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Ever Green @ The Galaxy Event 50% Discount!

Ever Green 50 DISCOUNT @ The Galaxy Event

Its coming up to that time of year when us green fingered people start to think of our gardens. Zan has actually just treated herself to a new greenhouse in RL and I know she is SO excited to get it all built. A long comes Ever Green with just the most perfect item for our second lives – a brilliant greenhouse/ conservatory. I played around for ages with this..SO much to do and see. Naturally because its an Ever Green piece there is a TON of options for textures on everything – and I mean everything !

Ever Green @ The Galaxy Event 50 Discount

There is a swing seat, bench, chair and so many different varieties of plants. The staging for working at and displaying is just awesome. There is 50% discount at the event for this, and if you cant make room for the whole set there is the option to buy the pieces you need or want. The set comes in Singles, Cuddle and adult versions – all you have to do is choose ❤

Galaxy Event

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Starting off the wrong way.

NOT free I just want to show off my recent purchase as I’m so happy with it.

I ended up at the Access Event and just before I was about to leave I spotted this bridge and this bridge is just what I’ve been after for a LONG time!

Since this is a Nutmeg design it did come with a price tag which actually I thought was more than reasonable at 350Lds. It was also a nice bonus that you also have a small hud of wood colours which inc this snow one and how well does this blend in! Also, you get pose options as well however I am surprised that the pack does include flat pieces you don’t get the steps as a separate build. So I had to drag my work platform closer. I will have to check that out as I did find this beauty late and didn’t check to see if I could edit the steps off and make it longer.

And that’s it for now. I’m drinking my second cup of coffee, I’ve made my RL “to-do” list for later and I will be logging in pretty soon now for a freebie hunt.

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More than Landscaping. (Group Gifts).

It’s funny that in all the times I’ve visited the LOVE superstore I’ve never really paid much attention to the boards showing the clothing offers as it’s the landscaping and weekly offers I go for but this time I checked and to my surprise yeah, LOVE has 2 clothing shops on a shared platform!

The LOVE group costs 10Lds to join and next to the LM are a few group gifts, a top, a couple of dresses etc “classic” in design and a wearable heart thingi. Then you have this outfit!

Pretty stand-out outfit for sure and the added hud means you can play with all the colours. I will say that the dress and hardness are linked and the same for the mask and headdress

I TP’d to the landscaping shop to make sure the group tag works there as well and it does. Although the group gifts there haven’t changed for a long time if you haven’t got it then hop on the yoga rug as not only does it have some really smooth yoga poses in it it also makes a really good decor item.

PS. Faith just did a post on the Wanderlust weekly gift but I’ve just bought the “Winter branch/bush cluster” pack for only 50Lds. Every time I visit I walk away with something from that shop! There is also a “Primpal” system which looks pretty interesting and it too is on offer for 50Lds.

LOVE Superstore. (Fashion)

LOVE Superstore. (Landscaping).

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Dance In My Garden & Group gifts

Dancer Statue @ Knick Knacks 8Li (at this size) Free swirling music papers

One of the weekend sales brought me to the Knick Knack store – wow I spent a lot of time looking around. I ended up buying this bronze coloured dancer statue because it was just too beautiful to leave behind ! At this size (which is pretty big) Its 8Li but its is modify so you can alter that. The music sheets flying in the wind are the free to join group gift – just 1Li and a really pretty addition to your space. There is also a cute set of hat boxes for free too. If youve got $50L to spare check out the sale net curtains – windy style ! Only 1Li each.

Knick Knacks

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Sorted. (Free Shop Credit & Sale).

Once I’ve done my RL morning stuff I can get back into SL and have some SLing fun.

.The 2 signs/offers are for the free group and the discount group which costs 200Lds to join but obviously you get that back with the 200Ld gift card plus as you can see items for this group member are 15-50% discounted.

Then I spotted this.

Now that I’m looking at this picture I can see that the sale at least is on till the 14th so I will assume this is the same for the gift cards so yes this is a “HURRY” post. I know for sure I will have a lovely time finding something for the 100Ld gift card I’ve got and if I find something which makes sense to join the paid for group to get both the gift card and discount then I will.

Chez Moi.

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Eating prims. (Spendiness & Freebie).

I caved in and bought myself the new Skye beach. It does come with a price tag but each of us are happy to pay for what brings our SL to life and for me it’s landscaping and decor.

Ignore the edge line as this beach is still a work in progress.

So the freebie is obviously the outfit. I deliberately took the picture at this angle not only to show off my new beach but to hide the nasty A** neckline as I had to use my Legacy body to get a good fit.

You get a decent hud of patterns, then one for slogans and the last is for a colour slider. It comes from the Love & Lust shop and TBH I TP’d in and out so quickly as my SL time is short that although I do remember doing a post about this shop not too long ago I don’t know if that older gift or if there are any other gifts out for us so a nice suprise if there is.

Love & Lust.

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Home Sweet Home/Photography.

I started to landmark hop and landed on some stunning rental sims, sadly we’re almost outta luck if we want to rent any of the homes spread over ten sims as I could only see two actual vacancies and two which were soon to be vacant but I suspect as soon as a vacancy comes up it’s snapped up.

All photos are taking just using the sims windlight settings so even if you have no editing skills/software you can still make a beautiful “point and click” picture but if you tweak your windlight setting then you can make this place even more magical.

This is where I would live if it was vacant, a big part of me is now thinking why don’t I change the landscaping on my side of our sim to this higher/stepped island rather than the flat one I have! I’m seriously tempted to do it. They do say “imitation is the best form of flattery” after all lol.

Actually, they (Minnie Atlass & Boone Blanco) also offer a landscaping service just not at this moment as they have enough going on.

There is a group you can join which doesn’t give you rezzing rights but I do believe gives you updates on any vacancy/soon to be vacancy OR even better you can use their website. It’s a very nice easy to use and updated website which makes a change. From there you can TP directly to any vacancy or the main landing spot on each sim and of cours as long as you keep out of peoples homes you can snap away to your hearts content or just sit and admire the scenery.

As for the cost, quality of building and landscaping and a generous prim allowance doesn’t come cheap but owning a dream home and garden is priceless.

PS. These probably are not even the nicest places as I could have just spent so much time wandering all 10 sims snapping away so in the end I just took a few random shots near to the LM’s.