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Ever Green @ Secret Garden Miepon!

Ever Green Miepon @ Secret Garden

The Secret Garden is open and its calmed down enough to browse freely yay! Ever green have two miepon sets out for you to play for – bang.on,trend ! All low land impact, full of texture changes, and glorious poses. Btw my lingerie was a free gift in the Seraphim Valentine hunt from Glitzz- all participating stores linked below – follow the clues and claim your free gifts !

Menu Driven Oral Fixation Set Ad

Above is the key for the Oral Fixation items…I LOVE the stools & big mouth chairs ! The uber cool thing is that some items are specifically for guys, some for girls – never seen that being offered before. So fancy up your space, just in time for V – Day ❤

Ever Green Miepon @ Secret Garden - FRE lingerie @ Glitzz !

Some gorgeous poses in the chairs make for great props for photos, as well as décor for your home & garden.

Menu Driven Sweet Hearts Garden Set Ad

The second miepon set is the Sweet Hearts Garden. I played with the bear for ages – he dispenses treats to your hand and has loads of texture options for each part of him – he will fit right into your space!

Secret Garden

Seraphim Valentine Hunt

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50% Discount Sale !

Glitzz 50 Discount Sale !

When I saw that Glitzz had a 50% sale on I got dead excited ! Love Glitzz lingerie , love their stockings, dresses everything . You’re looking around the $150L mark for a full set of lingerie or a dress in the sale, which for this store is a real steal. Above is the “Nina” set which can be worn with or without the bandeaux top.

Glitzz 50 off Sale

This dress “Jenna” is fantastically low cut at the rear – you get two versions in the pack one is sheer, one isn’t plus a Hud for colour change on the metal chains. Sale continues until the 30th November – Happy Shopping ❤


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Hello Boys

Seldom Blue Vday lingerie gift Eclectica Fern set, HCC Free Vday pillows_001

Gawd I adore the run up to V many pretties on offer…Seldom Blue have this divine lingerie out as a dollarbie for us, its called “Aphrodisia”. You get the whole set which comprises of bra,panties,stockings & suspenders…plusss frilly bits to add on just to make it even more girly ! Fantastic gift, treat yourself. Your looking for a little gold box with a red bow…its really not hard to find ! My pillow set is by HCC ,its a special V Day dollarbie,crammed with lots of pretty poses …

Seldom Blue

Eclectica for all jewelry

HCC dollarbie pillow pile

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Treat her like a lady

Reasonable Desires Pink Leah Lucky chair-Lingerie Eclectica 'Gathered Hearts' necklace & earringsSo …its almost Valentines days huh? What to do…what to do….Ive got a couple of things to show you incase you’re struggling for gift ideas. I was looking around for lingerie and Zan suggested I went over to Reasonable Desires…wow blast from the past, havent poked my snout in there for eons ! I headed over and much to my surprise found stacks of really inexpensive lingerie sets plus oooodles of lucky chairs hoooray! I won this “pink Leah” lingerie as soon as I arrived, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s just adorable, sets like this are also on sale inside the store and on the market place for around 50L …great value.

RD Lingerie eclectica jewelry_002

I added in a totally stunning jewelry set by Eclectica called “Gathered hearts”…(thanks Tiffy Vella !) I really love the brushed pearlised effect on the hearts…very sublte and classy. You can also change the textures on most parts, the main hearts, the little hearts , also the chains metal…makes this one super versatile collection. I’m wearing the larger more ornate ear rings…but in the pack is a slightly smaller pair incase that’s not your *thing*…it comes with a gorgeous bracelet also …I’m still wearing this now, with jeans and a blouse…so suitable for casual or glam wear. (If you like this collection, also take a peek at the “vintage hearts” set)

Reasonable Desires Lingerie Tamara 10L Eclectica 'Harikoa I' Fern Jewellery Set

Another set out from Electica is the ” ‘Harikoa I’ Fern Jewellery Set”..if youre looking for w-o-w it is. The stones are surrounded by fern fronds…heaps of them…and despite being ever so eye-catching it remains also delicate…not easy to achieve.

Eclectica 'Harikoa I' Fern Jewellery Set showing earring

You can change the stone colour via a simple menu, plus alter the tone of the metal…there are two sets in this range…the second set is more intricate and “showy”, I preferred the simpler lines of the first collection BUT…if you have both…they are totally interchangeable..brilliant ! This ‘Harikoa I’ Fern Jewellery Set comes complete with the necklace, earrings and also a fantastic dress ring. Check out the market place store for some top-notch photos and explanations of how they are made and work. Ohhhhhh btw…take a look at the tiara’s…to-die-for !

Eclectica main store

Eclectica market place store

Reasonable desires main store

Reasonable Desires market place store

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Delicious mesh

Ohlala look what I found to tempt you with today…this divine mesh corset, lingerie anddddd boots…its from a new-to-me store Maison Close…so guess where  will be heading off too later today *winks*. For just one of linden dollars you will receive…the mesh corsets in a range of sizes, the boots, and lingerie, bracelet and necklace…pluss some pasties …isn’t that a steal for your weekend ?!

Close up look of that corset..its so classy..specially love the tops of the gloves and the tiny bows that you can add-on the garter belt…gorjuss! It says on the advertisement that its only at this price for one week…not sure how long its been there for..soooo if you want to get it..dash!

Maison Close Market place store

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Its been a while since I’ve shown anything from Carrasco’s, but here’s something I’m really pleased to share with you…Tesa has made this stunning lingerie for the naughty weekend deal…in this turquoise satin for just 69L…so retro..with its shoulder pads and high shine fabric…

The set also has this sweet little skirt to wear with it…more on…more to slowly strip off *wink*…its also available in purrrple but at the regular price of 150L…so dash over and grab up the special promotion turquoise for 69 !

Like my skin? snap! I found it at Bare Sensual, called Daring and was only 10L…(its boxed on the floor by the main entrance)

Lingerie: Carrasco’s (the store is upstairs,tp on the wall)

Skin: Bare Sensual


Your Alter Ego

I went over to AlterEgo yesterday to help move a MM board along (I’m nice that way) and I noticed a whole heap of goodies on the desk Id never seen before! Ever the intrepid gift hunter I grabbed them up and shuffled off back to the studio..above Im showing the aptly called “almost nakkie” set..lovely cowl necked shirt and teeny weeny skirt

I thought the box marked “dale” might be a guys gifty but it wasnt hooray! It’s this lully black dress with various coloured shirt inserts..

Absolutely adored this ladies group gift..short short short dress, comes with boots also ! racey fishnets add an edgier appeal to this rather saucy little outfit..

Last up, but by no means the last gift that was there (and guys there are items for YOU !) is this group gift,jeans & tube top,effortlessly casual but oh so stylish…go snoop around the store..collect your pressie and have a gander at all the deliciousness instore..

Go find your alter ego : AlterEgo