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A new round of Tres Chic is upon us and Neve has come up trumps with a really versatile outfit called “Swipe”. As I’m an old curmudgeon and don’t really enjoy Halloween I’m showing you an alternative look of the outfit first. I’m already tired of all the pumpkins & horns ! This is an all-in-one look which is fab for one so lazy as moi. Slip it on and go – gotta love that right? I have also removed the shine option on the Hud to give a softer suede feel to the whole thing. You can remove the boots and pants via the Hud too – brill ! The bustier, pants and boots are all joined and all can be customised separately. Totally love this soft pink tone with the lush cream pants.

If on the other hand, you want a more dramatic look – there are deep rich reds, shine options and lace textures. Really like the blocky heels on the boots ! Thanks neve team ❤

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Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed


o.O the new Collabor88 collection is out yay! I HAD to dash over and snap up the hair from [e] called fight, its adorbs, and casual and sooo moi, just 88L per pack of 5 tones…also this time around there is a all know how utterly poo I am at hunts..this time was no differnt..gawd wheres Stevie when I need him ! So out of  12 gifts I found uhm…lemme see 4..which has gotta be my all time lowest score..but hey ..I found the culottes in this gorg Autumny russetty orange..and the zipped bustier in rosey (above..)

and then I stumbled over the violet one…

..finally managed to struggle through the lag and find the bustier in peacock also hurrah! Its real busy there at the mo, so I might go back in a few days, see if I can rustle up a few more tones in the rather fabbo culottes. Theres lots to see and many great designers there with heavily discounted items out for you to steal…group join is free for Collabor88 and you need to be in it to snaffle up those free goodies.




I’ll take you to the candy shop..

Smexy newness from CandyMetal this week…one new release and also a dollarbie yay! Above I’m showing one of the versions of the new Fabia outfit, black low rise jeans,white corset top with pasties,simple yet effective way to get your guys attention *grins*…

Anddd here’s the other version ! Great details on the jeans makes them so versatile to mix-n-match with your other CandyMetal gear…

If you were totally lovin those sparkly dresses I showed last week..youre gonna adore the new dollarbie…just one of your Linden dollars will get you this hot little set of tank & leggings…here it is in silver….plussss…

…in gold digger too…fantastic value at 1L…thanks Emychan xx

Go get glittery: CandyMetal


Steals,Deals and Pretties

I have some pretties from Dark Mouse to show you ! You may recall the Waves & sun necklace from last weeks Disco released and instore with matching bracelets & earings (the earrings I helpfully managed to hide in my hair sorry!) Beautifully crafted with beads and leather cords..a great summery style..(400L fat pack,200L per piece)

The above choker is called “Belle Epoque” a sensual band of jewel encrusted flowers are suspended tightly around your throat…

…not using the traditional chain & clasp though..a lush satin ribbon, that then cascades down your spine…beautiful…it also has matching earrings..400L fat pack,200L per piece.

“A daisy for you” is the final piece I have to show you…its simple and classic..the daisy is dangling from a single chain,leaves look almost enamelled..its been around my neck for a while now and goes with most of my summery wardrobe…just perfect ! 400L for a fatpack of all tones,200L each tone.

Also, a few more items have been added to the discount area,walk through the store,bear left,then out the rear door, look left and you will see the little discount store..heapssss to pick up ! Dont forget to join the group so you get all the news and a monthly gift! Check out the gatcha machines and slap the lucky board …oh and if youre wondering where my plush velvety bustiers came from…they are a gift from Candy Metal …six of the tops and five pairs of lowslung jeans..yummmmy.

Go get pretties: Dark Mouse      CandyMetal