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Sorry, it’s not a piece of clothing I’m showing you but tbh I’ve not had much SLing time today and nope it’s not because I’ve been watching the footie, I’d rather clean out an overflowing litter tray than be stuck watching a football match.

I did just grab this simple pot plant from Noctis.  1 prim and mod.  I did make it bigger, not in this picture though, and taking it up a notch or two made it look better on top of my piano and the prim stayed the same.  It said Mod but apart from changing its size I couldn’t rip it apart and use those leaves in my garden BUT at 1 prim there is no reason you cannot simply sink the plant pot into the ground and still have those lovely green leaves showing.  Notcis is an excellent shop for Victoriana/Gothic lovers, heavy and dark, sumptuous and rich furnishings and everything you need from the kitchen sink to knick-knacks on your mantle, and yes you can buy a mantle as well.

OK keeping this short and sweet so I can get back inworld and find a nice little outfit to show you.


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A good start.(Hunt).

Here is yet another really good looking hunt called “A Dozen Good Eggs” almost best of all this is a smaller hunt, only 13 shops so it’s a lovely sized hunt but every shop has 6 hidden eggs so each shop is going to be giving you oodles of goodies.

Some well-known shop names on the list as well inc Noctis which was the first shop I TPed to as I LOVE Noctis stuff.  Noctis sells very heavy Victoriana furniture and decor items.  Anyhow, I not only managed to find 3 of the hidden 6 eggs but I also picked up the new Free to join group gift.  The baskets are the group gift and you get them in singles, pairs or all linked and even all of them linked they’re just 2 prims.  Large and very rustic “Market Baskets” for your home.

This is what the eggs contain.

Each egg seems to contain the same glass jar but different colours and there are 2 types, one with and one without the butterfly.  Only 2 prims each.

Slap the poster to get the Hud which TP’s your AV ass around the different shops.

PS.  Don’t let the fact I’m just showing you a couple of decor items because the shops in this hunt are varied so I’m sure there will be clothes, jewels etc just waiting for our sweaty palms to grab them.

A Dozen Good Eggs.  Starting point but you can slap any poster in any shop to get the hud.

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Lovely by candlelight. (Freebie).

I was only at Noctis about a week ago to see if there was a new GG but sadly for me it was the old one, previously blogged, so as soon as the notice came out about a super timely gift I was off over there and you can see by my outfit that was just this morning.

You get both wearable and rezzable versions of these wine bottle candles.  It does come with a pose just not the one I’m using.  Only 1 prim each so rezz away.

I love Noctis it’s a shop, or two, packed with heavy Victorian/Gothic furniture and decor sets which are up to date with mesh and reasonable prim counts.  I’ve always wanted a Victorian Mansion and although God knows, I own a few builds which come close to what I dream of so far nothing has grabbed me but the best thing is that one day I know I will.  Anyhow check out Noctis and check out both shops as in the 2 shops you get 2 colours and so far I’ve just grabbed the red bottles and I’m not sure what the colour in the other shop is.


I’ve mentioned Orchard Heights before but I just wanted to give another MASSIVE SHOUT OUT!  I’m still in the group but I’m going to have to leave it as there is so much put on for group members I really feel so sorry that I don’t have the time to become more involved in this amazing group/sims/roleplay etc  They have movie nights, dances, parties, breakfast mornings, coffee mornings, speed dating, even bloody GYM and YOGA sessions!!! They have 14 sim packed with things for you to do, cycling, fishing, bowling etc and undoubtedlyy because we’re almost at the haunting hour there will be a massive Halloween event to top that all off.  Every time I’m doing something and the notice comes out a large part of me twinges in disappointment that I just don’t have the time to go.

Although I’ve given you the LM to the renter’s office you DON’T have to be a renter to join them for any event and although “roleplaying” is in the title all they seem to want is people to come and spend time on their sims and just have a FABULOUS SL with them.

PS Just in case you’re wondering the candles do give off a really exc glow, I just dimmed the picture for effect.

Noctis (Babbage)

Noctis (St Johns Wood)

Orchard Heights (Rental Office)

Orchard Heights (Blog)

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Must try harder! (Freebie).

Yup yet again I’m going to be MIA because I am away.  This time my jaunt is for a whole 6 days woo hoo lucky me unfortunately my destination isn’t for a hot beach resort or a exotic and exciting destination it’s a Northern town called Leeds which is so similar to my own home town of Newcastle it will be like a home from home which includes the rain, dullness and tbh they’re not the most polite of folks and if anyone from Leeds reads this post, don’t hate meeeee.

So I’m going to spend today snagging as many freebies/gifts/dollarbie and I may even go apesh*t and spend some Lindens if I find anything worth it and I will line the posts up and hopefully Faith will be able to click “publish” and over the next week I maybe MIA but my goodies will still be here.

First the freebies are from Noctis.  I’m showing you the freebie first and then a piccie of one of the Noctis shops.

Simple 1 prim rugs, great colours and design and Free.


Although Noctis puts out great freebies it’s been a while since I grabbed on so make sure to slap that sub board so you don’t miss any of them.


I took a quick snap of the Noctis shop I visited as there is a handful of them, the same gift can be found in all of the shops, this particular shop is one of my favs because of its setting.  It’s a shack on a Bayou?  I think that’s the style of the shack and landscaping.  It’s pretty inspiring.

OK off for my next freebie/find.

Noctis (on the lake)

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I’m so excited(Freebie).

Work has calmed down and some of the Spring sun and warmth that Faith is having seems to making its way north so I might actually get some decent time in my garden later.  Which brings me to this really really brill Freebie from Noctis.


I actually rezzed this on my land but all that green blended in so well with the background greenery you couldn’t see the great detailing so I threw up a backdrop and took a few snaps.  This amazing plant is going to look so well in my greenhouse, when I get time to put it there.


The much larger version is the size it’s rezzed at and at that size it makes a great floor filler and because it’s mod I’ve shrank one down to the perfect size to sit on a window sill and believe it or not both the large and the small only come to 2prims each!


The details are excellent just look at the old browned bits at the bottom.  Really pleased with this plant and even more so because it’s a FREEBIE from Noctis although you will have to join the group, it is free to join though, and you have to go to Yelena Istmal’s shop at the “on the lake” sim to get this particular freebie.

This shop is set on a really interesting sim and I actually relogged back into SL just to take a couple of snaps of the shop because if you really want to be inspired to a shack/swamp home this is a perfect example.


I’m so tempted to remove a building on my land and recreating a little bit of swampiness in my little slice of paradise.


Noctis On The Lake

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Poison Candy for the one you love to hate.

We all love to hate someone or hate someone we love, occasionally, so here is the perfect Valentines pressie to send them…Bon Bons of Love, great name for them.

choc dust

I actually bought these to simply use as a prop in my home because I love that old Victorian styled box  as it reminds me of the type of chocolates that would be used to poison someone in an Agatha Christie’s book and those chocolates remind me of my fav RL one’s Thornton’s.  Turns out that they are really poisonous!


Watch as the one you love nibbles on the choccie, grasp their throat, stagger a little bit and then slowly sink to the ground…DEAD!


Just love it, you even keep the chocolate clasped in your hand.  Looks like the loved one “Victim” doesn’t even need to turn off their AO for it to take effect.  Since you get 2 boxes you can either send a box out to 2 people you love, to hate, or just the one and keep that one for your home.  Set it out and when you get visitors invite them to indulge in a choccie.


Just in case you didn’t notice this in the background, it’s one of my fav SL pieces of furniture.  This hat/brolly/coat stand is a classic RL design even my Mum had one.  You really need to check it out inworld to see that it has all the details from the metal coat hooks to the lovely wood texturing.  The suitcase underneath  is mine but this stand comes with the brolleys and hats inc but they’re the non linked items so you can use them or replace them with your own.

The Choccies are only 55Lds and the stand is 225Lds.   Although I’ve not blogged Noctis before I’ve actually got a few items from here over the years.  Lots of old Victoriano and spooky items but it’s one of the few shops that can do the ornate and heavy Victorian style with the look of new mesh and not old blocky prims.  If I was to ever get that old Victorian Villa style home I’ve wanted my first shop I will be visiting will be Noctis.

PS the box of choccies isn’t oversized they’re on a small table LOL.





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Master or Mistress

Antiques Grid Show Hunt - noctis gift 10L

Master or Mistress, [noctis] has the prize for you. I can’t tell you how chuffed I was when I saw these closets were the prize in the Antiques Grid Show Hunt (only 10L per prize). In the box are three versions  – Master Myrtle’s, Miss Myrtle’s and a plain Myrtle mesh one (ohmai just three prims!) The two decorated closets are static, meaning the doors stay as they are, on the empty closet they open , so you can use them and decorate them yourself, fab ! If you look on top of the filled  closets, you might jussssst see hats…and thats the surprise…you also get four ladies straw hats , a bowler hat , a top hat andddd a purse, phew. Dont forget, youre looking for a green’ish book, there should also be a sign up with a hint giver if you get stuck.