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Finally ! (Free & FLF)

Dustbunny FLF sneakers, Prairie FREE dress Neve Quinn pants

Finally a wearable item from Dust bunny ! This weeks fifty linden Friday is a banger – gallery linked below. I’m wearing a free Easter hunt gift from Prairie, just find the egg instore – clue is on the poster at the store entrance. Lots of mesh body fits included – its described as a dress but I thought it looked cute as a top with my Neve Quinn leggings.

Dustbunny Fifty Linden Friday

Dust bunny have two versions of these sneakers for , $50L each. They come with a Hud for sock patterns and you can wear them with or without the flowers. I went for the classic grey , the other version is pink, hmmm might have to go back for those tho!

Fifty Linden Friday Gallery


Neve Quinn leggings

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Easter Hunt @ Dench Designs !

Dench Designs Easter Hunt

I was stoked when I saw that Amanda Dench @ Dench Designs had an Easter Hunt ! She always is so generous with her gifts and makes the hunt FUN! The clues are given from the sign at the store entrance – and if you are familiar with the store its quite simple to find the little rabbits. All the gifts are furniture based a fantastic collection of items – absolutely love this lounger and sun shade, each just 1Li and both have an enorrrrmous selection of patterns and fabric colours on touch. This is now on my new beach just ready for the good weather – Thanks Amanda ❤

P.S While you’re there check out the new Easter area, some fab items to decorate with, gifts for friends & family and a couple of super sweet freebies

Dench Designs

Dench Designs Easter Area

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Do not under any circumstance Google “Dead Mouse”! And a reminder 15Ld Hunt Gifts.

Yup my computer mouse died and I was going to post a picture of a “Dead mouse” for this post…bad bad idea! I should have googled “Dead computer mouse” lol.

Of course, I have alternatives ie an old nasty wired mouse but seriously going from a Bluetooth to a USB mouse is a pain in the rear end so I decided it was time to log off SL/Work etc and go do something else and until Amazon Prime delivers my goodies I will leave you with this.

Ricielli is another shop I visit at least twice a week in the hopes that the “hunt” had been updated and as of yesterday it’s still Easter at Ricielli.

I’m sure the prizes are only 15Lds each so you can score yourself some excellent quality clothing.  On the top right hand of the picture is a legend which shows you the colour dots for the fits.  Sadly there is less for my fav fit but plenty of options for others.

PS.  I don’t imagine this will happen but if in the past 24 hours this Easter Hunt has gone I’m pretty sure it will have been replaced with either a seasonal one or a Halloween based one.  Ricielli is well known for this hunt so for it not to have changed in so many months means stuff is going on with the designer/shop owner etc and we can only keep our fingers crossed its good things.


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Get crushed! (Freebie, Cheapie & Even Cheapier & Mention of Mesh Head).

There is a lot going on both at Scandalize and in this post so first the Freebie….and then you can ignore the rest if you want.

This outfit is from Scandalize but it’s a “Mesh Body Friends” gift and I do believe there are other gifts for this group, 4 in total, and that is a free group. These gifts are on the same wall as the Scandalize ones and the Lucky Boards.

There is a 50Ld offer just on the wall to your left as you walk into the shop, I’ve picked that up but not had a chance to check it out and I’ve not had a chance to even start looking for the Bunnies because YES there is an Easter Hunt going on.  A big poster shows you the prizes and each costs only 15Lds and I can’t wait for this place to calm down as I’ve earmarked quite a few things as I could do with more clothes for my new shape.

As for the “Mention of Mesh Head”.

The Akeruka shop has a Group Gift out for its member which is a brand new Mesh Head.  I know this shop reasonably well because when I was upgrading to a mesh head I fell in love with one of theirs but in the end didn’t buy it.  This isn’t a free group I think it’s 150Lds which is an amazing price for a quality mesh head.  Sadly though I couldn’t see any demo’s but as you can imaging like Scandalize this shop is also a bit laggy with people trying to get this mesh head.  I will return later when it’s calmed down to see if there is a demo for me to try.



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Be a good egg. (Super easy hunt & Mention of freebies).

The hunt going on at the Tachinni shop is a standard one, ie picture board with the prizes and the number that you’re looking for also each prize is a token price, however, in this case, it’s slightly different in that you only need to pay 15Lds to join the Tachinni Group and then all of the eggs are FREE for group members.

So for only the one-off 15Lds cost I didn’t care what the fits were as I could grab all 13 eggs and just work my way through them.

I’ve not found all of the eggs as yet but I can assure you that #1, #2 & #11 are excellent and I’m still trying to find #4,#5 and #6 but so far no luck.

As for the “Mention of freebie” opposite the Tachinni shop is the Vision shop and although I’ve done some of the Group Gifts in there I’m pretty sure a couple of them are new so make sure to pop over to the Vision shop.

UPDATE: When I logged back in to try to find the 3 eggs I want, still can’t find them, I noticed a couple of things.  Firstly make sure to get the Tachinni Group Gift, it’s just on the wall behind the desk.  I have blogged it before not too long ago, it’s a fantastic bikini, and if you missed that post I hate you to miss getting it now.  The second thing I notice is that all of the hunt prizes are actually shop quality and are for sale but the full-priced ones come with whatever choice of colour you want while the gifts are limited colours.

Tachinni & Vision

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Free, Free, almost Free.(Mainly Info).

This top is the only freebie I’m going to show you and I will explain why.

This is one of the Group Gifts from Justice and if the LM doesn’t take you to them then turn right and they’re on the walls the doors are on.  This T-shirt seemed suitably appropriate for the time and it comes in plenty of fits and there are other gifts inc ones for the boys…on the other side of the other door.

Now for info.

I went for the FREE Bento Mesh Head which is a “Stay at home” gift from Dream.  As this is a BOM head and I don’t actually have the updated firestorm so I can’t really show it to you as it’s just a blue head but it’s well worth getting.  Then if you have 50Lds to spare you can/should join the Dream group as the “Daily Prize Board” is a complete mesh body as a prize which I’m going to assume will be an excellent fit to the head.  There is a demo of this shape so you can try it before you decide to join and then once join slap the “Daily Prize Board” and hopefully you will win it. This isn’t a “branded” body shape but I will assume it’s a perfect match to the Bento head but again there is a demo for you to try.

Eyes, Lotus is having a little Easter Hunt going on and each little sparkly egg costs only 1ld and contains a pair of mesh eyes.  If the prizes are anywhere as nice as the eyes in this shop I will be picking up an egg or two later when I log back in.

Underground. (Shirt, turn right)

Dream (Mesh Head)

Lotus (Eyes)

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Artizana Egg Hunt

Love a hunt but (small whinge) I dont like it when there isn’t a key of prizes if you’re paying. Its only $10L per egg, but all the same, I found two, one I wouldn’t wear in a month of Sundays, the other wasn’t too shabby – BUT not something I would’ve hunted for if there was a key (whinge over) Apparently more eggs are to be added each day – because I had no idea what was in the eggs – I thought Id just buy two. Soooo anyway this outfit is an all-in-one deal, mesh body fits only. Its the sort of piece I know Artizana for – so although its not a keeper for me, it might be for you.