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Wardrobe essential for $10L !

I found this cute little outfit on the market place from Fiorella and I wasn’t expecting much at just $10L. Wow I was in for a surprise ! Great fit on the shorts and the top plus a stonking big Hud with twenty colour/pattern options for the top and ten for the shorts! Fits included are:

✿ Included Sizes for:

✿ Maitreya

✿ Slink

✿ Belleza

Here is the Hud – nice selection for both items, from patterned to plain and in between.

Fiorella Clara outfit

Definitely not a Bum Shot.(Free n Cheap).

Oopsie, I forgot to click “publish”.

This simple but lovely outfit comes from a shop called Damoour.


It cost you to join the Damoour group but it’s only 20Lds which is a piddling amount and for that, you get not just the shorts but a dress which looks ok but I just went for the shorts as at the same shop are gifts from other groups and this FREE top caught my eye and I was hoping that the top and shorts would make a cute outfit and I wasn’t wrong.

I did take a picture of my rear end to show you these shorts from behind but the picture was so dark it wasn’t worth using, the reason I wanted to show you my bum was to show off that these shorts are cut high enough to show off a cheeky bit of bum cheeks without it being tarty.  The top is, of course, a SL classic of a simple strappy top but this pink one with a slight satin sheen means it one of the better freebies of this style.  I’m keeping, I think, both of these as they’re just simple and so easy to wear and look so good. Both come in ALL standard mesh and mesh bod sizes.

PS There is also 2 gifts for men at the Damoour shop as well.

DM Damoour

Sim Restart!(Freebie).

I  wish I had done more “adulting” stuff yesterday because today my to do pile has built up so high it’s threatening to topple over so I’m keeping this as simple as I can so I can get back to “adulting”


Simple shorts n top set, come as separates and both come with Huds.  The image on the front doesn’t change but the colour does.  You might also spot the crown on the hip and on my bum is the word “Doll” I think.  Normally I stay well away from sloganed clothes but the colours in the Hud are perfect for this season I’ve slung a pair of sneakers on and I’m ready to start cleaning up my prim eating mess outside my home next time I log in.

Not only this but a whole load of freebies are to be found at the FLG shop actually there seems to be a gift for many different”Kroll” groups and to get this one you will have to join the “Kroll” group but all the group gifts and invited are all in the same place and all are free to join.

As I was LM grabbing a sim restart notice came through so that’s my SLing over for the morning, have a great day.

PS if the LM doesn’t take you to where all the goodies are it’s the door to your right just follow the sounds of the farting skeleton!

PPS No rush as the sim was being restarted but it should be back up and running soon but I don’t think there is a time limit on this and the other GG’s set out.

FLG Stores & WomBaby

Aloha Aloha Aloha

ArisAris Hibiscus @ The Aloha Fair - Haley hair Elikatira @ The Hair Fair

Tomorrow the Aloha Fair flingssss open its tiki doors to the SL world ! Always such a great event plussss there are usually tons of gifts from the lovely & generous designers. Aris Aris have this stunning set out at the fair, its called “Hibiscus” and comprises of shorts, a darling strapless top andddd a kickass brooch. So many mesh body fits included it’s almost getting silly! (I don’t know how Arianna does it really bless her) Of course also standard body sizes catered for. I’m wearing my brandspankin new Elikatira hair that I snapped up at the Hair Fair yesterday, I swore I wasn’t going to buy a thing – ho hum – then I saw “Haley” and my grubby paws got all restless – BOOM it was mine.

ArisAris Huds

The Hibiscus outfit comes with two HUD’s, one that gives seven prints/colours for the top and three denim tones for the shorts. The brooch also has its own HUD, which as you can see is pretty extensive. Dont forget this event opens tomorrow on the 27th – see you there!

The Aloha Fair

Hair Fair

Yeehaw (Freebie).

Spent most of my Sunday watching crabby horror movies and trashing everything I’d managed to find in SL and just as I was about to give up I got my “yessss” moment.


Honestly I was so pleased when I opened the box of goodies because you get not just the fringed jacket/top combo BUT the denim high waist shorts and a pair of simple flat strappy sandals.  All items are top quality and you get some mesh bod fits plus all the standard fitmesh sizes and as always a lovely and much appreciated touch is the fact that although the jacket/top is a 1 piece the shorts are separates and you know what that means, mixing and matching with other outfits Woo Hoo…or should that be Yeehaw?

No Cabide

The perfect fit

Neve shorts & shirt NEW! Four variatins per pack via HUD

Ohhhh you’re gonna love this, I was sooper excited as soon as I saw shorts! Why? wellllll I’ve gone to the dark side , aka: 100% meshiness, and I’ve been searching for a really great pair of shorts for like ever. Cue Neve and their brandspankin lipsmackin range of short shorts ! Ohmaigawd, seriously they fit, I mean they REALLY fit, and best of all – using the handydandy HUD you get four colours in each pack PLUS, you can turn off the pockets hanging down. I know , I’m a freak – but I just loathe the “pocket poking out” thang. Options for button colour, belt loops also. Heaps of choices on the shorts, denim to floral and anything inbetweeny, hardest part is making a choice.

Neve shorts & shirt NEW! Four colours per piece included via HUD

This shorts pack is SO moi! Floral, delicate and cute, I’ve left the pockets poking out just incase you like that look – but they do vanish if you use the HUD. Both shorts featured are also new out and called “Dixie”. I went for the plaid  and then the lively pack for the second pic. Such a versatile piece and a classic look with the knotted front. All items are in the following sizes: Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique & Hourglass, Belleza Isis & Freya and the Standard Sizes XXS – M. Go grab yourself some demo’s !

Neve store

Neve market place

Neve blog