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Free Mina hair need I say more, OK yes I do lol.

But first a super duper gift from Caboodle.  You will have to pay 25Lds to join the group but for that, you get a chance to not only grab some tasty group gifts but also a chance to win some excellent lucky chair items.  I have blogged them before and since the items in the chairs haven’t changed I will put the link to that post so you can check out the prizes.

This top is one of the old GG’s but the skirt is brand new and as you can see it matches the top but both the skirt and top come with colour changing menus and all of them inc the patterns are just lovely.  I think there are 9 options for the top and 12 for the skirt.

Now for the “Mina” or in this case Myrtle.

I change my hair for almost every picture but just like my clothes I have “go to” hair and Myrtle is one of them.  This hair just goes with so much, short and face framing but from behind you can see it’s long and thick with that loose wrapped over hair.  This hair is so wearable and goes with so much so to find it has been set out as a gift at the SL14B event was a really nice surprise add to that a pretty generous hud of the basics, 2 browns, 2 blondes, 2 reds, 2 blacks and 2 greys, I think this is right but you can see basically a hair shade for everyone.

PS Check out that I have also changed the texture of the top and skirt.

Mina@SL14B(The Mina shop is on the corner)


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