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I took a chance.(“Good Vibes” Hunt Prizes).

To do this hunt you need to be methodical.  Basically, the LM takes you to the landing spot where there are 2 massive boards which not only show you the shops involved in this hunt but you also need to click on the shop logo and  the “Key” ie a picture of what each star contains and the colour star you need to look for, for that particular shop/prize.

So I clicked them all, TPed home and worked my way through each folder and made a note of the shop, colour star and prize number I wanted and then returned ready to hunt.  Don’t worry this didn’t actually take as long as it sounds and it actually will have saved me much more time in the end.

The stars are all on the same lovely beachy landscaped sim and they’re everywhere so easy to find but the trick is to find the ones you want.  So many AV’s just standing still and you know they’re just camming around and checking all the stars out.

I don’t know if there are any freebies but I did see some starts priced at 10Lds but I think most are around the 20-25Ld mark which is why you get to see what’s in the stars.

The risk I took was the fit of these shorts as although I knew they were a Maitreya fit I also know that often you can still get a good fit sadly though as you can see the top of the legs are not good and the waistline at the back has quite a bit of breakthrough which is a shame as that colour is just so good but at least the top, which is another 25Ld hunt prize, comes not just in my fit but plenty of others.  I’ve only just noticed I’ve got my hand covering the logo on my top so if you’re wondering it’s the “Juicy Fruits” logo, the top not only comes in my fit but plenty of others so just remember to check the “key” and it should tell you the sizes of the clothing.

Good Vibes LM

Good Vibes Blog

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It’s still Christmas. (15Ld Hunt & New Mina&Mention of Freebie).

I love the windlight setting on the Mina sim, it’s so freaking flattering.  I’m always tempted to drop her a note and ask for the details but she is one busy lady and I hate to bother her.

I’m still wearing jeans and glasses from my last post but the top I was wearing came from Ricielli and since it’s Spring/Easter time I popped over hoping that Ricielli has another one of their excellent hunts on and they do but it’s still the Christmas gifts.

My disappointment at nothing new was sweetened by the 2 prizes I bought.  As this is a paid for hunt there is a big poster with pictures of what’s in each box and more importantly, the sizes as not all the clothing comes in all the main mesh fits.  The clothes are shop quality.  I will say I was surprised as this top is supposed to be a mint colour and I don’t know if the sim lighting has changed it, doubtful, but it’s not mint.  NO complaints as I love this colour and down the back it has a flattened hoodie.

The second picture shows the other “prize” I treated myself to and this one deffo comes in the 2 colours the picture shows, this brown and a lovely dark green.

If you don’t know Ricielli then you won’t know that all of the old hunt gifts are stashed away in one of the buildings.  Still at the 15Lds prices but such a variety of casual wear, club wear, shoes, skirts etc.  To get there head out of the main shop and you will see a signpost, just click on the one for the emmm I think it said shoes/sale/discount etc something like that.

More hats now.

As you can see from these two pictures the hat/hair is very similar.  Hazel is the bottom picture and Fleur is the top.  Fleur is the newest hair although Hazel was only brought out a couple of weeks ago.

I will admit I much prefer Hazel, there is a ponytail down the back which you can even change the length of using the “style hud” but it’s the tendrils that frame your face I like the best and they too can be changed by using the hud.

Fleur, top picture, is so new you can only buy her from the Kustom9 event and again comes with a styling hud which is this case allows you to change the way the hair hangs down ie over one shouldn’t left or right or just simply hanging down the back.

PS.  I almost forgot there is a FREEBIE in the Ricielli shop, the LM takes you right next to it.  This is a stunning freebie but I know I’ve blogged it at least twice so I don’t really want to do it again.


Mina’s Main Shop

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It turns out the struggle is real! (Freebie(S)& Sim Status Update).

I know I promised you close up pictures of the !g0 hat I’ve been going on about but can I get a decent shot of that hair/hat from !g0 in my last post so I did the “The Good Egg Hunt” instead.

OH Boy, it looks as though this hunt was worth the TPing, crashing, TPing, Crashing, TPing and DAMNIT more crashing so I was just about to throw the towel in and do a complete clean reinstall of the updated Firestorm when a “Status update” went out.  Turns out SL/Firestorm isn’t just picking on me but a lot of people are having the same issue and it’s not just Firestorm it’s all the servers.  So DON’T PANIC as the Nerds have been alerted and are working on the probs right now.

This top and skirt are the first freebies I opened and I opened these first because I knew they were clothes and I knew that each of the hidden eggs contains part of this outfit.  So although you can’t see it I am wearing matching shoes and there is a wearable bag but I wanted to concentrate on just the skirt and top which is really nice with lots of fits a bright and bold colour/texture and comes as separates.

To do this hunt you click the sign and get sent a wearable basket, I don’t think you need to actually wear it though, and a Hud which will TPs you to all of the shops involved and there are oodles of eggs to collect.  Most shops seem to have 3-4 eggs out as standard, in some shops, I picked up their shop freebies as well etc and so as you can imagine I have a whole folder to sit quietly and work my way through.

I’ve just spotted that I’ve missed out two shops on the list, Entice which is the starting LM and %percent which is a shop I’ve got a few unique things from so I’m going to brave the TP just to check those out when I log back in.

The Good Egg Hunt

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It’s too too much! The Bunny Hunt.

Wow, I thought this was going to be a standard TP from this shop to that shop sort of hunt to find the hidden eggs but it’s much nicer than that.

Although are a lot of shops involved in this hunt it all takes place on a single and prettily landscaped sim and the eggs are scattered around.  The prizes aren’t free and are priced between 1-25Lds which means there is a note with a “Key”.  The key is simply a picture of each shops prizes, and each egg is also colour coordinate to match different shops so it makes it a lot easier for you to track down the prizes you want.

To save time, and maybe money, I’ve TPed home and using the key pictures I’m going to make a note of the eggs I want and then I’m going to have a lovely morning hunting out some damned good prizes which even though they come with a price tag are super bargains.

PS.  The boards to get the key is just at the LM and if you look in the distance you can see a couple of them there as well.

The Bunny Hop Hunt


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XOXO Hunt. (Freebies? & Bargains).

When I logged in a hud had been sent to me so I popped it on and it didn’t take me long to work it out. You can see a list of shops names simply click on a shop name and you can see at the top of the hud a picture of the prize you could potentially win and also the LM is given to you in local chat.

This is where you can sub and get the hud.

Once you’ve found a prize you’d like to win simply stand in front of it and profess your love by typing “XOXO” in local chat and you may be lucky in love and get it for free or in my case unlucky as I’ve won nothing.

You only get one chance once a day to profess your love but this event goes on till the 17th so get ready to XOXO a lot as if you follow the link I’ve given to the XOXO blog you will see some rather tasty prizes.  If you don’t have the time or luck but really want the prize then they’re all for sale for just 50Lds.

PS.  You may not win anything but at least it gets you into these shops so make sure to check out if there is any other hunt or group gifts out which is exactly what I’m planning on doing when I log back in.

XOXO Hunt Blog (Pictures).

Trievents (Get your hud here).

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Special Mention.(Hunt Prizes).

My last post was about the “Ho Ho Ho Christmas Hunt” and what brill prizes, even though you pay for them trust me what few I bought I was so pleased with and I couldn’t resist starting the day off showing you 2 of the bestest(sic) finds…not including the stunning Flowery Holographic pants from my last post of course.

Look at this brill skirt from Ersch.  I could be wrong but I am pretty darn sure it was only 5Lds and if not then none of the prizes cost more than 25Lds so even if it’s that price it’s still a fantastic gift.

Do NOT look at my eyes! I actually put these glasses on to try to cover up the fact my eyes are totally borked! Not sure how or why but all of a sudden my Lelutka mesh eyes won’t fit and even when removed my system eyes look as though they’re just about to roll up into my head!  Not sure if I need to get a whole new Lelutka mesh head sent to sort it out but meh I basically can’t be rat arsed.

So look at that brill hat/hair! 25Lds from Wasabii, I used to own a lot of Wasabi hair until I got my Mina addiction.  Not just the 1 shade but you get all the shade huds and some very interesting colours.  The hat has a 2 texture hud this red and a white one. Click on the hud and you can also resize it.

I won’t give you the LM direct to the 2 shops but to the “The Ho Ho Ho Christmas Hunt” headquarters as all the boards with the pictures showing you the prizes in each shop are there plus that’s where you pick up the Hud, you don’t need to but read the note to see why you should.

PS.  The skirt is only Maitreya fit but I was more than happy with it on my SLink Physique.

The Ho Ho Ho Christmas Hunt Head Quarters 

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Woah!(25Ld Ho Ho Ho Prize).

These Holographic trousers from “Flowery” are stunning.

They are just the Maitreya fit but still pretty wearable for my SLink bod with just a bit of breakthrough at the waistband and the only reason I’ve alpha myself out is that I simply have nothing to match these blinding pants.

This is yet another paid for hunt but I’ve seen the prizes and we really are getting the chance to score some quality items for really a tiny price and the prices range between 5-25Lds.

I’d recommend you go to the Ho Ho Ho Hunt Headquarters first to see the boards with the picture of what each prize contains plus I’ve cut and pasted the note you get so you can see what you need to do if you want that extra prize.

“The Holiday Ho Ho Hunt has two separate parts. One is the main event, where all listed stores are included and the second is a small fun HUD hunt, which only features 12 of our designers.

The main event:
Each store has at least FIVE different items hidden for you in their main stores. These gifts are priced anywhere for 5L to 25L
For this part of the hunt, you’ll be looking for a BLUE star.
You’ll be able to find hunt keys and LMs are the Cutie Collective Headquarters.
(Designers may or may not include hints for their items)

The second part – the HUD hunt:

First, you’ll need the hunter HUD. Which is located above the fireplace in the HQ, (just click on the board and accept.)
Next, you’ll tp around to the 12 stores, looking for a YELLOW star. Once you find that star, click it and it should register on your HUD. Then move on to the next store.
Once you have all your stars clicked and snowflakes shown on the HUD, you’ll be able to tp back to the HQ for the prizes left out for you on the shelves.
Make sure to keep your HUD on!

Good luck and please be kind to each other!”


The Ho Ho Ho Hunt Headquarters