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UUURRRGGGHHH.(10Ld Gifties).

It’s been just “one of those days”, you know what I mean, too much work too many things going on too many people needing stuff, add to that it’s hot and muggy and you’ve just run out of energy and that has been my day!  Then I found my OH’s coffee chocolates and I ate all of them so now I’m sat here feeling slightly queasy but only slightly guilty because if he didn’t want me to eat them then he should have hidden them better so it’s his fault I ate them….perfect logic.

I did manage to get a bit of SLing in I decided to check out a lot of shops off the beaten path but sadly I didn’t find anything with that “Ooo” factor and then I ended up at the “Up! Summer” event.

It’s the usual sort of thing, stalls with a mix of clothes and decor for sale and a lot of gifts bags with a small token price on them and I’m sure I spotted some free ones.

One of the stalls is for a shop I didn’t recognise called “LpOca” so I TPed over and scored some 10Ld goodies but I’m just going to show you the 1 gift as I’m lazy.  Obviously, you can work it out what the gift is from this picture, each bucket is only 3 prims and totally editable.  So I made a copy and then tore it apart and those pretty like pink flowers will make lovely patches of interest in your garden, even the bucket on its own is a good decor item.  The gifts are inside on the wall behind the desk and there are some which are rezzed for you to check out first.

PS.  Before you go inside check out the outside of the “LpOca” shop as it’s not a big shop and there are a couple of nice garden features I quite liked.


Up! Summer Event

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Oh yes – I hope you’re bikini ready – cause right here, right now in the U.K its SUMMERRRR! B.D.R are all roaring to go with a giant release of bikini’s – one pack patterned and one pack solids – $120L per pack – with 20 choices on the Hud – erm…$6L per bikini?! Blimey steal deal huh.

The totally cool thing is the Hud also allows you to decide whats on top and whats on the bottom – so you can play around with the colours yay!

Fits: Slink Physique, Slink Hourglass, Maitreya Lara, Belleza Venus, Isis, Freya, Tonic Fine & Curvy plusss standard sizes.

Heres the Hud for the pattern pack – as you can see plenty of flexibility. I’m also wearing one of my Argrace discounted hairs – the military cap and curly hair – you know these hair styles have really stood the test of time – at $50L a pop totally worth grabbing. All sorts of styles there – men and chicks !


Argrace Discounted hair 


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The Creative Spark – New Round!

This rounds theme is “Green” and there are soooo many different interpretations from all the designers! Above is the “Staged Water Garden” from Lunar Seasonal Designs – if you know this designer you will already guess that you can personalise this to within an inch of its life! Every part is menu driven for colours & textures – love that I can make it fit in with my existing space. Lovely singles and couples poses built right in – all this and 50% discount during the event!

I have a thing for bags – there I admitted it – can’t resist them! EB Design has this spring themed bag in the event – beautiful delicate spring green hues with a floral motif – and it has the sweetest hold animation , natural and cute – all this and for the event it’s just $60L ! My dress is from ArisAris and is on promo currently for $99L – you get a ginormous Hud with plain colours and pretty patterns too – twenty-two choices in total!

Lunar Seasonal Designs

EB Designs

ArisAris Dress

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Quickie.(Super Bargain & Mention of Freebie).

Rush over to Peaches for this super 50Ld Summer Swing.

This is part of an offer which might be just out for the one day or is kept out till next Sat when the offer is changed.

Great texturing but even better great poses.  Although the poses are the same basic ones they just seemed to have been tweaked so they’re a little bit better.  You get quite a few of them as well as male and cuddle poses…make sure you try them first but even if the poses were crapola I think this is a lovely decor item even at I believe 9prims it’s going somewhere on our sim.

I bought the PG one but the Adult one is only 75Lds.  You buy off the board right next to the chairs they have set out just outside of the shop at the LM.  Once you’ve made your mind up pop inside as there is at least 1 gift, I think it’s decor notebooks but I was in such a rush to get this posted I’ve not checked what it is I grabbed LOL.  Anyhow you don’t have to join the group just slap the sub board.



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Luscious $99L PROMO!

Oh what a stonkin dress for V day! Or any day to be honest, “Luscious” is a strapless style with plenty of lace inserts to make it a tiny bit daring – but ever-so-classic. The promotion is limited – so when its gone its gone! The Hud gives you nine colourways based around black,white & red. The offer is only applicable on the market place – get grabbin.

Fits:Belleza- Freya, Isis and Venus. Slink Physique and Hourglass, Maitreya, TMP, TONIC- Curvy and Fine, eBODY – Classic.

ArisAris market place store

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Limit 8

New-to-me event Limit 8 – I must’ve been living in a hole ! Anywayyyy Chez Moi are in this round with a really special swing seat. Different wood and fabric colours to play with and some seriously lovely poses, singleton,couples,family & Adult. My two cute planters are from HJM Designs, a turtle and a snail – omg I adore them! I’ve resized mine via the menu slightly smaller, they go bigger too. These are on offer at the new round of Perfect Ten for only $60L (50% discount)


It has 112 animations in Adult version and 56 animations in PG version.
♥ 20 individual poses (female and male)
♥ 36 animations for couples in love (18 x 2)
♥ 56 sex poses (28 x 2)

♥ Control by menu
♥ Adjustable Poses
♥ Functionality SWAP

♥ Texture options menu: Touch the middle pillow to display the texture menu. 9 combinations to choose.

♥ Optional smooth swinging motion – touch the top of the swing to stop/start

You can use it with the floor base or on your porch ceiling. Your choice.

♥ Swing: 7 LI | Modifiable | Copy
♥ Floor Base: 1 LI | Modifiable | Copy


I had a notice through from Spargel & Shine earlier, I was interested in this gorgeous sundial straight away! It’s at a new shopping area called The French Farm, not many units taken atm but I would think it’ll grow quite quickly. The Fleur de lis sundial is on offer at just $75L. Just 2Li also – brilliant!

Limit 8

The French Farm

Chez Moi blog for further photos and info

Perfect Ten

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Lazy Mare Again (freebies and non Freebie).

I get most of my Mina hair for free, yes I am a lucky mare, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t actually buy this hair in any case.  As soon as I saw this hair, Iris and tried on the demo in Mina’s main shop I had to have it and I bought it for myself.  What I liked best is its simplicity the way it frames my face and shows just enough ears to make it look natural.  I picked the light brown pack but of course the whole range of colours are there for you to choose from.  Make sure to try the demos though before you buy as I usually just go to dark brown but in this case I thought the light browns looked so much nicer for me (lighter in the first picture darker in the second).


Think about joining her VIP Group.  It may cost 200Lds but knowing Mina and since I’ve already got the VIP Group Hair that you get on joining it alone is worth 200Lds and will work out cheaper than buying it off the shelf in any case.  As it happens since Mina’s hair packs are only 250Lds each they’re as standardly priced as any hair shop in SL in any case.  The nicest touch in the entrance are large boards showing you the hairs you can purchase often at slashed down prices and you can use these boards to TP to the event themselves.

You men may also want to check out Mina’s as her male hair department is starting to grow.  Also I have to confess I’ve never really mentioned that Mina also has smaller make up/appearance section, older hair style section and shoes and boots section.  I might just beg some free make up as I have to pay my tier fee today so I’m back to being poor again LOL


I only had a small time in SL this morning but in my notices I came across “Oneword” which is a bi monthly event and this one is very cat orientated.  The dress, nails and poses I’m using were all sub gifts from shops here. The pose is from the Elephante shop and I’m surprised I haven’t subbed to this pose shop before as I know I have poses from this shop but what the heck 3 free useable poses are always handy.  The dress is the sub gift from Gato and there are 2 sets of SLink nails Huds to get one at Bella Elephante and

I was slightly surprised that the dress was actually non mesh and I wasn’t going to try it on but the fact that this is a non mesh dress means that the Lola’s and Phat Azzes it comes with will make a lot of big boobed and butted ladies (and men) happy.  The bottom of the dress is your system trouser layer but and it rarely happens but I’m most impressed with the mesh panel as although the pose I’m using doesn’t show it but the match in texturing and fit is as snug as it gets.


Vanity shot and there is a reason for it.  Last night I was desperately trying to take a close up of my new FREEEE eyes.  I rarely do eyes or even make up for one simple reasons close-ups are a pain in the rear end.  The camera usually ends up buried in my head, too far down, too far up, too far away and on and on and then I had a Woo Hoo moment and managed to snap this.  I was sent some samples of these Mesh eyes and with them comes a mahosive menu which basically put me off and then I actually tried them and they’re soooo easy to work I’m almost embarrassed that I’ve never bothered trying out Arkesh Bara’s eyes before.

All of this is inc.

28 preset sizes for easily-sized, perfectly-matched eyes
– Adjust either eye individually, or both together at the same time with the Link button
– 5 In/Out adjustment settings
– 15 cornea reflection choices (variations on our original Deep Sky and Liquid Light reflections)
– 7 shadow options (shadow appears across the upper half of the whites, no shadow + 6 values)
– 3 pupil sizes
– Full Bright toggle
– 2 optional glow settings
– Mirror setting that flips the texture so the reflections and shadows come from the other side
– Get Settings button to send the most important current settings to your chat
– Irises are 5% smaller than on our original Deep Sky and Liquid Light eye

You simply wear the eyes with the Alpha over your system eyes.  Best to hop on a pose ball  to do the rest, then just click on the eye and a menu comes up which allows you to change so much and I managed to get this FREE London Fog pair to fit beautifully and so EASY!!! The only problem is there are so many stunning colours I wouldn’t know which ones to choose but since the standard price is ONLY 99Lds more than affordable.  Arkesh also has special offers in her shop but again this FREEBIE is so pretty and gives you a chance to play with the menu to see how wearable these are.  Don’t worry if mesh is an issue she also has non mesh eyes and they look pretty stunning as well as the Nekko eyes.  Such a tempting shop I’m so glad I finally pulled my finger out and tried on these eyes.

PS forgot to mention I of course have tried mesh eyes on before and the one thing I noticed in all the faffing is that sometimes they don’t move very well with you’ve AVs head movement but with theses the eyes moved perfectly with my AV.

Mina Hair

Oneword Event

Mayfly Mesh Eyes & More