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New Mina.(and small Freebie).

I have a bugbear and it’s when someone SCREAM’S FREEBIE in their title and they have a stunning picture of an outfit or furniture and it turns out the FREEBIE is a tiny little thing, a mouthie, thingamajig or  a whatsit etc so basically they’ve used FREEBIE as click bait.

So the “small freebie” in the title is the eyes, look deep into my Poetic Colour eyes…ignore the hair just look at my eyes!

You get a big pack of the one shade but so many sizes and of course, they’re mesh eyes.

NOW you can drool over the hair which sadly isn’t a freebie but it is a new Mina.

In the Mina shop, there is a lot of this style of hair, long, loose, natural drapey big hair without the wiggy/helmet look. Every Mina hair is different but sometimes she takes what works with a hair and works it into another hair which is why I always put her main shop LM so if you’re on a budget you can try all the hairs on before you find the one that sings to your heart.

BUT this one not only comes with the brilliant texturing and thickness but you can wear it 4 ways AND it comes with the newer 15 shades in each shade packs Hud and only 279Lds!

Slightly hyperventilating here.  You can wear cheap clothes, you can wear cheap shoes but you cannot wear cheap skin or hair so even if you invest in one paid for hair pack or skin with this much bigger colour palette you get all you need.

So the “options”(on the Hud you click the options tab) are thick strands down the front of both shoulders, one strand only down either left or right or hair fully over the shoulder…yes clear as mud but of course always try out the demo’s first even if you like how this hair looks on me you must always try on hair/skin etc for yourself to make sure it suits your AV.

As it happens I didn’t notice the Demo in Mina’s mainshop on my last visit but it really should be there as she’s pretty good at putting the Demo’s and LM’s out for her new stock.  Only available at Kustom9 at the mo and it’s packed! but for once I’ve got in pretty early so you have till the 10th April before this event is over.

UPDATE I was right and Mina has been prompt and “June” is now in her mainshop for you to try the demo on first.

Mina’s Mainshop

Poetic Colours

Kustom 9

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999&9=Kustom9 and a whole shed load of 9’s

Finally got myself over to Kustom9 not only because there is a new Mina but also a SHED load of gifties out for just 9Lds each.  So I clicked and clicked and I even treated myself to a couple of Gacha’s and won not just a cute deer for our sim but the Rare skybox from Heikei(anyone wants a skybox? I have way too many so if you want it just drop me a note).


I didn’t buy everything as when you click on the gift boxes for the most part they tell you what is in them so since I’m not a big jewelry or bag wearer I gave those a miss. So I’ve got some of the decor items scattered around but check out my “look of the day”.


Ignore the eyes! not from this event and I don’t think I will be wearing them again as they’re just weird.  OK believe it or not that’s a MINA for just 9LDs and as standard even with her special offers you get the full pack of brown shades and that might just be 5 shades but they are different, I’ve had hair colour packs where you couldn’t even see any difference.  So you have the brown going from light to dark and again ONLY 9Ld!  If you do have some Lindens to spend then check out the last picture for the full priced Mina but not everyone has or wants to spend a lot of money on their SL lives so to be able to give something to those on a budget is absolutely wonderful.  Now check out my “rack” lol.  This figure hugging top is from Kitja and it’s gorgeous a real keeper and then when I put on the jeans from the Spirit stall I was so pleased that they make a great match and then the shoes off the Momento stall again turn out to be the icing on the cake…or the look of the day.


I’m keeping these all and I don’t know if anyone does it but we should do it more which is to keep everything that makes a great look in the same folder.  It makes getting dressed in SL so much quicker and easier.  You used to be able to drag and drop the whole contents of your folder onto yourself and Voila you were dressed from head to toe but that was well before Mesh body bits.

Which has just reminded me, the jeans and top come in mesh body fits and the shoes SLink and Maitreya…damn I’m going to have to log back in to check….yes the top and jeans are for SLink Original/ Hourglass and Maitreya Lara sizing but also the jeans and the shoes are for SLink and Maitreya feet.   If you don’t have a mesh body don’t let that put you off picking these up as it just means you will have to rummage in your invent for an alpha to fit and chances are they will fit you perfectly fine.


Be warned there is some new designs at this round of Kustom9 which got me looking and counting my Lindens so if you’re easily tempted you might just want to rush in grab the 9Ld gifts and rush out but if you want to stand out with some pretty darn good new looks then treat yourself.

Here is the full priced Mina called Estelle and TBH with such a generous gift sat there I think Mina is probably shooting herself in the foot but again if you have Lindens to spend plus you want hair in another shade pack then try



Mina Mainshop

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Indecent haste, Freebie n New Mina Hair.

I was already dressed with a great outfit to show you when a notice came off Zee (zuleicca) one of the managers of the shopping sim Nouveaux about a new shop to their sim called Sorbet owned and run by bbcrumbs (xantheanne) and as soon as I checked out the pink cuteness I dropped what I was doing and ran to grab it and then dropped Faith a note to back off it was MINE ALL MINE!


Just so sweet and as much as I’m still snuggling in my winter woolies in SL and RL this pink prettiness just warmed my heart up.  This dress comes in just the 3 standard mesh dresses and it says they won’t go with mesh bodies which is didn’t but that’s hardly an issue and even I spend about 90% of my SL time in my normal AV and not wearing my mesh body in any case. OK at this moment this is a very small shop in fact all there is is 2 outfits this dress but in other colours and a rather pretty skirt.  If this is the start of a new venture in SL then it’s a brilliant start but lets hope there is more like this to come.

Weirdly enough I’ve gone a bit pink mad because the skin is just one of my old ones from Pink Fuel which I adore not just for its prettiness but Pink Fuel has cornered the market for the sweetest sexiest skins that come with appliers/tattoo layers which will give you 6 packs to die for.  So once I’m back inworld I’m going to pop over there and hope that there is a special deal on because they’re not cheap skins but I might just get tempted.

However much more affordable is of course the Mina hair called  Chloe which is available @Kustom9.  I have to be honest and say that if it wasn’t for Mina hairs being a regular at the Kustom9 event it’s not one I make time to visit which would be a shame this time because I’ve seen whats there and there is so much tempting me inc Gacha’s so I’m definitely heading back there but this time I’m hoping it’s calmed down because it’s one popular event.


Mina@Kustom 9

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I was right and wrong, there are ooodles of gifts at the latest round of Kustom9 but I was wrong that they are for free but at 9Lds each only so cheap and so worth it.

I will admit that although I grabbed everything time is so limited for me I’m just showing you a full outfit I made.  Obviously the gifts even though you pay for them don’t come with demos but sometimes you just have to go by knowing the shop that is offering the gift and trust that it’s going to be a goodie.


Taken in my nams setting but I do believe a lamp I have in my bedroom will affect the actual colours but not by much, this isn’t cheap tat!  I’ll list the stall that I got each item from so the dress=ohayo, necklace=Zenith, bracelets=Ninety, hair=Mithral and shoes-N-Core.


And then a zoom down to get closer to the N-core gifts.  I’ve got the SLink ones on but this gift comes in all of the mesh feet available.

And then just before I logged out I decided to sort through my stuff and yes I’ll be honest I threw out what I won’t ever use again and renamed what I will and I came across these other Kustom9 9Lds gifts and I’m so glad I do always go through my folders before I click delete.


Again hair, jumper, jeans and boots all 9Lds each.  I’m not keeping 1 item from this and I bet you lot can guess what it is but that doesn’t mean to say the quality is 100% it just means I have too many of them and I prefer the ones I have.  Special mention to those shoes as I do believe that they’re unisexed.  I had tried them on and didn’t really give them much of a thought till now and how wrong was I because they look so good with these jeans and probably all jeans plus they come with a socks on and off version and I loved the sock version as they will go great with a skirt or shorts and of course the non sock version perfect for jeans.  As before I will list the shop stall that they came off BUT please try the rest as well.  This is another hair, an adorable clutch bag and even an AO.  Sometimes it’s nice just to grab everything and then spend some time unpacking and sorting stuff out it feeds my OCD! Sweater=Pixicat, Hair=Blues, Boots GB Gabriel, Jeans=Spirit.



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FFS! New Mina & Super Halloween Bargain!!!

Don’t I make a super cute ginger??? I only wish I was as brave in RL because I would dye my hair this glorious colour.

As you can tell from the name Josef is a male hair but the reality is a lot of the mens hairs at Mina’s are beautiful on both genders and since she now has a pretty large mens hair  department if you’re a girl then you really need to check out the mens hairs as well.  Obviously you can choose the colour pack of your choice from pale blondes to the darkest of blacks and at this event Josef is at a discounted price of 199Lds for the normal shades.

Ooo I have to say though I’ve just checked the note which comes with your hair purchase and of course the picture inc is of a male AV and if you think Josef looks good on me you should see it on a male AV!


Doesn’t it look like that horse is “mad eyeing” me?

Normally I would have waited for the Kustom 9 event to calm down to let you know about the new hair and of course I would be able to grab the freebies that are there BUT I did a post not long ago and I mentioned the blood drenched Mina hair, I’ll pop the picture down below,  Mina has now set this hair out at Kustom 9 for ONLY 9Lindens!! so if you were tempted to get this hair but were short on Lindens it’s now at such a cheap price anyone can afford it.


The “FFS” in the title is because I’ve burnt my finger on my straighteners and I can’t TP back into Kustom 9! Give it a day or so to calm down, check out the new Mina hair, grab the bargains and as I’ve said I’m pretty sure there are some really good Freebies waiting to be snagged.


Mina Mainshop

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Working Hard pt2

LOL I don’t think Faith spotted me but I spotted her.  I had dragged her over to check out my new landscaping find, the field of flowers, and of course as I’m snapping away she rezzed inworld in her last location so I thought I would just leave her in.


The reason I’ve done 2 posts is that the top and shorts are a hunt item from B!asta and I don’t know when it’s going to be finished.  Although I’d seen the hidden box on a previous visit I had ignored it as I thought it was a hunt for Textures and not actual clothing so when I spotted this gift in my notices I quickly TPed over and snagged it.  A simple country girl top and dark crushed velvet pants.  Easy peasy to find because when you rezz there are markings on the ground for you to follow.

The hair, Jacky is another Mina special from Kustom 9 and just like the Aranka hair in my previous post this one comes with a massive choice of colour packs.  There is a demo available for you to try but if Kustom 9 is still packed then pop into her mainshop and try the hair out there but if you want the more colourful shades you will just have to wait a little for Kustom 9 to calm down.

I was sent a lovely little gift from “Nerdy Girl’s” Moira Serenity a classic broken heart necklace and it’s a Gacha win for only 20Lds a try.  She’s one of these people who recognise that not everyone has Lindens spare so puts out regular Free GG’s and if you follow the link to my previous posts the excellent SLink shoes with a colour changing hud are still there waiting to be snagged.


Kustom 9

Nerdy Girl, Shoe Post.

Blogging SL

Working hard pt1(Freebies n stuff).

This is me working hard.


When I’m going through the HUNDREDS of notes I get in just a few days I like to hop on a pose to stop my AV from distracting me.  It always reminds me of that hysterical scene from The Big Bang where Sheldon and Raj are sat there frozen studying a whiteboard and in the background power music is being blasted.


Sometimes instead of a static pose I dance “like no one is watching” as I have some brilliant dance moves from Humanoid and if you’ve not checked them out yet I’ll pop the link down at the bottom.


And of course my faithful pose cube for when I want to show off the outfit I’m wearing without any background distractions.


Now for the serious bit.  The hair is of course a Mina’s and do YOU dare to go grey?  I have to say I watched how they do it in RL and I’ve been put off it as it’s pretty harsh on your hair and probably seriously expensive so this is a cheap way of getting the look.  This is her Aranka hair which I have blogged before but definitely not this colour or the other various colour packs which are only available at the latest round of Kustom 9.  There is a Ombre, Pastel, Black & White and on and on and of course the simple Essential pack or even a FAT Pack if you love them all.  I’ve given Mina’s mainshop LM as well because Aranka is there with the whole range of the normal shades just in case you love the hair but not the colours.

As I said in my last post it’s been a while since I popped over to Magritta’s shop to check out for new stuff and any new Freebies and I found some.  What I’m not showing you is the simple black dress with the polka dot bow on the back or the shorts, what I am showing you is the Free GG shoes called Baby Heels and they come with the socks and SLink Applier, I know I have shown you these before so I’ve done a close up of the top.  This cost me only 5Lds and I’ve spotted the same top, different texturing etc, and it most certainly not as cheap as this!  I also picked up a pack of shorts for only 5Lds but they didn’t match the top so I’m not showing you those as well LOL.  Honestly there is a whole wall now of Free Group Gifts or real cheapies.  Hair, clothes & shoes so worth popping over to see if there is something new you’ve not spotted before.


Mag<3.B Marketplace


Mina Mainshop