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Taste The Rainbow

Oh Haiiii! Gosh I’ve been a little busy with uhm “things”…but here I am again…bad penny etc..Sooo I found this dress…its dotty & spotty…its twirly & girly…with a sooper fresh pure white background…this is the subscribo gift just for joining up…go slap that baby !

Every now and again you come across something that makes you go ” w o w ” and here is mine for this week…this is the HoX  gift for the “sour pickles hunt” and its shockingly pretty..I cant show you in a photo just how this dress moves around you..but it flows…and swayss…and the silver petals seem to be suspended all around you…~happy sigh~…its a keeper. You have to find a little orange fish for this gift – hint..”take the weight off and rest your feet”…

Go get girly: HoX



who knows?…I doooo.well Zan does to be exact as she tipped me off about this store !..hop over to whonose and snap up this cuteness…click the pics for a more detailed view!

WhoNose Happy New Year Gift

yes its way past new year but this darling little outfit AND boots is still up for grabs!

WhoNose Picnic Outfit - Dollarbie & berries Inc summer gift bag 0L

I teamed this sweet picnic whonose dress with the berries inc free summer gift bag!

Limo to go gather the goodies : whonose find the bag at : berries inc



Sweeter than candy group gift 0L

Hooooo-hahhhhhh a new group gift has arrived from Sweeter than candy!! Its rather twirly & girly..beautiful bronze layered dress, gorjuss detail on the bodice….ty STC! To collect go to the store, join the subscribo update group and hit the group gift beside it- simple dimple 🙂

(cord necklace from DUH-I seem to recall it was on the dollarbie board-but go anyway theres So much lulliness there!)

Fai ❤

Dash to the store here : STC