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Dance like no one is watching.(GG and Lucky Board).

I’m off out today, sod work, housework, emails, Hubby,  friends, cats and all those things I’m off tomorrow for some ME time cos ME time is the best time, so chances are when you’re reading this I’m sat in a small independent cinema eating Chinese coconut buns and this weird omelette cream thing watching the film “Swiss Army Man”…yeah ok the reason I’m having a “Me” day is because no one else wanted to come and see this film LOL.

However just before I logged off for the day I popped over to Caboodle and spotted a row of pretty decent LB’s and also a free to join GG and so I’m hacking out a random post.


That’s me dancing in one of the LB wins which is pretty darn good and even comes with a Hud to change the colour of the top, bottom, belt and strap and if I had been bothered to do a close up even the small delicate flowers around the bust line.

I actually am dancing because I want a pair of those pants and maybe the dress you can see just behind me.  I did win a lovely pink shrug, ok I actually won 3 of them because that LB seems to come up with “?” more often.  The LBs only have a 5min time limited on them and although they change what the prize is each time it’s the same few basic outfits but they all look well worth the wait esp if you have notes, notices to go through or are just IMing SL friends.

However, if you don’t have time to kill then there is this lovely simple Group Gift.


As you can see a simple strapless classic SL dress and you get 2 colours this burgundy and a black and I’ve popped on the shrug I won which is super cute.

Ooo, as I’m LM grabbing the lady next to me, is wearing a pair of the leather pants which she’s won from the LB and I’m more determined to win myself a pair….ooo and now I’ve just won the dress just behind me as well.

Have a great day peeps.


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    1. I’m so glad you got so lucky, I was so determined to get at least one pair of those leather pants I logged inworld there and just loitered, got the white and black pair and they were well worth the wait.

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