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$99L Fatpack Promo!

$99L PROMO Aris Aris - Fatpack top & pants

Oh la la its been a while since I shared one of the Aris Aris promo packs. above is the “Belice outfit” comprising of a top and pants. Fits for :
– 1 For Maitreya – Lara
– 1 For eBODY Redborn
– 1 For MB. Legacy
– 1 For Belleza Gen. X Classic
– 1 For Belleza Gen. X Curvy
– 1 For Kalhene ERIKA

$99L Fat pack PROMO Hud

As you can see the Hud is huge and gives you so many options. The top and pants are actually seperates, so dead handy to mingle in with your existing outfits or wear together. The patterns and colour range should see you through to the summer ❤

ArisAris Belice Outfit PROMO

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Group Benefits – Gifts

Adorsy Group gifts! Outfit, shoes both fatpacks

I’ve never been to Adorsy before but I spotted something they had out at an event and thought Id go look at the main store. For a tiny $30L you can join the group and nab a load of gifts ! The outfit above and the wedge shoes are two of them – my favs actually. Quite an unusual outfit with a long tunic top and belt – leggings that are optional via the Hud. Fat pack is the order of the day for both items – niiiiice. I always dither when joining a paid for group, but I spotted the wedge shoes and just went for it – Super cooool and also a fatpack.


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Free & Not Free For Easter

$1L Seniha. Bunny Set Fatpack

Nearly Easter ! I’m guessing a lot of you will have this Bunny outfit in your inventory already BUT for those who don’t – its a no brainer. For one single Linden Dollar you too can be the belle of the Easter parade. This from Seniha and you get a whopping big Hud for a ton of colours ! Ears, body suit, cuffs & collar all included.

49L You purchased this item on April 11, 2022.{Le'La} Aly Easter Outfit Easter Promo

If you’re feeling a little more modest – then this little outfit might be a winner. By Le’La, you get the top, leggings and shoes all for just $49L. Fits for:

☻ 2 Fitted Mesh for Maitreya
☻ 1 Fitted Mesh for Legacy
☻ 2 Fitted Mesh for Belleza, Freya Isis
☻ 1 Fitted Mesh for Slink – Hourglass

Seniha Bunny Set

Le’La Easter outfit

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Finally ! (Free & FLF)

Dustbunny FLF sneakers, Prairie FREE dress Neve Quinn pants

Finally a wearable item from Dust bunny ! This weeks fifty linden Friday is a banger – gallery linked below. I’m wearing a free Easter hunt gift from Prairie, just find the egg instore – clue is on the poster at the store entrance. Lots of mesh body fits included – its described as a dress but I thought it looked cute as a top with my Neve Quinn leggings.

Dustbunny Fifty Linden Friday

Dust bunny have two versions of these sneakers for , $50L each. They come with a Hud for sock patterns and you can wear them with or without the flowers. I went for the classic grey , the other version is pink, hmmm might have to go back for those tho!

Fifty Linden Friday Gallery


Neve Quinn leggings

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Spooky Hunt @ Masoom

Oh wow I went to the Spooky Hunt & Haunted House at Masoom – brilliant ! The house is dead creepy and as you wander about look out for the little white ghosts. They are dotted about everywhere and are free to collect. I found most of my prizes inside the house but there may be some outside too.

I wanted to show you these two gifts I found from one of my fav stores Nerido. The roller skates are in black with a Hud to colour change the laces and toe cap, you also get a fantastic roller skate AO to wear – LOVE IT ! I also stumbled across another gift from Nerdio, these black leggings. V. nice and perfect to wear with the skates. My cup was another hunt gift (I found quite a few of them) by Dark Secrets, all have fun mottos on them and a good hold pose.


Spirit Bra Top Aiza

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Now its my turn ! (Dollarbies)

I am going on holiday ! For a whole week – gosh I will miss Second Life, its a big part of my waking up routine everyday. Im going to leave you with a couple of market place dollarbies I found and liked. The leggings are by Addams, they are looking a little plain jane in this photo but I’ll reveal more in the next shot. Of course as its from Addams you do get a huge fat pack of colours included and a ton of mesh body sizes – all for $1L. The dress/top is by Nitropanic, lots of shredded and split sections and although it is a dress, it fits beautifully over my leggings. All mesh body sizes included for $1L.

This is the hud for the dress, great selection of patterns.

This is the Hud for the leggings – as you can see there is the option to choose a different colour for the top section.

Now you can see the lovely detail on the leggings top ! I love them and they a definite keeper for me – just think of all the sweaters to come for Autumn & winter over them! My top was a recent release from Neve called “bite” – I’m thinking it should have made its way to the market place & main store now after the event, link below.

Addams leggings

Nitropanic dress

Neve top

Neve main store

Pose by Amitie

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I’ve got Rachels Bloomers. (30Ld Saturday Offer & Mention of Ooodles of Freebies).

As mentioned in my last post I did return to the “30Ld Saturday, Birthday Event”.  I wasn’t going to do another post on this event but I picked this 30Ld offer up and I LOVE them so much I just have to show you my “Rachel’s Bloomers”.

Style it with a simple brown/cream top which I am wearing it just happens to be a bit cropped, this makes for an interesting pair of bottoms.

There were at least 3 other 30Ld items of clothing at this event which had me very tempted but my inner voice nagged me not to buy them as I’d never wear them again but my inner voice nagged me to buy these as I can see myself wearing them often.

As mentioned each stand at this event has at least 1 item priced at 30Lds, lots of discounted items and a GIFT.  I’ve just realised I’ve not opened the gift from the Dore Papillion stand which is the one where I bought these from bloomers from.

30Ld Saturday, Birthday Event