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Oh the memories ! FREE gift

I’ve been whizzing around doing the Caspervend Easter hunt – its loads of fun and totally free ! Just hit the sign at any participating store and you will receive the hunt Hud and a nifty basket with eggs inside to wear. Lots of new-to-me stores but of my old favourites too. I was dead excited to get over to Dench Designs – Amanda is always so generous with her hunt prizes and this time was NO exception! If you find the egg here you will get this fantabulous shed / greenhouse. Now if you’re British you will know what an allotment is for sure – I have one ! This greenhouse is SO like the one I first had when I begun – LOVE it!

Hop on a chair or a bench and you’ll find heaps of animations for tending plants, making tea & butties and potting up! The really neato thing is you can also add a gazillion items via the menu – such as a bunny, a chicken, hose, wheelbarrow and more. Thanks Amanda ❤

Dench Designs 

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Naughty & Nice.(Freebie)

OMG I was checking through my posts and realised I had forgotten to click the “publish” button on this post so it’s late but so good so here it is.

When this came through from Follow Us I was a little non plussed because Laurent has just stocked his shop with very similar beauty boxes so although it has a different pattern on the outside I assumed it was something along the same theme and then I touched it and OMG.


It made me chuckle.  A very, very naughty box of  lotions and lipsticks, plugs and gags, buzzing things and funny things.  I was so tempted to sneak into Faiths home and rezz it on top of her wardrobe and wait for the howl of protest.  But then I have to share a sim with her and there are only so many places I can hide.

The funny thing is I really honestly believe that this would make a great pressie.  Even in SL, a hot bed of perversion and rampant sex (or so I have been told) there are still those who are a bit backward in coming forward in their kinks so if you have a lady or boy and everything in between in your life and you want to see if you can go that little bit further then send them one of these and see what happens.  Or if you’re such a Vanilla girl like myself then you could have fun keeping this in your home and if anyone opens it well  they might just have a chuckle like I did.


I’m so glad I always pop back to the shop I’m blogging just to make sure I get as much right as possible because although I noticed on my last visit he has some new workroom decor complete sets what I did miss was the latest FREE to join group gift of this mini garden shed with cuddle poses. AWWW it’s cute and detailed.  Freaking sweet, with the trays of apples and bucket of flowers, shelves, spade etc and I especially love the plant tendrils hanging down and the sweet key in fact I love it all.   Sorry I can’t attest as to how good the cuddle poses are cos I am a SL singleton however knowing Laurents style I know they will be good.  I’ll have to get Faith and Player to test these poses out.  In any case even if you’re not after a cuddle look at how excellent this looks and it’s free but then all of Laurent’s Group Gifts are shop quality and they’re all there on a wall waiting for you to click and join.

Kicking myself because I’ve been meaning to add this bit to all of my Follow Us posts but keep on forgetting.  Follow Us is a pretty large shop spread out and you find yourself wandering around which is pretty darn relaxing and he even has outdoor items emm outdoors so don’t forget to check them out but the Group Gifts are not really where you would think they are, in the entrance, so when you rezz go inside and then turn into the room on the right and inside this very large room is a smaller one with dark wood panels and all of the Group Goodies and in there.

Follow Us

Follow Us Blog

Follow Us Marketplace

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Time To Garden

Wow Wow and more WOW.  I loved my greenhouse, loved it details and charm and texturing but wasn’t too keen on its prims (I’m such a prim biatch). The WOW is the fact that I’ve managed to replace the greenhouse I had AND fully furnish it with amazing plants and all at either free or cut price.


EoD does it again (that’s End of Daze).  This lovely basic, rustic greenhouse has enough details to make it attractive to look at without eating up your prims (10 prims).  The glass is slightly glazed and I love the slatted wood  floor.  Because you don’t just get the greenhouse you also get the work benches that you can see just inside (3 prims) and also some starter plants (2-4Prims), wood pile (3 prims) and the 2 tools (2 Prims each) out front this also come in a handy rezzer so no fiddling either and since items aren’t linked you want to free up even more prims then just remove a few items although they’re hardly prim eaters.  I’ve also included in this photo the amazingly small primmed herb pots from a previous post. This is one of the amazing The Birds And The Bee’s Hunt items, (each item seems to be priced at 45Lds)  I’m not going to tell you where the little bird is because I want you to have a good look around EoD as it is stuffed with clean cut, well textured unfussy retro modern furniture which I have blogged before and as soon as I’ve set it up you will also see their latest offering of a tea set and trolley.

Perga 2

This potting table isn’t included in the EoD greenhouse and in fact is an excellent FREEBIE from Vespertine. I know this shop well as I have some of their skyboxes which have been well used by both Faith and myself as backgrounds for photos but of course for most people they would make small/perfect/prim light/well textured atmospheric cosy homes. Downstairs are the chairs, tables, wall decor all with a lovely touch of uniqueness and upstairs is the skyhomes.

Amélie (amelie.knelstrom) has been so kind as to set up a lovely large cafe and landscaped her sim so lovely subtle and relaxing for all to use.  If your not in the market for a home or home stuff but just want a calm place to visit this is the place to go.

Perga 3

Both Faith and I went to The Liaison Collaborative and drooled over the lovely “English Garden Party” themed items and we both went shopping.  I snagged these Hollyhocks from BA (Barnesworth Anubis).

Perga 4Normally I usually use only the one light setting which is Nams skin and prim setting but since I can use windlight and I love it all the previous pictures were taken with a windlight setting but since I know not everyone can or wants to so I’ve taken this photo to show you the beauty of this Hollyhock in normal SL midday light.  Because this is mesh this is one seamless beautifully coloured plant.  The kicker is this is ONLY 1 PRIM! Then the icing on the cake is that the pack costs only 123Lds and for that you get 4 different shaped plants and 5 different colour choices and copyably.  You could fill a whole garden with these beauties for those prims.

EoD Marketplace

EoD inworld (find the birdie)


Verpertine Demo Platform

The Liason Collaborative

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3 Shades Of Green(house).


Wow first day back after my little holiday (stayed in a cabin in the woods and the only scary thing was I had to do all the cooking) and look what I snagged by simply slapping the Group Update Board.  This is one which you don’t need to free up a group space for but if you want to join the VIP group, which is free, you may just get yourself a tasty little freebie in the future.

peri1I took all 3 pictures at different light settings, the last one is a normal SL midday setting, hence the title of 3 different shades, and in all shades this just looks great.  You can see the  lovely texturing and how well this greenhouse will fit on your plot of land. Best of all it’s perfectly proportioned to an average AV size.Peri11

Just to make it even nicer you get all these plants included. The greenhouse is 33 prims but that’s pretty damned good for something which is so sizeable and such quality.  The plants range in prim sizes from 25 to 5 (the aloe vera is pretty impressive and at 5 prims pretty prim friendly.

Funky Junk is the name of the shop and at the moment they are also in the Fifty Linden Friday which will probably be gone as soon as this is posted which is a shame because for 50Lds you get an old shabby chic door that has been converted into shelves.  Even if you’re not interested in either the FLF or the Greenhouse then come here for the great homes.

A lovely well laid out sim covered in beautiful homes for you to wander in and around. Some fresh designs and I particularly like the beach home on stilts and I so wish I had seen the “Wynter” home as soon as RL winter had started because with its frosted windows, gentle snowflakes effect and glowing fire this home is really so snuggly and at a bargain price of 549 very reasonably priced.

Funky Junk

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Finishing Touches at The Home & Garden Expo

I decorate & furnish many homes …and Im always looking for those little “touches”, you know..the ones that give interest to shelf..or brighten a corner? Well I was chuffed to be invited over to see the pretties out at [CIRCA] by Cherelle the owner & designer . I popped over to The Home & Garden Expo take a peek and was so surprised to find pieces Ive not seen before in Secondlife….I noticed the terraniums straight away…light  and delicate…I stared at them for ages, noticing all the different plants and shells inside..

Theres a range of these, the jars are super cute ! They had a real “homey” appeal, almost as if youd saved the jars from something else and potted them up…I ❤ these sooo much ! Imagine them on a wooden counter..or the dome shaped one on a small table in the corner of your living room..beautiful …

These Paradise planters caught my vibrant ! I have always admired the bird of paradise plant..and this is a really faithful production of felt like I could reach out and touch the fat velvety flowers…totally stunning..

Last but not least, I thought Id show you one of the donation items from [CIRCA] , all proceeds going to the RFL fund yay! The “Living Life Greenhouse” is so charming…gorgeous texturing makes it come to life…inside this timber build are shelves…a stool…and some dainty pots of lavender..I have something like this at home (not as grand!) and spend many happy hours pottering about in it, hiding from incoming relatives *winks*…Im not going to spoil the other donation item…BUT…I’d be very surprised if you dont return home with it ! Go see for yourself..the lag weather is fine..and you can wander around blissfully unaware that this amazing event is SO big !

[CIRCA] at The Home & Garden Expo

[CIRCA] Mainstore

The Home & Garden Expo blog –  for all the info you could possibly need about the event !

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Yard work

Its that time of year when we turn our thoughts to clearing out the garden, and yard tidying…just in time to set yourself up for the Autumn ahead is this gorgeous greenhouse from Vent Du Sud, and oh-mai-gosh its only three prims! Whats more, brace yourselves..its just 1L *faints*…yesyes a whole bundle of prettiness for your gardening needs is up for grabs…watering can, pots of herbs that change type upon clicking..little clay pots, a trowel..most under 2 prims…also this sooper pretty bench with couples & singles poses..everything just one of your linden dollars…

Inside my greenhouse I set up the benches (the four benches & stool are just 1 prim total yay!) I added a trowel and some herbs in pots, et voila..I really dont have prims left for this type of prettiness but I only used a few to get this it -thanks Vent Du Sud ❤

Greenhouse & bits n bobs : Vent Du Sud


Time to get in the garden?

Yes it’s that time of year when our thoughts turn to sunnier days, growing things and getting busy in the garden. Perfect timing for Cleo Design’s to generously hand out this group gift of a greenhouse ! Of course the structure itself is beautifully made but…see all the little items inside? The chair..the potting table,sacks,pot plants? They are all included yay! The tray of seedlings outside by the door has some really lovely gardening type animations and the chair is quite literally stuffed with poses..truly a wonderful gift…thank you Cleom Bailey ! Pop over to the store today, there are some gorgeous items to be found at super prices…and a stash of gifts for you to snatch by the door also..oohh and don’t forget to check out the houseboat in the water…its soooooo pretty!

Go get busy: Cleo Design