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Ever Green 50% Discount!

Ever Green @ The Galaxy Event 50 Discount!

Gosh that clever little pixie at Ever Green has been keeping me busy with so many amazing releases ! At the Galaxy Event they have the “Boho Study” range on special offer for the duration of the vent – 50% discount! I’m showing a fraction of the collection, there is so much more – including a desk which is so fabulous its currently in my office in SL. Adult, Cuddles plus some BDSM action in the packs (make sure you choose the correct pack you want from the vendor!) I’ve already placed a few of the curtains around my space – texture menu for plains & patterns and just 2Li – wow !

Ever Green Galaxy Event

I’m always on the look out for décor to fill my home, just adore this rotating globe, touch to reveal the drinkies then choose your poison! Of course being made by Ever Green you do get several texture changes on most of the items – check it all out at the event – thanks Ever Green ❤

Galaxy Event

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Woke Up To Free Treats

QE Design Free lucky board

I never think I’m going to win anything when I hit those midnight mania type boards but this morning Id won big time ! While I was at QE Designs yesterday buying an outfit I saw the boards and tapped them , no group to join to do so. Et voila ! This morning I received this cute top and flared jeans, they come with a Hud that give you eight options for each piece. Super cool that the jeans have foot height options also !

QE Designs Lucky board

I also received this rather fabulous fringed bikini ! It comes with a massive hud too with all sorts of pretty patterns and colours – so chuffed with this. It comes in an array of mesh body fits. Go tap those boards !

QE Designs

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The Boho Culture Fair is open for a few more days and you need to rush over – shop and collect all the brilliant gifts. Rur Life have a sensational  pants & top out for you .

Ducknipple have a lovely top with multi colour Hud.

This complete look is by Vaxler – you get the belt, skirt and top – plus the Hud for other patterns and colours.

Last but not least this gorgeous dress from ArisAris, with a  Hud containing 5 other patterns! (Most of the gifts I found were free, some cost $1L, and most did have fits for mesh bodies & standard av’s.)

The Boho Culture Fair

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Happy Hippy (Sub Gift/Group Free Gift)

As someone who is always short on Group Space I for one am always grateful when a shop sets out a gift not just for its group members but will automatically send it out to all its “sub slappers”.  I’m not sure if there is any benefits to joining the group ie a group discount but you will certainly be kept up to date on New stuff and also maybe events, special discounts, sales etc or like me slap that sub board and just sit and wait for those sub/group gifts to be automatically sent out to you and check out this little beauty.


Called Lupe a fringed boho/hippy cardigan/top combo and it’s so good, such good quality and things like this are always a lovely surprise when you least expect it.

So of course when I LM’ed grabbed I checked out The Beautiful Ones, the sub gifts often come through labelled as being from “TBO” so if you do sub or join then don’t fret if you get a parcel sent to you from “TBO” but don’t panic if you reject it just TP to the shop and you can simple have it resent.

One of the best things about sub/group gifts is it’s a prompt to remind you to pay a visit which is exactly what I did when I went to LM grab and I have to admit that I thought “TBO” was a “tits n ass” sort of clothing shop but I’d gotten it mixed up with another shop so again sending out samples of your wares is pretty beneficial.  A lot of good outfits from basics to gowns but the one thing that makes them stand out and are more tempting is that a lot if not all of the items here come either has full outfits or with colour huds as standard which makes your Lindens go further and of course I did price check and it’s very reasonably priced so once you’ve snatched this great gift check out the rest because we all love top quality clothing in fat packs.

The Beautiful Ones

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The Beautiful One

TBO Wine Box

Zan Bless her heart sent me a gorgeous gift for our new home, not only is it low prim but it suits the style of our home purrrfectly ! A wooden case that opens to reveal white, rose and red wine. If you touch a bottle you get given a glass of that wine to hold and drink – sweet ! This is from TBO (The Beautiful Ones) so I had to pop over and see what else they had on offer.

kokolores & free dress_004

TBO isn’t big on decor items to be honest but but but I noted a fab group gift by the front desk, so joined up (its 25L to join) and snagged this dress. You pay 1L for it but its refunded straight away. Sunray pleated skirt and a tight bodice in jersey. Ohhhh my hair is by KoKoLoReS and is called “Belinda”, if you pop over to check it out please take note of the new colour HUD’s for 2015 !

kokolores & free dress_012

I also bagged myself these sweet floral jeans for just 10L, you will find them in a vending machine behind the desk right at the front of the store. The top is part of a set that I couldn’t resist, Eva boho – *shakes fist at Zan* . My hair is “Anouk” from KoKoLoReS and is on sale at we ❤ roleplay event at a reduced price of 225L.

kokolores Belinda hair NW - TBO Eva boho outfit 99L

It’s so so adorable how could I not buy it ! Interesting thing is I’m wearing my Slink Physique body and yet I didn’t have to use any of the alphas for the top and only one alpha for the skirt . I did snap up a few home items also while I was there which I will show off later.



Eclectica (for necklace photo 1)


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Beach time


Boy-oh- boy it’s SO hot here today, I wish I was on a beach with nothing to do but read and soak up the rays. I’m making do with a SL type of sun break though and what better way than to slip into something cool and fresh from Egoxentrikax. A new store for me so I popped over and took a gander. Moderately priced, nice variety and this version of the Bohemi Outfit above is just 50L at the moment – I don’t know if that’s a limited time offer so dash before it ends. You get a lovely long mesh skirt, sweet tank and sunnies included. Other colours available at the full price (the aqua green is to-die-for – just thought Id let you know!)


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Boho, Booty, Hotpants (and FREEBIE’S)

Boho ChickManaged to spend a little time wandering around the Legione sim which is where I picked up the amazing free hair from my previous post and I found a small shop called Aphorism.  As soon as I spotted these sexy Boho style hotpants, with as you can see, laced sides I had to have them.  75Lds a go Gacha items and although this pair isn’t one of the rares ones  and although purple isn’t my favourite colour I have to admit I love this whole look.  Lots of shorts and linen pants for men and women at more than reasonable prices. Check out the MP which also has demos but of course you can only get these in the inworld shop but again if you have time to kill then killing it on the Legione sim isn’t a waste of time, loads of lovely hang out places, plenty of props and poses for the poseur in you, some hidden areas and open stage areas and a lovely up and coming shopping area.

Then a notice came through from Dollies about their new range of “long sleeve loose shirt” available at the new  She and Him monthly event.  They’re so well done I didn’t just get the 1 I treated myself to 2 colours, white and brown. The simple shirt taken to a new level, the lightly windblown look is so sexy but you’re not flashing any boobs so no rudeness there.  There is a skirt available which looks as though it has been made to match these shirts beautifully but I’ve resisted and I’m wearing a pair of my jeans and this shirt just looks great on them.  If you check out CrystalDoll Lemon main shop she is also involved in the Dirty Turkey Hunt and I have to confess I failed to find it but you might just do better than me and there is a lovely dress on offer.

beerSo there I am stood in Aphorism typing away and I noticed that there is a FREEBIE set out.   Decided to let Baylen model these for a change, shop quality and you get 2 versions with or without the belt loops.  Have to say they’re a mix of 3 styles to me, linen pants, jeans and almost Pajama like.  Nice that it’s for both men and women and if you’re a couple who like to dress alike then you will love the matching pants.  Only available for a limited time (I believe till the 15th but I could be wrong so don’t delay).  To get them you click the photo on the table at the back of the room and again don’t forget to check out the lovely sim and maybe ear mark it for a place for you to chill at.


APHORISM Marketplace

Dollie (at She and Him)

Dollie Mainstore