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Losing the will to unpack.(Freebies).

I was such a good little AV and I stood on my platform and binned, binned and then binned some more then for some insane reason I decided to go to the latest round ot the The Gacha Guardian event…FOOLISH ME!

Not just so many gifties set out for us but too much temptation in those Gachas which basically means I undid all my good work binning stuff.

Obviously, as usual, a lot of the small Froo Froo sorta thing but when they come as great as this platter of tempting treats who cares.  I was hoping to find a dress or shoes but TBH when I’d unpacked a third of what I got I gave up as it was so late.

I also have to say that one of the reasons I’ve not been doing any of the big hunts going on is because I’m pretty sure our readers will know whats happening plus these events have a tendency to be so busy which means so laggy so I’ve been waiting for them to calm down but this.event was so nice and quiet just a few other AV’s like me wandering around checking the Gacha’s and grabbing the goodies.  So for you I can’t think of a nicer way to spend a Sunday.

I’ve also put the link to the Seraphim website.  This isn’t a blog for cheap or free but it’s the most comprehensive and up to date site for all the SL events.

PS You have to join the “Gimmie Gacha” group but invite is sent.

The Gacha Guardians



Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Now I understand, I think (Freebie).

So I thought I was popping over to Caboodle to slap the MM board for a particularly nice dress but it turns out there is more to it than that.  So to stop me waffling on I’m going to pop the Link to the Apple May blog where it tells you a bit more about these MM boards and I would suggest you check it out because these are lovely MM gifts and if you’re lucky enough to slap em in time there is some nice stuff to wear and for your home.

I may have been late to slap the Caboodle MM board but I did spot a New GG set out in the shop and I’m glad I snagged it but indulge me with some fun pics.


I wish I could skate it’s sad that a grown assed woman could have such a simple wish but I have never been able to skate.


I can’t even barely stand on a skateboard without it developing a mind of its own and taking off sending me flying.


I’ve skinned my knee’s many times and still have the scars then the reality that I will never be able to skate finally sunk in.

OK enough picture fun and here is the new GG from Caboodle.


I actually wasn’t going to pick this up at first because I thought the shirt had a design on it and although it was OK you may have noticed I’m not a slogan type of gal but much to my surprise the t-shirt is a nice simple white one.  The top/shorts and braces are all a one piece.  Although you can make out the zipper and just about see the little braces buckles there is also detailing on the pockets.  If you also pick up the other GG’s of the Bow Ties then it makes a really sweet slightly nerdy look.  Also if you have a significant SL other then you also get the male/female version in the pack.

I’m doing this post super quick as I think that these MM boards get slapped very quickly and because there is only a limited amount of items given then it is a shame to miss out on something you may like.  It might also be a good idea to join the inworld group so you can get the notices super quick.

But also a reminder about “Bridget” and that’s my ginger mop of hair LOL.  April the first has passed and so the “The Guardians Gacha” will now be in full flow actually it looks as though it’s going to be very popular but it’s going to be around for a while so I for one am going to wait till it calms down but what a way to feed your Gacha addiction/hunt addiction and freebie addiction all at once.  Bridget is Mina Nakamuras Gacha wins but of course you can win every shade and not just the ginger I love and as standard with Mina it’s not even a single shade but a shade pack and although I don’t know how much the Gacha costs we all know they’re at bargain prices in anycase.

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