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See You At The W/E Sales !


Started my shopping early last night ! Listed below are all the sales I’ll be hitting up – if you have any favs that I don’t show let me know and I will add them.

Happy Shopping ❤

Crafty Weekend Sale

The Saturday Sale

Happy Weekend


Miix Weekend

30L Saturday


Wanderlust Weekend

60L Weekend

Energy Weekend Price

Pop Up 99L

Kinky 69

Hot Weekend Sale

Manly Weekend

7 Days Sale

The Secret Sale – get Hud here

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New Pool @ The Outlet $88L

Galland Homes Pool complete $88L !

I’ve been looking around for a new pool for a while – well ever since we got our first ray of sun in England. I’m a big fan of The Outlet @ Seraphim and usually pick up hair or clothing – but to my surprise I found a pool! If you haven’t been to The Outlet before (why not!) its a cool place to pick up a few bargains as they have SO many discounted items from top designers. Galland Homes are the makers of this fine pool, its just 33Li and will set you back only $88 of your Linden dollars – it sits so well in my garden I’m dead chuffed ! The little pool house is part of the package btw – I’ve placed a vintage bath inside but it would equally showcase a nice shower or patio table & chairs. You do need some basic land editing skills , i.e.: drop some land lower to accommodate the pool water – but it was dead simple to do.

The Outlet

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Ever Green 50% Discount!

Ever Green @ The Galaxy Event 50 Discount!

Gosh that clever little pixie at Ever Green has been keeping me busy with so many amazing releases ! At the Galaxy Event they have the “Boho Study” range on special offer for the duration of the vent – 50% discount! I’m showing a fraction of the collection, there is so much more – including a desk which is so fabulous its currently in my office in SL. Adult, Cuddles plus some BDSM action in the packs (make sure you choose the correct pack you want from the vendor!) I’ve already placed a few of the curtains around my space – texture menu for plains & patterns and just 2Li – wow !

Ever Green Galaxy Event

I’m always on the look out for décor to fill my home, just adore this rotating globe, touch to reveal the drinkies then choose your poison! Of course being made by Ever Green you do get several texture changes on most of the items – check it all out at the event – thanks Ever Green ❤

Galaxy Event

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$25L Tuesday!

$25L Tuesday @ Mansken

Love a bit of $25L Tuesday action – picked up this dress & leg warmers from new-to-me store Mansken – Lots of fits and really nicely detailed. The dress comes with panties (which you cant remove shame) and the back is laced from nape of neck to below your butt (niiiice) The leg warmers are an additional $25L but I think a great purchase as they will go with lots of outfits ! Two colours to choose from beige & black.

$25L Tuesday Gallery


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Happy Weekend ! (Free & discounted)

Free Dress Patty CK fashion

I’ve taken a look at some of the weekend sales already! I’ll list below all of them that interest me – might see you there? Anywayyyy right off the bat is this sweet dress at Patty CK Fashion – its totally free just make sure your wearing your Energy Weekend Price group tag – some of the vendors for this event require you to pay $1L but it is refunded straight away.


Free wall hangings 2Li

Another free gift for the Energy Weekend Price are these two wall hangings from LouChara – just 2Li each – perfect for a bathroom or bedroom.

Artisan Fantasy Gacha $35L 1-2Li

Once again I am lured to play the gacha machine at Artisan Fantasy ! It was one of those “I love them all I dont care which I win” situations – and at just $35L a pop for the weekend I wasn’t saying no ! All the cheese boards are just gorgeous, so detailed and only 1-2Li ! This is for the Wanderlust weekend event.

Artisan Fantasy

Patty CK Fashion


Energy Weekend Price

The Saturday Sale


30L Saturday

Wanderlust Weekend

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A poke and a prod! (500Ld Credit for 25Ld).

A timely reminder popped up from Amui that their generous gift card is still out for us till the 31st.

I would have sworn I already had got this credit esp as it turns out I already had some credit in my account with this shop. You do need to pay 25Ld to join the Amui group then pay the board 1Ld, refunded, and the gift card is sent to you.

As someone who doesn’t need more clothes, I appreciate when it’s a gift card which if you rezz/wear it and then take it back into your invent it then becomes transferrable so that means someone else will gain a very nice gift off you.

Make sure to run around the whole shop as there is a bit of everything, jewellry, shoes, wedding gowns, costumes, casual wear etc. I could easily have picked up a number of items to show you but since I wanted to pass on the credit I didn’t.

There are also group gifts, lucky boards and outside is a discount shop where I picked up a 10Ld skirt I’m more than happy with.


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GGG – New Round !

Gawd I’m a bit late with this weeks Gotta Getcha Gacha ! Last day is today – so if you want to scope it out do so now. What really appeals to me about this event – is how it makes me remember those heady days of gacha years ago – when it was just for fun, a few $ and you could play and play without breaking the bank ! All of the gachas in this event are 50% discounted – love this set from Useless Addiction – only $25L a pop and some really gorgeous Autumnal items.

Heres the key so you can see it in all its glory, so much to win !

If you want to see all the participating stores look here @ Seraphim

Useless Addiction