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The Creative Spark – New Round!

This rounds theme is “Green” and there are soooo many different interpretations from all the designers! Above is the “Staged Water Garden” from Lunar Seasonal Designs – if you know this designer you will already guess that you can personalise this to within an inch of its life! Every part is menu driven for colours & textures – love that I can make it fit in with my existing space. Lovely singles and couples poses built right in – all this and 50% discount during the event!

I have a thing for bags – there I admitted it – can’t resist them! EB Design has this spring themed bag in the event – beautiful delicate spring green hues with a floral motif – and it has the sweetest hold animation , natural and cute – all this and for the event it’s just $60L ! My dress is from ArisAris and is on promo currently for $99L – you get a ginormous Hud with plain colours and pretty patterns too – twenty-two choices in total!

Lunar Seasonal Designs

EB Designs

ArisAris Dress

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Spring has sprung @ TWE12VE!

Adore this time of year – all the designers get their Springgg heads on and come up with gorgeous plants and displays. Lunar Seasonal Designs has plenty to get your gardening juices going – here’s just a few of them. The Magnolia tree has definitely won a place in my spring garden, it’s a real beauty. Plenty of options for the foliage, leaves and the plants that are flowering beneath it Go take a peek – you’re sure to find something to brighten up your space.



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Trash it !

Love or hate Christmas – it’s almost here ! Lunar Seasonal Design have this sweet decor item out at The Bizarre Fair (amongst other things!) Low Li and menu driven so you can fiddle about changing colours! I have to say there were a few little bits n bobs that I spied for Christmas and Winter in general – will  return ASAP to fill my boots .

The Bizarre Fair

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Perfect Ten – Lunar Seasonal Designs

Perfect Ten Lunar Seasonal Designs

You know how sometimes you come across a store where you just want EVERYTHING? Thats what happened when I went to Lunar Seasonal Designs ! Be warned, you will be tempted, you will find yourself oooo’ing & awwww’ing, and you will buy stuff for sure ! I bought a few items for my own SL home, I even found a hunt prize yay! There are the cutest animals, wandering hedgehogs, plants and an apple tree that does all kindsa things. Their offering for this round of Perfect Ten, is this water-pump flowerbed. Its pretty, its Low prim, and its a keeper for my garden but that’s not all – oh no. Get the menu up and you’re bombarded with choices, the tall flower, the small flowers, the grass, the pot, the soil even. If you can’t find a combo that you like Id be super surprised. It will fit quite literally anywhere.

Perfect Ten

Lunar Seasonal Designs

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Sadly yet again SL is being screwy with poor me.  Fortunately I grabbed these pictures a few days ago so now I’m in a land void of mesh I can still look at what I had.

DamnSad little ole me eyeing up cakes that I can’t eat in RL or SL.  We all have our fav shops in SL and this is another one of mine.  It is what I call “idiot proof decor” (I  also inc EoD in that description) which to me means that if you don’t have the time, vision or money to wander around SL shopping for your home comforts  then let someone else do it for you and Laurent83 Waco and his shop Follow Us has done all the hard work for us and with just a couple of clicks you can have your whole home set up and look gorgeous.

Damn2Everything is linked apart from the chairs which come with such decent poses that I’ve even used them in the pictures.  You have the coffee toolbox, napkins, forks,  pots of jam, cherries etc etc it’s a real spread which will appeal to both men and women.  Now it does add up prim wise but it’s all there all set to go.  As I’ve said some people love to be forever moving and changing, adding this removing that others want to unpack and go and as a hardened SL home owner I for one would think you had great taste if you had this in your house.

TrayBoys this is the best way to a girls heart, or a boy if that’s your choice, hot chocolate, buttery croissant and a lovely fat rose on a tray will get you more than just a good morning/night kiss.

Follow Us