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Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte. (Free shop Credit).

I wasn’t intending on doing a freebie post today but I don’t know how long this offer will go on and I suspect it will end sooner rather than later.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect as the Montemartre sim is very busy so much so that not a lot would rezz for me which is why I have no photo, fortunately, I was able to make out the 300Ld free shop credit board in the Charlotte shop so I joined and grabbed and then TP’d home to wait for it to calm down.

The reason I think this may end soon is that the shops on this shopping sim all seem to have boards up with special offers, discounts and time-limited offers and quite a few have run out of time or the amount that was set for sale so thats why I think this has been running for a while.


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A Shopping Carol Hud. (Freebies).

As soon as I saw this pose I had to buy it as it’s how I often feel when doing a hunt.

The Freebie is the skirt, however, scroll past a few older posts for the info on the excellent cardigan and of course, it’s a Mina hair/scarf if you want to recreate this look.

The “A Shopping Carol Hud” just turned up in my invent so I wore it and it looks like it shows you a picture of an item for sale and the next picture is the hunt prize? As usual with these huds just click on the picture and it TP’s you to the shop. A nice mix of stuff inc home decor.

To get this skirt it’s the Faida shop you need to TP to. You get a nice amount of colour options so it can be worn all year round and I will say that the lace edging is pretty darn good.

The Shopping Carol Hud can be found in the shops involved and I’ve also put the link to the Marketplace shop so you can pick it up from there. What you’re looking for is a golden bell on a red ribbon.

PS. Naturally, check out to see if there are group gifts such as the ones in the Faida shop so you can score more goodies.

A Shopping Carol Hud. (Marketplace).


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Getting fancy.

Sorry nothing in this post if a freebie but I will say that in the “Just Because ” shop there are Group Gifts just not this dress.

I’ve had this dress for such a long time. It was so nice to be swanning around in my hunt for cheapies/freebies looking so glamorous as normally I’m just wearing the last thing I blogged lol.

I will put the LM to the “Just Because” shop as there are freebies, just turn to your right as you go in the entrance. This gown is called and you can find it at the back of the shop, left hand wall, in the “gown” department. You will be able to try the demo for yourself and if you do decide to buy it then the only struggle you will have is which colour to choose!

OH and the dress is called “Sabrina”.

An extra “ooo” for me was a NEW Mina! Chiara

I’d popped in as I wanted to check to see if the wild and wacky hair I’d used in my previous post was still for sale, it is and it’s upstairs in the Discount Department. So if you liked that look thats where you will find it.

This new hair is only from the “Kinky” event. It’s the blindfold which give it that “kink”. BUT The mask is not included with the hair it is a seperate purchase.

This hair is so sleek it looks as though it’s been straightened with a ghd straightener and not some cheap knock off and yet as you can see you can still make out the strands of texture and colour added to that is a light satin sheen which moves as you do. Her colour palette as anyone who has bought one of her more recent hairs is not only extensive but they are just unique to the Mina range…go on squint at my picture.

Since I’ve had fun with the editing I’m going to use this hair in my next pictures but of course and as always you really have to try the demo on so as always link to Mina’s mainshop for that.

PS. Don’t panic with the mask when you first put it on. It does come with a resizing menu and you can edit it so I made a copy, just in case I balled it up, and all it took was 1 little tweak to get a perfect fit. This also means it can be made bigger or smaller to fit both male and female AV’s.

Mina’s Mainshop

Just because

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Sorry, again, yet another rush job!(Mention of Freebies ‘n’ cheapies).

I decided to go to the Redeux event because I knew it has been running for long enough that it should be quiet now and it is, nice and quiet and lag-free just how I like it and then I spotted the end date and that’s TODAY!  But I have found from past experience that although these events do have a end date often they do continue on after that so you have not just today but probably tomorrow, the day after and maybe the day after that but I would go as soon as you can because there looks like not just a lot of exc discounted clothes, furniture, decor etc but oodles of GIFTIES!

This dress is not one of those gifties though but at 35Lds cheap as chips.

I actually bought this and picked up a couple of the freebies, as yet unpacked, and thats when I spotted the ending date so I decided to TP home try this one and do a quick post because this isn’t a small event and I just love spending a few hours in SL wandering a nicely landscaped event picking up a mix of stuff for free or even bargain prices.  As for this dress it’s off the Infinity stall which is right next to the LM, you only get the 1 fit but I think you can see that most if not all Alpha huds or just an Alpha you may in your invent will make it a fit for all.


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Trash it !

Love or hate Christmas – it’s almost here ! Lunar Seasonal Design have this sweet decor item out at The Bizarre Fair (amongst other things!) Low Li and menu driven so you can fiddle about changing colours! I have to say there were a few little bits n bobs that I spied for Christmas and Winter in general – will  return ASAP to fill my boots .

The Bizarre Fair

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Layer it up with a dash of free hair


I love to layer this time of year – one moment I’m cold, the next overly hot – Neve have the perfect solution! This is the “slipped” dress – great as a frock, a tunic or top (o.O I’m a poet). Nifty Hud means you can not only choose between four colours per pack, but you can also change the slip that peeks out from the chest and hemline, plusss remove it all together. I chose to share the “blocked” version , other styles available. This fits mesh bodies, standard sizes included – free demo’s. My  moon-boots are by Gos and are featuring at the Gacha Garden event. The basic boot is free, then you play the dratted gacha machine for the colour pots. I scored and got the rare gold yay!


There is also a new range of delectabubble tops. Lots of styles to grab, Im wearing the “rope neutral” – four colours per pack for the price of one. My hair is a new VIP group gift from Truth. Cool item as you actually get a bunch of looks for the one pack. For a little while the group join fee has been reduced to uhm..I think..$265L. Seem pricey? Not if you think each hair pack is $250L, and by joining you will get a free hair pack EVERY month!

Neve store

Neve blog

Neve market place


Gacha Garden

Sweet tea (for applier tights & more)

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Fit for a Princess

Aphrodite Slippers & Princess crib

My little girl Aurora hasn’t had a new bed for simply ages – so when I saw this new release from Aphrodite I grabbed it and set it up. This is the “Happy ever after” mesh crib. It has a total of eighteen animations, one for the parent the others for child avatars. Of course you don’t have to use it for a child avatar, as you can see my Zooby baby fits in it perfectly – as would any other type of baby. I was surprised by the low prim count – it looks like it was gonna be a LOT more than 9 ! [DAMI] have these sweet chunky cardigans in their mainstore for just $69L, it’s a gacha machine so luck of the draw on the colour I’m afraid, but I scored a lovely lavender, so wore it as my robe !

Aphrodite mesh Her Slippers (Him also available)

Also new from Aphrodite are the mesh slipper. I’m wearing them with my Slink flat feet, but they work for most other mesh feet and of course ordinary feet. In the box you get another pair just to set out as decor too !

Aphrodite Store

Aphrodite market place

Aphrodite Blog