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Promo Time – Fatpack for $99L

PROMO $99 FATPACK ArisAris $99L

New promotion form ArisAris – the Elixir dress ! Really sultry, very sexy and all yours for just $99L.


You get ten variants of the dress, plus a couple that would be perfect for Halloween! Blood splatters – how cool. You can alter the side ribbons, the metal tones as well.

Fits: For Belleza Freya, Maitreya – Lara, Maitreya – Lara Petite, Slink – Hourglass, Kupra Original, Kupra Kups, MB. Legacy, MB. Perky, MB. Perky Petite, eBODY Reborn, Cinnamon&chai, Prima Petite, Prima Curvy.

ArisAris Market Place

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Group Benefits – Gifts

Adorsy Group gifts! Outfit, shoes both fatpacks

I’ve never been to Adorsy before but I spotted something they had out at an event and thought Id go look at the main store. For a tiny $30L you can join the group and nab a load of gifts ! The outfit above and the wedge shoes are two of them – my favs actually. Quite an unusual outfit with a long tunic top and belt – leggings that are optional via the Hud. Fat pack is the order of the day for both items – niiiiice. I always dither when joining a paid for group, but I spotted the wedge shoes and just went for it – Super cooool and also a fatpack.


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Perfect @ Ecru Group Gift Time!

Ecru Group gift - Fatpack. Doux Hair @ Equal 10

Fantastic news to wake up too – a new group gift at Ecru has landed ! This is the complete outfit called “Rainn”. Its a little bit Red Riding Hood or a sexy maid in style and its just dead perfect for Halloween!

Ecru Hud

The Hud gives you all sorts of options to fool around with, from the whole thing to different parts of the outfit – LOVE it! The group is free to join – fits for: Maitreya, Maitreya flat, Maitreya Petite, Legacy & Legacy Perky. Thanks Ecru! ❤ My hair is by Doux and is on sale at the Equal 10 event – horns are optional !


Equal 10

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To bare…or not

The Fetish Fair is open and Neve have  a bundle of newness for you to see. This is Adler, vanity shot above because….well just because! This sweet and naughty outfit comes with a “styling Hud” – which means you can remove parts, add parts etc. This makes the outfit so versatile, its heaps of looks in one package!

From full outfit, to boobs bared, skirt length up or down,panties on or off  – and everything in-between! There are differing packs to choose from with satins,leathers and even pretty pastels, each pack comes with four colours. Mesh body fits only btw. Get yourself along to the event and snap a demo up to try. Thanks Neve team ❤


The Fetish Fair

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Oh back away hunt biatch!


Ohmai I can’t quite believe Zan thought by posting that absolutely horrendous photo of her wearing many/but nothing really was gonna grab her rights to blog that hunt!! You snooze you loose babygirl lol I’m not gonna cover it but as Karin are in it I thought Id share her gift. Karin is a quirky little store and I really do love to visit from time to time. This Fall mesh dress is the gift, standard and mesh body fits. I slapped a pair of woolly tights on underneath but you could also wear it as a top with jeans etc. You’re looking to find a black cat thats hidden inside the store – its sooper easy to locate.


Ohhhhh and you have to go grab the Futuristic moon boots from DUH! Not one of my bestest boot photos granted but ive been pooooorly *whinewhine*. You get a fatpack of eight groovetastic colours for just $40L!! Oh and don’t forget to update your LM as the store recently moved.



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Get Leggy

Raise your eyes up from the divine Gos boots, reassuringly expensive, and look at the reassuringly affordable linen pants.  At this moment they are only 35lds or 175 for the fatpack of all 5 colours and I wish I had seen the fatpack before I bought this pair as they’re all so wearable the sort of item of clothing that easily mixes and matches with what you have in your inventory.  Great colour, texture and nice button detail.

PS spotted a pink star on high which is a hunt gift for “This is totally ME hunt”  there actually seems to be quite a few hunts going on here so I’m popping back to see what else I can find