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It’s not a “Keeper”.(Freebie Hunt).

Wow, texturing has come an amazingly long way since I first started SLing.  This “Holo” sweater from Caboodle is stunning I can only imagine the time and cost that has gone into making that Holo texture and the creases etc only to give this away as a FREEBIE!

This is an SL frees and offers hunt gift, I blogged about that hunt a few posts ago but I’ve not managed to get back to it, I will put the link to the shop and the hunt blog and if you’ve forgotten it’s an orange leaf you’re looking for.

The only reason it’s not a keeper for me is not that it’s not a stunning item but I have nothing to wear with it, nowhere to go with it and it was hard to match a hair with it lol.  BTW if you’re wondering I actually chose the white option from my hair hud.  I rarely use the blacks, greys and white colour options because these are the hardest shades for hair but sometimes a hair maker manages to pull it off…I won’t say who because you can guess who, lol.

BTW, again, if you have a spare 100Lds think about joining the Caboodle Group.  There is a selection of group gifts behind the reception desk inc a new one to me but I still have the old ones as they’re just so good plus I’ve been lucky in the past and won items out of the Lucky Boards.  Sadly there are now only 3 Lucky Boards but the initials do seem to change really quickly and since if you want to find this super freebie you’re going to have to look around the Lucky Boards (HINT HINT) in any case

SL frees and offers blog.(LM’s & Hints)


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LM ME (outlet shop&Freebie).

One of the main reasons I always log into SL to grab the LM is that there is less chance of ending up with a “broken link” which sadly is why I’m not showing you the lovely Freebie I wanted but if you have some Lindens to spare then I really recommend you pop over to Asteria Creations.

There are some classic SL styles her and some new fresh designs and everything is top notch texturing. A mix of elegant evening wear and cool casuals. There are Free to join Group Gifts of some jewelry, hair, hat etc but tbh none to my taste but that means nothing, you may of course may think differently so still worth a check.  All of this is to be found in the Mainshop but just across the way is the outlet shop.

OOOO I’ve just noticed that one of the outfits I’m drooling over in the main shop has the little WOMANstuff Hunt shirt just above it. I’ve literally just spotted it and I’m keeping my fingers crossed it’s going to be  a keeper when I get around to unpacking it.


In the Outlet section is a whole mix of stuff, mesh, non mesh, maybe mesh, definitely not mesh LOL.  Some really lovely items here and since everything seems to be priced at just 55Lds mark very reasonable.

I bought this simple mesh dress because when I spend Lindens I need to know I will wear this item more than once in SL and I will for sure with this.  It’s top quality texturing and attention to details with all those folds and lace.  Easy to wear on its own or with jeans.  I have fiddled with the picture because this outfit come with a demo so you can try it and the other colours before you buy.  Looks like this is the only item in the whole outlet section that actually comes with a demo even the other items which are marked clearly as being mesh don’t come with demos but you can see even this stuff is quality and worth the money.


I had to snag these boots as well.  They aren’t scripted or Mod so one size has to fit all but they fitted me pretty nicely.  There is a slight breakthrough but nothing bad enough that I felt I would need to thin my AV shape down for.  If someone want to zoom that closely on your legs they’re just saddos. 55Lds for these and there are other colour options as well.

NEED I REMIND YOU! (probably not) it’s Friday and that means it’s FLF, Fifty Linden Friday.  I’ve not started it yet as I so wanted to show this dress off I’ve delayed it but when I get back inworld to LM grab I’m going to do the FLF.  Since my previous attempts to give you the link to join the group have failed I’ll put a link to one of the shops involved in this weeks FLF and you can join from the Group Joining Board which is always right next to the offer.

YESSSS, So I quickly TPed home and unpacked the Freebie WOMENstuff win from Asteria , quickly redressed and then popped over to Pilot to give you the LM for one of the FLF boards and show you the WOMENstuff hunt outfit.


A mesh short and top combo can be worn together or as separates.  A brilliant freebie.  So you can clearly see the FLF board just give it a slap and join the group and each Friday like me you can treat yourself without breaking the bank.

Asteria Creations

Pilot FLF Board

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Painful reminder(25 for 25 hunt item).


I wonder how many people remember the freebie peens that used to be everywhere but fortunately this ones a joke.  Comes from Jacked which basically seems to have this and only this, although you do get a pale skin or dark skin option, this isn’t a shop stuffed with stuff.  25Lds which is the price of everything in this hunt and I’ve given the link so you can check out whats on offer.

25 for 25 Hunt blog


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Like a Boss.

LomoOk maybe this is just another Hoodie but the distinctive pocket and Boss logo make it stand out.  Kicking myself that I stuck to the safe dark colours and I should have chosen the white/red or grey/purple or the even better blue/yellow one.  As it happens if you check out jesydream’s blogg and scroll down you will see the colour choices and see how you get an excellent 3 layer look.  This was available at the Candy Fair for only 50Lds but I think that’s finished now however this is still only 60Lds in the main shop.

BoleroMy turn.  Baylen noticed an old hunt item which is now set out on the table rather than being hidden  and for 5Lds I scored this leather Bolero jacket which was the Rock Attitude Halloween prize, so if you missed it then this is you’re chance at getting it (must mention I saw something very similar for a 199Ld price tag so for such a bargain price I’d snap it up before it’s gone).  Not a vast amount at the main store at the moment so you might want to check out her shop at The Rockabilly Fair but from the lovely shopping sim she has her shop on I can imagine that pretty soon it will be filled up.

JesyDreams Mainstore

JesyDreams Blog

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Fully Dressed (The Homeless Hunt Freebie)

Cross ProseddAnother great freebie donation for The Homeless Hunt.  Again wonderful to see plenty of items for the men of sl and one of them is the shape (only) I am wearing. Excellent that Markel Shapes has left this freebie  modifiable and copyable because no matter how much you pay for your shape everyone tweaks it to suit their preference or for  a certain outfit.  All I tweaked was the lips, I made them a tad thinner.  If you like the whole look then with each shape comes a styling card so you know where to get the hair/skin/eyes etc from.

shape useTo let you see the full effect I had to semi strip.  Love the shape, it’s a great in between a boyish shape and that gorilla shape beloved by (too) many and not by me.  Excellent shoulders and not the slopes that the slimmer shapes seem to have, the biceps are muscly but not overly so.  Sadly no demos but find this hunt item or pick up one of the really reduced ones and if they’re as good as I believe they will be then you can go for the more expensive ones and know it’s not going to be a dud.  His shops are arraigned an enclosed courtyard/shopping area as seen in the first photo.  So what your looking for it a box and just to make you work for it the people involved can not only change the size of the box but also the texturing.  There is also some seriously discounted shapes in the 49Lds Sale for Dudes plus some old items priced at 99Lds.  A selection of womens shapes as well.

Special Mention to Skittles In The Pit. This iis an SL organization that is trying to raise awareness not only in SL but RL about Mental Health Issues and other things.  They have created a very interesting Inworld place for people to come and find out more about the way they can help and help they can get.  Loads of RL and SL info.  I know a lot of people will instantly think “how can someone access SL without the internet which means they must have a home?” a lot of people in our lives can be the “hidden homeless” is couch surfing and we just don’t know it.


Skittles In The Pit (a place to find help)

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A Blue Man.

ShirtSadly our resident Male Model/Blogger/Gofer has had to return to RRL (Rotten Real Life) and now can’t blogg for us anymore.  One day he may return and will be welcomed back with open arms until then meet ME!  Yes that’s me the lovely luscious and womanly Zan but in male form.  I dug up and old male AV and cleaned him up treated him to a better shape/skin/hair etc and even a D*ck but in my defense it came as a package with a shape I bought and shall remain dusty and unloved in my invent.  So he is me and I’d like to think that the goodies I find will appeal to both male and female and all those in between.

However my first foray into Hunts for male freebies has been a sad event but finally redeemed by this shirt and a brand new hunt that has just started.  Called The Blue Man Hunt, what you’re looking for is a blue tie and for a token Linden you get a prize and in this case it’s a Mesh shirt. I will give a hint because at first glance this looks like and is a woman’s shop but don’t be a DUMMY it is there.

PC Creations

The Blue Man Blogg

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Sugar Daddy Needed


I want this boat (but could only afford the outfit).  I decided to pop back to dollies  to pick up their Glam Affair Hunt  offering of a simple off the shoulder mesh dress but sadly I looked to the left of my screen and on the New Items wall was this lovely tempting little number and I was going to be so good and not buy myself a new outfit.  Frilly but not fluffy.  The top has a lovely fat bow at the back and the skirt is a mini with a frill attached to the back.  Sexy and cute at the same time.  I chose the chocolate-brown but other choices available and of course a demo.


This is my little boat, and also the Glam Hunt dress which is a simple off the shoulder brilliantly textured little evening  dress, my boat is a sad little thing compared to the one I really really want.

Perga11This is what I should be sitting on.  It comes from MLCC (Motor Loon Custom Cycles) and I hope you can see in the pictures all the amazing attention to details and texturing makes this boat an absolute stunner.

Perga3Even down to the small galley kitchen and bedroom this is near damned perfect.  This is the Loonetta Model but in  the boatyard there is a few models to choose from, from this compact boat to something an Russian oligarchy would be proud to be seen in.

Because I’m a woman and I’ve spent the last 45 mins wandering in and out of all the boats I’ve changed my mind and I now want the Oceanic.  Just as beautiful, just as amazingly low primmed, just as many menus, but this comes with 4 factory paint jobs and is wow even less at 3000Lds.  Saving my lindens already to get myself one.

If your a bike nut who needs a place to ride then check out Motor Loon’s profile because he has generously set up sims for people to ride themselves to the ground.

MLCC Boatyard