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No Body Shaming! (Freebie(s)).

I got booted out of Queenz but only because of a sim restart so I didn’t take it personally. I’d only just had the time to join the Free Group and check out the wall of freebies when it was a case of TP out or get logged out so I did the right thing and hauled ass out of there.

The one thing I did notice and remembered from past visits is that the Queenz shop caters for the curvaceous shapes.  I swear there is NO body shaming here! I for one think that people should wear whatever shape or clothes they want both in SL and RL but since I have too much tits ‘n’ ass in RL I like to keep my AV shape as slim as possible.

Plenty of fits in the pack, inc my SLink HG, and a colour hud of excellent shades.  There is a lot more gifts on the wall and they are excellent but again not for my skinny ass.

I have to say that the Queenz range for mid to larger shapes is classy!


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Quick before I change! (Freebies).

This is a reblog but I’m pretty sure that out of the BIG box of freebies I’ve not shown you this bikini before.

The shops DM and No Cabide are opposite each other so it makes it so much easier to pop into one and then the other one as both shops have free Group Gifts for us as well as some special offers but for this post I’m just sticking to this one thing and it comes from the DM shop.

You will spot on the floor next to the wall of Group Gifts a gift box which is free to buy for 0Lds and again I know this is a reblog as when I scuttled home and worked my way through all the gifts I not only recognised them but I still have a few of the pieces as “keepers” as they’re that GOOD!  Plenty of fits as you can see from this skin-tight bather MY preferred fit and a lot of the outfits come with Huds.

There is nothing nicer than standing and working your way through a whole load of really nice gifts and picking and choosing your “keepers”.

DM & No Cabide (Turn left)

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

This is as good as it gets.(Freebie(s)).

After looking here there and everywhere I finally found some freebies in a shop called Apple Blossom that made me go “YASS” but only in my head as saying that out loud would my judgemental cats judging me even more than they normally do.

The “Yass” didn’t last long though as there is a reason I’m standing in this odd angle, …., …. and …. fits only. And I’ve forgotten to make a note of the exact fits but they’re the Maitreya ones ie Lara.

Normally if I can’t get a good fit and I still really want to show it to you I just Alpha out my whole mesh body and take a shot of the outfit only but even that didn’t work as well as I had hoped.  So, in the end, I worked my way through my poses and pulled the best one for the job and I think you can see the style of it.  It’s a playsuit(?)/casual look with a wide-open front and a bikini top.

In the Apple Blossom shop, there is another playsuit in a similar style and a whole rack of pastel cropped top jumpers and yup I had the same problem with them because of the limited fits and I’m pretty narked as I don’t think I’ve found a nice pastel  top in a while and I was looking forward to showing them to you rather than just telling you about them.

Apple Blossom(This shop is on the same sim as the Safira shop, turn left from the LM).

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

“Justice” for Ashley.(Freebies).

I have had to pop a body light on so it makes the metallic pattern on the top and also the shorts “pop” a bit more than they do in SL.  I’ve not had time to walk around and see if different windlight settings change the metallicness(sic) but I have a feeling it will.

The top is a new Group Gift from Justice, the shorts are an old Group Gift but they and a couple of other GG’s are still out for us.

To find these go to the back of the shop and they’re on the wall to your left, there is a big sign, and there is a very metallic party dress and a skirt which makes for an excellent Autumnal/Winter basic and I still have it from the last time I blogged it. There is also a small selection of jewellery but I don’t do jewellery lol.

Justice & Underground(Turn right for the Justice shop and left for the Underground shop)

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Don’t call me Cheap. (Freebie).

I’m sure the notice said this was a 10Ld TeleportHub Group Gift but actually it’s not it’s FREE and I love it, I love its simplicity and how you can tart it up with scarves, hat, bags etc.

It is long enough to be worn as a short dress but I think even better over leggings.

You get this from the Korpokkur House shop which is oddly enough a shop for children’s clothing and if it wasn’t for the notice it’s not really a shop I would usually visit.  So join the shop group and you pay 1Ld and get 1Ld back.  It does come in emmm 2 fits, I’m logged out so I can’t double-check but as you can see from the style most people will not have an issue with fits.

PS.  The scarf is not inc it’s an old S@bbia one and since I’ve not popped in yet to see if there is a new Group Gift if this is still out on the wall with the older gifts I’ll update this post.

PPS. The leggings will be Scandlise gifts and since I don’t buy anything from there I’m going to assume they’re one of the Group Gifts or a Lucky Board win and the reason I want to mention them is that there are NEW Lucky Board prizes! I can hardly wait to see what they are but since the sim has been HEAVING since they were put out I’m going to have to wait but you maybe lucky and get in.

Korpokkur House

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A little bit of retro, a little bit of crimbo.(Freebie).

I almost walked/tp out of the Ellnique Design shop without grabbing anything but I decided to just take these and try them on and I am glad I did.

The checked pattern and style is retro but if you want to add a splash of Christmas to your look then this work just as well.

There are other group gifts for both Ellnique and other free groups. These are upstairs on the wall next to the elevator doors and there are lucky boards as well on another wall.  Don’t worry it’s not a big shop so you will easily spot them.

PS.  If you want a rush wedding then there is a Minister and a few witnesses who for 1Ld will officiate.  I’m guessing that as I ain’t got no one to marry in SL lol.

Ellnique Designs


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

A change of mind.(Freebie & Cheapie)

If you’re an early bird then you may have spotted that this post about Pink Mango has changed?

The reason is I was showing you a nice but very safe dress but I decided to return to Pink Mango and look more closely at the other items and spotted that this bather/club outfit(?) does come in my fit and at 5Ld worth a try and it has not disappointed me.

I’m so used to this style of clothing not being in my fit so to find that it is in fact “shop quality” was really nice.  This does come in only 3 fits, SLink, SLink HG and Maitreya.

There is a wall of Gifts from different free or cheap groups.

Pink Mango