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If you’ve not guessed.(Freebie).

It’s my day off which is why I’ve been SLing for longer than usual.  I don’t know if I will be able to SL tomorrow as my “to do” list is getting very long but if this is the last thing I post for today/tomorrow I’m really happy with it.

This is the new Promagic group gift. You get a 3 textured hud and it was hard to choose which to use but I thought this striped one just showed off the quality the best.

The Promagic group is free to join and you will have seen the gifts many times.  Also, check out the discounted items, the freebies are to the right on the entrance wall and the discounted items are on the left.


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Use it or lose it, Sweet Temptation.(Freebie Credit Update).

I chose the shop “Sweet Temptation” as the one I wanted my 300Lds worth of credit with (check my last post for details) because as soon as I saw this I wanted this.

I’ve seen this very simple and wearable styled outfit in a lot of shops but with price tags so to get one for Free is just really nice. I won’t tell you much about it because you have the whole shop to pick and choose from.  Even better is I still have some credit left, not much, but I’m sure I saw something which will come in handy and I still have enough credit.

The reason I’m doing this update is because the store credit only lasts till the 31st so I’d go grab it now and spend it now.

Here are the LMs to the different shops, remember only 1 credit allowed and

Sweet Temptation (This is where this dress comes from)



Chic & Shoes

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Simply Blue.(Freebies).

I popped into S&B Fashions and noticed that the group is for the moment free to join so I joined and out of the freebies I decided on this simple blue denim and lace dress.

Like most “freebies” you pay a Linden and it’s returned to you.

To find this and the other Group Gifts and the 2 Lucky Chairs go through the entrance on your right as you enter the main body of the shop and it’s just inside on the wall to your left…easy to find.

Since I had time on my hand I took a wander and further into the shop in the middle is another Group Gift and it’s so new I had to grab it as well.

Ooooh doesn’t it make my boobies look good.  Each item is marked at “Dollarbies” but actually, once you’ve paid your Linden it’s sent back to you so they’re actually freebies.  Doesn’t matter really as at any price 2 very nice items and again, of course, there are more for you to check out.

PS.  Lots and lots and lots of fits.

S&B Fashion

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I need HELP.(Freebie & Mention of Freebies).

I know a few of you are smarties esp about SL n stuff while I am still very much a noob when it comes to that stuff BUT more about the help I could do with at the end and here is the freebie.

Another really nice gift from “Wellmade”.  Simple shorts and top set can be worn as separates and you do get a hud which allows you to change the shorts and top colours/textures. This is the newest Group Gift but if you’ve not been to Wellmade before then you’re in for a treat as there is a decent amount of freebies.

Now for the HELP.  It’s simply a case of me wanting to change the sim setting to one that is not a preset one. I understand that you can get for free or even buy the uploads to install into your SL which gives you some of the amazing windlight settings that are used on some sims.

So basically what I need to know is that where can I find these windlight settings, do I need a zip file like Winzip and is there a good free one and em how the f*ck do you actually do it.  Any help advice on a NOTE please would be greatly appreciated but make it idiot proof please lol.

PS. I have played with the sliders but last time I did that I really borked SL and ended up having to do a complete reinstall!


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Did you notice? (Freebies & Mention of Dollarbie).

The Bodysuit I was wearing in my last post reminded me that it’s been a long time since I’ve visited Seniha as that is where it comes from so I hopped, skipped and TPed over and check out this new look I’m rocking.

I have mixed and matched this look so these pants come with a different top and this top comes with a different skirt but as you can see so many of the Seniha range can be mixed and matched to make even more looks.

If that hair does look familiar it’s because if you look at my last post that hair is this hair but without the extra kink of the leather cap.  I just wanted an/any excuse to show you this high ponytail design as it’s so striking and it just so happens to go so well with this look.  The Bodysuit in the last post is the Dollarbie and don’t forget the amazing outfits in the Lucky Boards.

PS. I know where I got those glasses from and if they’re free or cheap I will add an update.

UPDATE: Just to make it clear although this is almost identical to the hair with the leather head mask this hair is actually a different one which is obviously maskless.


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Quite but not right. (Freebie ‘n’ Dollarbie).

This halter neck top comes with a 3 texture option, I prefer this one, and a lace edging with an on/off option.

Look closely and you will see that I’m not wearing the lace edging.  That’s because it doesn’t really work as there is a lot of texturing clashing/flashing. TBH I also simply prefer the clean edges to this top.  Obv you can try the edging for yourself and you will see that in the hud you get you can use the slider to change the colour of the lace to any shade and that’s also where you will find the on/off option.

Special mention to the pants as I did briefly mention them a couple of posts ago and have also blogged them previously. I like to try my best to make my whole look free so I dug these out, checked they were still free.  Although these leather are not particularly summery they still look great with this top but even better with jumpers.

The top is a Marketplace Dollarbie and the pants an inworld freebie from the Justice shop, there are other freebies in the Justice shop inc a very good Autumnal skirt.

UPDATE:  Just spotted a new, to me, group gift in the Justice shop so next post will be that and another couple of Marketplace finds….you have been warned lol.

Shook (Marketplace)


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Going with this. (Freebie).

I do try to find stuff which is fresh and new but the reality is so much of what I’ve blogged has been blogged by many blogs and I’m often the last one to blog it lol which brings me to Promagic and this which undoubtedly has been blogged by many lol.

As you can see from those big Gazunga’s I’ve had to put on my SLink HG body and you know that if I go through the bother of changing my body it’s because I think it’s worth it.

It’s a one-piece outfit so sadly no splitting it up but a nice consolation prize is the colour hud you get.

This comes from Promagic and there are other Freebies but apart from one I think they’re all jewellery as for the one other item which is clothing I will leave that one as a surprise for you but it is for both sexes and I’m keeping mine so it’s worth popping over for that surprise.

I’m not hunting any more Freebies out today.  I’m going to plonk my SLink Fat Ass shape onto a pose ball, to stop me from moving around. and trash my way through my invent which is groaning like a fat woman realising she’s down to her last choc ice….not that that’s me of course!