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New Group Gifts @ Synnergy!

Synnergy FREE Backdrop FREE melon prop & pose FREE surfboards

What lovely news to wake up too ! Synnergy has a new group gift out for us – group is free to join. Two gifts actually, a 360 Surround back drop “Day at the beach” – brilliant, the front portion is a parking area with two vehicles – perfect for those arriving at the beach shots. The rear section is a beautiful sandy beach complete with birds, waves, palm trees etc. So many ways to use this!

Synnergy FREE Backdrop

I’ve just used the beach section above – isn’t it perfect? This is going to be SO useful going into the summer – prepare for lots of pics using it – and that’s the great thing – so many aspects to utilise it they wont appear to be all the same backdrop ❤ You also get a gorgeous chunk of juicy watermelon with a male & female pose built in. Oh andddd also a surfboard rack that’s got a whole heap of textures – this is separate from the back drop so you can use it wherever you wish.

Thank you Synnergy ❤


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Free & Sales Synnergy Has it All

Synnergy FREE back drop & Swing pose (M and F)

Lets start with a free gift! This is the latest group gift from Tavis Synnergy – group is free to join and I suggest you stay in it as they always have some fantastic offers for you budding photographers. This is the Garden Pergola such a pretty scene with a low wall, plenty of flowers and of course the flower covered pergola right at the centre – do you see the ginger kittycat wandering along the wall ? Its going to be SO handy for a lot of summertime & spring pics plus you get one without the swing too – the swing is the other group gift – pose for males and females just rez it and edit into position – et voila! This scene is just 84Li.

Synnergy Back drop

I bought this “Oak Cottage” backdrop in the sale for only 90L its their offering for wow weekend, I also bought a pose for holding a chicken or a basket – same price – gosh its So pretty I even zoomed inside the house to see if I could move in ! The whole scene is just 111Li – I’m now pondering if I could build an inner set of walls and move in – gorgeous! (I’m not wearing the basket pose in this pic as I haven’t unpacked it yet!) Go check out the store there is lots to see this weekend, pick up some bargains.

Thanks Synnergy<3


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Finishing Touches – Free

FREE multi texture Garter Free outfit.

Zan blogged about the gift card for $500L at the Perfect Style store – so of course I had to go and grab it and spend it. Above is one of the items I snapped up, a cute skirt & top. I was scrolling through my alarmingly large inventory for shoes etc and decided a garter would look cool – BAH! Couldn’t find one I liked.

Free multi colour Garter

I did, however, recall one Id seen a few days earlier at Evado, so popped back, joined the free group and grabbed it up. Its a pretty fabric garter with attached flowers, both of which have multiple colours via the Hud – perfect! I utilised just one of the eleven poses I bought at Stardust as part of their Saturday Sale offer for just $75L – sweet poses with wearable hearts (I edited the hearts to make them red for this photo)



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Wearables are Life ! Group Gifts

Group gift Wearable &amp; decor Milkshake

As many of you know, I LOVE a good wearable item ! I’ve been in the Movement group since last year and have bought soooo many of their weekend sale items its unreal – but I get good use out of them as props for photos. Anyyyyway I got a group notice to say there’s a new group gift so I shot over there. This milkshake is the gift – its adorable. You’ll find this at the main reception desk – be sure to wear your group tag.

Group gift Wearable Fries

If you head to the right as you enter the store and follow around the corner, you will find a little stash of group gifts – these “fries before skinny thighs” are one of my favs. Holdable & décor versions in the pack. Look to the far wall and there are a few more items with a hefty group discount available. The group is $50L to join but its well worth it.


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W/e Sale Buys – Oo!

Weekend Sales - what did I buy

I can never resist items from Swear ! I dashed over to grab up a couple of pairs of their brilliant leather pants – at $60L a pop why not.

60L we

Close up to give more detailing (and there are lots of details) I bought Sand & black – great find!

WE Sales what did I buy

My outfit is a store credit buy from Belle Époque (not sure if the $500L free credit is still up but check it out anyway) The boots are my buy – from Vanilla Bae , great selection of single colours BUT I liked them so much I bought a fatpack (discounted yay!)

60L we boots

Btw my backdrops are from Synnergy I buy a LOT from this store and they have some cracking ones in the w/e sales – check them out ❤ My jeep is also on sale @ $60L dog included at Secret Poses for the w/e.


Vanilla Bae


Secret Poses

All items from The Happy Weekend Sale

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Happy 10th Anniversary Cosmopolitan (Free gifts)

Free outfit Candy Kitten

Anniversary means gifts! I headed over this morning – joined the free Cosmo group and nabbed the gifts – thanks to all the designers who gave them ❤ This complete outfit is by Candy Kitten – a store I’ve become quite fond of due to the weekend sales. You get the top & Skirt in a couple of colours, plus huds for button & detail colours, panties on and off etc. As you might be able to see the rear of the skirt lifts up to expose your panties (or your bum if you decide to go commando) Love it ❤ Loads of gifts for home & garden, jewellery etc…even some dead cute props & poses. Btw my ice cream cart & a selection of ices & lollies are from the huge sale at Amitie – love their poses and back drops – you great a whopping 50% discount until the 5th May. (If you go to the rear of the store where the group gift is – you’ll find all the gacha packs marked at $150L per pack – this is where I found the items above.


Amitie Sale

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Ever Green @ Secret Garden Miepon!

Ever Green Miepon @ Secret Garden

The Secret Garden is open and its calmed down enough to browse freely yay! Ever green have two miepon sets out for you to play for – bang.on,trend ! All low land impact, full of texture changes, and glorious poses. Btw my lingerie was a free gift in the Seraphim Valentine hunt from Glitzz- all participating stores linked below – follow the clues and claim your free gifts !

Menu Driven Oral Fixation Set Ad

Above is the key for the Oral Fixation items…I LOVE the stools & big mouth chairs ! The uber cool thing is that some items are specifically for guys, some for girls – never seen that being offered before. So fancy up your space, just in time for V – Day ❤

Ever Green Miepon @ Secret Garden - FRE lingerie @ Glitzz !

Some gorgeous poses in the chairs make for great props for photos, as well as décor for your home & garden.

Menu Driven Sweet Hearts Garden Set Ad

The second miepon set is the Sweet Hearts Garden. I played with the bear for ages – he dispenses treats to your hand and has loads of texture options for each part of him – he will fit right into your space!

Secret Garden

Seraphim Valentine Hunt