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Update on my last post cos I found MORE FREEBIES.

Since I had some time to spare, all of 10 mins, I decided to pop to the main Yasum shop because although I’m not 100% familiar with this shop I do know it’s a clothes shop not a Home and Garden shop so I TPed and of course the first thing I check is for MORE FREEBIES because after all I am a Greedy B*tch and I scored.


Like my “outfit of the day”?  Actually, ignore it because most is old stuff but the Mina on the other hand, wink wink, but thats for another post.  What I found when I TPed from the main shop is a whole sky shop full of FREEBIES!  Freeness for men, woman and whatever.  Even some skin n stuff but hold on don’t get too excited because a lot of this stuff is a blast from the past and not such a good blast either.  Have to confess I did go a bit click cray cray as even old stuff can be fun to try even if you end up binning it BUT in the few remaining minutes  I had left I did spot MESH, mesh corsets and what looks like a really good coat and other stuff but my time was out and so was I.

Usually we like to show you what we’ve picked up but Halloween in SL and work in SL is so busy I don’t really know if I will ever get around to unpacking this stuff and if there is good stuff here I’d hate for you to miss it.  So if the lm doesn’t take you directly to this free shop in the sky then simply TP from the TP board and go cray cray yourself.


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Something for the weekend (Freebies)

FREE mesh dress and glasses

I found a couple of lovely gifts at Gaall yesterday, no group to join either. This floral dress really caught my eye, it even comes with matching spectacles awww !

Free outfit - skirt,pants,top,sneakers and backpack

There were quite a few gifts at the back of the store, this one found a place in my shopping cart . You get a cropped dotty top, skirt with attached pants, a pair of crisp white sneakers anddd a backpack . I also had a mooch around, a few interesting stores in the area – happy shopping !




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Fun in the sun. (freebies).

kite 1Faith has defrosted our lake so spring is springing (I wish) but it made me dust off a kite pose and have a bit of fun and of course show off my new freebie.

kite 2Since the first picture was just me playing around I thought I would show you this hooded dress in plain old Nams skin and prim setting.  Lurve it, obviously mesh with great zip details on the pocket and where the cream part of the dress joins the striped part.  Whats not shown is the neat little hood at the back and the serious side boob cleavage.  OK a bit of an alpha gap, I think I have the smaller size on and you can still see some of the alpha but if someone wanted to zoom in close enough to spot that then what a saddo.  This is a brill freebie from plugndie, who owns Catnip Lovetomy and she/he has this message “I made the decision to give away freebies. Greed dont make me happy , unlike your smiles ;)” and that basically means a massive 96 items of freeness.  OK a lot of repeated things but that means of course if you don’t like this colour there is a massive selection of different colour choices.

Catnip Lovetomy