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It’s not a “Keeper”.(Freebie Hunt).

Wow, texturing has come an amazingly long way since I first started SLing.  This “Holo” sweater from Caboodle is stunning I can only imagine the time and cost that has gone into making that Holo texture and the creases etc only to give this away as a FREEBIE!

This is an SL frees and offers hunt gift, I blogged about that hunt a few posts ago but I’ve not managed to get back to it, I will put the link to the shop and the hunt blog and if you’ve forgotten it’s an orange leaf you’re looking for.

The only reason it’s not a keeper for me is not that it’s not a stunning item but I have nothing to wear with it, nowhere to go with it and it was hard to match a hair with it lol.  BTW if you’re wondering I actually chose the white option from my hair hud.  I rarely use the blacks, greys and white colour options because these are the hardest shades for hair but sometimes a hair maker manages to pull it off…I won’t say who because you can guess who, lol.

BTW, again, if you have a spare 100Lds think about joining the Caboodle Group.  There is a selection of group gifts behind the reception desk inc a new one to me but I still have the old ones as they’re just so good plus I’ve been lucky in the past and won items out of the Lucky Boards.  Sadly there are now only 3 Lucky Boards but the initials do seem to change really quickly and since if you want to find this super freebie you’re going to have to look around the Lucky Boards (HINT HINT) in any case

SL frees and offers blog.(LM’s & Hints)


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There is a price to pay to look this good. UPDATE (50Lds Group Gifts& Freebie).

I was mooching around a shop and because the outside of this shop is so beautifully landscaped I took a stroll and it turns out that it’s also the new(?)home of Caboodle.  Caboodle isn’t a free group but it has some excellent gifts out for us and I know for sure that some of them are still in my invent and will remain there but to me this is a new sporty outfit.

You get a 3 shade hud for the top and pants, white, gray and black, I think the black ones have a shiny satin look so they can be worn for evening wear as well.  You know me and sporty stuff, I love it and have an RL addiction as well, especially if it’s lycra and sucks the spare tires in and firms up the flab.

Sadly though this gift only comes in Freya, Hourglass and Maitreya and I’m wearing the Freya pants and hourglass top as these were the 2 fits I found the easiest to wear.  I didn’t have much bother getting a good fit on the leggings but damn only the Gazunga size would fit. So when you pop over check the fits of the gifts, unintentional rhyming, and of course you will also be able to work out what should be an easy to wear fit even if it’s not your actual mesh body sizing.

PS.  3 Lucky Boards with a quick turn over and prizes well worth loitering for

By Golly,she was right, IMPROLIBRA1 spotted that if you click on the blue makeup/beauty case on the desk it’s free for all.

You get sent 5 colours and each colour, apart from the red, comes with a textured option.  I’ve put the gray one in front because even men need to decor their SL homes and at 2 prims you can have matching his ‘n’ her grooming boxes next to each other on a vanity.

Thank you for letting me know.

Caboodle (and yes it is a new location so use this LM)


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Free Mina hair need I say more, OK yes I do lol.

But first a super duper gift from Caboodle.  You will have to pay 25Lds to join the group but for that, you get a chance to not only grab some tasty group gifts but also a chance to win some excellent lucky chair items.  I have blogged them before and since the items in the chairs haven’t changed I will put the link to that post so you can check out the prizes.

This top is one of the old GG’s but the skirt is brand new and as you can see it matches the top but both the skirt and top come with colour changing menus and all of them inc the patterns are just lovely.  I think there are 9 options for the top and 12 for the skirt.

Now for the “Mina” or in this case Myrtle.

I change my hair for almost every picture but just like my clothes I have “go to” hair and Myrtle is one of them.  This hair just goes with so much, short and face framing but from behind you can see it’s long and thick with that loose wrapped over hair.  This hair is so wearable and goes with so much so to find it has been set out as a gift at the SL14B event was a really nice surprise add to that a pretty generous hud of the basics, 2 browns, 2 blondes, 2 reds, 2 blacks and 2 greys, I think this is right but you can see basically a hair shade for everyone.

PS Check out that I have also changed the texture of the top and skirt.

Mina@SL14B(The Mina shop is on the corner)


Old Caboodle Post

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Caboodle with me.(25Lds Group gifts).

Damnit I actually managed to get into FaMESHed and snag the New Mina and guess what?  It doesn’t go with this outfit LOL.  So I will save that for a later date esp since it was so laggy for me I didn’t even get a sniff of the freebies so hopefully, on my next visit I can score more.

Another “Damn” is how good I look in this picture and nope I didn’t edit the picture at all, this is just the sim setting which I had TPed over to to take this shot.  It always makes me wonder when I’m out and about in shops that some, not many though, don’t use the sort of settings that makes your customers and clothes look absolutely kick ass gorgeous.

So NO freebies but the Caboodle group is only 25Lds to join, people might recognise my leather pants as they’re a Lucky Board win and I now have about 4 of the shades.  They come in all the standard mesh fits with the feet inbuilt so you don’t need any mesh feet.  The LB gifts haven’t really changed but I swear that these leather leggings are such good things to have in y9ur invent and I’m so pleased to have finally got the pink pair you need to join just for the LBs gifts alone but don’t worry as they change relatively quickly as well.

The top is a new, to me, group gift.  Simple, gorgeous and comes with a hud of I believe 6 colours inc some floral patterned ones.  By the time I’d scored this lot I’d run out of SLing otherwise I would have also shown you the pencil skirts as well and if I’m not mistaken this top in the darker shades will suit the skirts to a T.  there are other GG’s there a couple I have shown you before and some poses etc.

PS and yes I’m still wearing a Mina hair because I LOVE Mina hairs.


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ooodles of Caboodle !

I’ve never bought anything from this store, but I’m really glad I decided to pop over and check out their offering for Fifty Linden Friday. This is the “Vera jammies”, dead cute little set – shorts & top. You get the shorts in a frill edged option and also the plain edge, plusss a Hud with three colour choices for each piece. Now the brilliant thing is (apart from the fact the pj’s are just sooper cute and fit like a glove) is that there are five different sets in various colour palettes. You don’t need to change outfits though as all the Huds work with all the sets yippeee! Demo is available – this is suitable for mesh bodies only girls. Ohhh btw there is a group you can join (fee is $25L) I noticed some lovely group gifts right by the FLF board – so take a peek.


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Dance like no one is watching.(GG and Lucky Board).

I’m off out today, sod work, housework, emails, Hubby,  friends, cats and all those things I’m off tomorrow for some ME time cos ME time is the best time, so chances are when you’re reading this I’m sat in a small independent cinema eating Chinese coconut buns and this weird omelette cream thing watching the film “Swiss Army Man”…yeah ok the reason I’m having a “Me” day is because no one else wanted to come and see this film LOL.

However just before I logged off for the day I popped over to Caboodle and spotted a row of pretty decent LB’s and also a free to join GG and so I’m hacking out a random post.


That’s me dancing in one of the LB wins which is pretty darn good and even comes with a Hud to change the colour of the top, bottom, belt and strap and if I had been bothered to do a close up even the small delicate flowers around the bust line.

I actually am dancing because I want a pair of those pants and maybe the dress you can see just behind me.  I did win a lovely pink shrug, ok I actually won 3 of them because that LB seems to come up with “?” more often.  The LBs only have a 5min time limited on them and although they change what the prize is each time it’s the same few basic outfits but they all look well worth the wait esp if you have notes, notices to go through or are just IMing SL friends.

However, if you don’t have time to kill then there is this lovely simple Group Gift.


As you can see a simple strapless classic SL dress and you get 2 colours this burgundy and a black and I’ve popped on the shrug I won which is super cute.

Ooo, as I’m LM grabbing the lady next to me, is wearing a pair of the leather pants which she’s won from the LB and I’m more determined to win myself a pair….ooo and now I’ve just won the dress just behind me as well.

Have a great day peeps.


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Now I understand, I think (Freebie).

So I thought I was popping over to Caboodle to slap the MM board for a particularly nice dress but it turns out there is more to it than that.  So to stop me waffling on I’m going to pop the Link to the Apple May blog where it tells you a bit more about these MM boards and I would suggest you check it out because these are lovely MM gifts and if you’re lucky enough to slap em in time there is some nice stuff to wear and for your home.

I may have been late to slap the Caboodle MM board but I did spot a New GG set out in the shop and I’m glad I snagged it but indulge me with some fun pics.


I wish I could skate it’s sad that a grown assed woman could have such a simple wish but I have never been able to skate.


I can’t even barely stand on a skateboard without it developing a mind of its own and taking off sending me flying.


I’ve skinned my knee’s many times and still have the scars then the reality that I will never be able to skate finally sunk in.

OK enough picture fun and here is the new GG from Caboodle.


I actually wasn’t going to pick this up at first because I thought the shirt had a design on it and although it was OK you may have noticed I’m not a slogan type of gal but much to my surprise the t-shirt is a nice simple white one.  The top/shorts and braces are all a one piece.  Although you can make out the zipper and just about see the little braces buckles there is also detailing on the pockets.  If you also pick up the other GG’s of the Bow Ties then it makes a really sweet slightly nerdy look.  Also if you have a significant SL other then you also get the male/female version in the pack.

I’m doing this post super quick as I think that these MM boards get slapped very quickly and because there is only a limited amount of items given then it is a shame to miss out on something you may like.  It might also be a good idea to join the inworld group so you can get the notices super quick.

But also a reminder about “Bridget” and that’s my ginger mop of hair LOL.  April the first has passed and so the “The Guardians Gacha” will now be in full flow actually it looks as though it’s going to be very popular but it’s going to be around for a while so I for one am going to wait till it calms down but what a way to feed your Gacha addiction/hunt addiction and freebie addiction all at once.  Bridget is Mina Nakamuras Gacha wins but of course you can win every shade and not just the ginger I love and as standard with Mina it’s not even a single shade but a shade pack and although I don’t know how much the Gacha costs we all know they’re at bargain prices in anycase.

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