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Horror and Chillaxing. (Freebie & 15Ld Hunt).

On a sunday at some stage I turn off my phone, computer and brain, pull down the blinds and Netflix/Prime and chill some tacky horror B movies or “straight to TV” ones…don’t judge me lol and now I’ve found both a Freebie(s) and a cheap hunt I can do just that.

The dress comes from one of Seniha’s small satelite shops, I’m pretty sure that there is a big shop. You get this plain colour and the same colour with a floral pattern over it. The other group gift is a sexy bunny girl outfit.

Next door to the Seniha shop is the Pink Charcoal shop and that like many shops has an Easter hunt going on.

I didn’t buy anything this time but I do appreciate the much bolder colours used in these items. Each is only 15Lds so it wasn’t because they were over priced that I didn’t indulge it’s because of lack of time and as you will see from the date on the bottom of the poster today is the last day of this hunt.

So if you want to spend your day relaxing in SL then check out not just these shops also all the other shops on this nice shopping sim as I do know that more than often if one shop has a hunt on then others will as well.

Seniha/Pink Charcoal & Other Shops.

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I’m running away. (Freebie & Hunt Info).

In one of her recent posts Faith showed you a rather good Lucky Board win and also dropped a hint that I had something to tell you, welI do and it’s this Big Assed hunt going on at the Blackajack, Flecha, Luas, Mushilu, Tentaco, Una and PPK shops/shopping sim. Most of the eggs are so badly hidden even I could find a load of them and I could see that most contain clothing.

So my only issue was the CHEAP GACHA’S! Argh! Most, if not all of them, have a 50% discount which means most are only 25Lds a try and I tried, again and again and then I decided to hop onto one of my gacha prizes and cycle away so I don’t spend any more on those gachas.

My next stop was RIOT which is still a free group and they have this new gift out for us.

A couple of things to mention and that is the picture has given it a light pink tint when it’s more creamy. Nice touch is that even though it also comes with matching panties if you want to wear them with jeans as I am you get 2 fits in the top so as you can see they do go over my jeans perfectly..such a nice touch. There is a seperate black version of this top which you can pick up at the same time.


Blackjack, Flecha, Luas, Mushilu,Tentaco,Una, PPK.

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Prize #48 (19Ld Hunt & Lots of Freebies).

The YM Shop has a massive Easter Egg hunt going on with a total of 50 items each are priced at only 19Lds. As always since the prizes come with a price tag there is a big poster with a picture of them all and out of them I chose prize #48.

This dress comes as separates, a plunging top and this very high cut skirt with a more modest full/uncut skirt.

You also get earrings which are ok and a clutch bag which is better but if I’d had tried the necklace on before I’d taken these pictures I would have kept it on as it does really go well with this dress.

There are also a lot of freebies both for the YM Shop group and also other free groups. I picked a few up of them and they do come with a lot of body fits as well as accessories such as shoes, jewelery and even some hair, not the one I’m wearing. Just to add to it all on one wall is some discounts and special offers starting at 10Lds.

YM Shop.