corvus, brilliant for Halloween, or every day if you’re into the goth style.

FREE bag with hold pose - 1Li decor

Who wouldn’t search for this little pupster! This is the prize from Duh! Gawd its SO good to see this creator back – always loved Duh ❤ Anyway this little chap is 1Li if you want to use it as décor , or wear it as it comes with a sweet pose.



Hunt website with hints & url’s

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F For Free

FREE outfit with boots

Damm my initial sure is lucky for my lately – I was in the Dark Love store and up it popped on the lucky board. Got myself this cute outfit with top, skirt & boots. Niiiiice!

To the right of the boards are also a number of group gifts – group is free to join.

Be Lucky ❤

Dark Love

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Dollarbie Hair & Clothes

Arata Dollarbie balloon skirt & top with Huds

New-to-me store Arata has some lovely dollarbies for you. Great little store with lots to see. The dollarbies are on the back of the wall by the landing point. Totally adore this balloon style skirt , you will also find this tank to wear with it – both have Huds for lots of colour & texture options. There are a few dollarbie hair-do’s, they look to be super pretty but not my style at all – might be yours though!


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Finally ! (All free)

FREE outfit shoes, pants, top & jacket

I’ve wanted to share this outfit with you for FIVE days – but I was missing one item and I waited for hourssss for it to come up on the unlucky (for me) boards at Paper Sparrow. You don’t need to join the group to have a pop on the lucky boards which is rather cool . The jacket, top, pants & shoes all come as fat packs, I had to wait for my *F* to come up for each piece , as you can see it was SO worth it ! While you’re there you can also scoop up $50L worth of free credit and if you do join the group there is a group gift outfit down stairs at reception (the boards are up the stairs and to the right).

Paper Sparrow