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Circa @ Enchantment


Ooooo this set is awesomely magical. This is from Circa and is on sale at the Enchantment event and is the “Delphine Academy desk set” – during the event its got a whopping 50% discount !


Chair ~
There are 13 Bento (male & female animations), 16 single female animation positions, 15 single male positions, 10 unisex positions. (54 positions in total). These animations include a variety of regular sits, desk sits, studying, chatting, sleeping, and magic animations.

Desk ~
There are 7 animation positions in the desk for leans, stands and magic – for male & female use.


Scripted features:

The desk includes 4 opening drawers on touch, individually. The wide top drawer has a book inside as an added detail.

Circa @ Enchantment

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Coronation Ready & 50% Discount

The Home Store Coronation decor 50 discount

Oh Gosh! The Home Store has pulled out all the stops with their Coronation décor – they have it all. Balloons, the essential “everything stops for tea” tray, flags, sparklers, even a full recording of “God Save The King”! Prim wise don’t worry: Balloon arch with lights, music etc is 22Li, Balloon pillars 5Li, Tea tray 3Li, decorative mugs and plate 2Li, Sparkler dispenser 1Li, flag dispenser 2Li.

The Home Store Coronation decor 50 discount 2

A little closer view of the rather splendid Union Jack tray with a china tea set – great selection of drinks offered upon touch (Male and female versions). Don’t forget to grab your waveable flags ! Of course you’ll need a few souvenirs to look back on the historic occasion – my mugs & plate on a stand are already pride of place on my mantle piece, the wall plate hung above my lounge door ❤

All of these items are to be found at the landing area, all have 50% discount.

The Home Store

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The Darkness – Free gift & New From Ever Green (50% Discount!)


Head over to the new round of The Darkness and you’ll find this superb statue (its big!) as a group gift – totally awesome and different.

Ever Green @ The Darkness 50 discount

Ever Green are there with some brilliant new releases. The Wolf in The Rose Garden comprises of many seperate items – I so enjoyed hanging out on the bench – Each item comes with options for BDSM, single & cuddles – so make sure you pick the right one !

Ever Green 50 Discount @ The Darkness Event

I’ve got a *thing* about fountains – just cant resist. This one goes with all the other items so well and of course oodles of options for the textures of almost every single part.

There is a 50% discount while the event is on , get your skates on!

Happy Shopping ❤

The Darkness

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Ever Green 50% Discount!

Ever Green @ The Galaxy Event 50 Discount!

Gosh that clever little pixie at Ever Green has been keeping me busy with so many amazing releases ! At the Galaxy Event they have the “Boho Study” range on special offer for the duration of the vent – 50% discount! I’m showing a fraction of the collection, there is so much more – including a desk which is so fabulous its currently in my office in SL. Adult, Cuddles plus some BDSM action in the packs (make sure you choose the correct pack you want from the vendor!) I’ve already placed a few of the curtains around my space – texture menu for plains & patterns and just 2Li – wow !

Ever Green Galaxy Event

I’m always on the look out for décor to fill my home, just adore this rotating globe, touch to reveal the drinkies then choose your poison! Of course being made by Ever Green you do get several texture changes on most of the items – check it all out at the event – thanks Ever Green ❤

Galaxy Event

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If you love Lucas, Like I love…

Lucas Lameth @ The Food Court 50 DISCOUNT

A new round of The Food Court has begun and I’m always there in a flash! One of my most favourite designers Lucas Lameth is there with new items and also a lot of 50% discounted items ! Of courrrse I had to buy something and this cheese, crackers & grape display is it. Just $95L and 4Li – its drool worthy. If you’re intrigued by his work – its well worth a visit to his tiny café and store. SO much to see !

The Food Court

Lucas Lameth Bistro & gift store

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50% Discount Sale !

Glitzz 50 Discount Sale !

When I saw that Glitzz had a 50% sale on I got dead excited ! Love Glitzz lingerie , love their stockings, dresses everything . You’re looking around the $150L mark for a full set of lingerie or a dress in the sale, which for this store is a real steal. Above is the “Nina” set which can be worn with or without the bandeaux top.

Glitzz 50 off Sale

This dress “Jenna” is fantastically low cut at the rear – you get two versions in the pack one is sheer, one isn’t plus a Hud for colour change on the metal chains. Sale continues until the 30th November – Happy Shopping ❤


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WHOA! Dench Designs New Bed – Special Price 50% Discount for Group Members

Dench Designs Amanda Bed NEW! Speicla price for group members

Oh wow Amanda Dench has made a new stunning Mesh bed. Its has bento animations, facial expressions (that can be on or off) and a texture menu giving you twelve bedding options – phew! If you buy your new bed over the next few days and are wearing the group tag (its free to join) you will be able to buy it at the discount price of $150L !!

Dench Designs New Bed

Naturally I snapped up one for my new home, I’m using the cream mix bedding option but I was really torn with a blue or pink patterns too. This bed is just 6Li so I’ve saved 12Li by using it and tossing my old bed out – Amanda has said that over the coming week she will be making a PG version – as this one is adult. There are single poses for male & females and of course cuddles, sleeping & adult fun (a LOT of poses actually!) Something else to note, the older style adult furniture has now been placed into the Bargain Corner area for just $5L.

Dench Designs New Beds