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Yukka.(10Ld Goodie).

Just a quickie.

A simple, and copyable, glass jar with a young Yukka plant growing in it.  The larger one is the one you get and it’s only 1 prim but you can edit it which in this case seems to just be to make it larger or smaller.

Cost only 10Ld.  If the LM doesn’t take you right to where this is then hop on the TP and head to the “Older Items” and you find that on the wall with the link to the LM, group etc


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Sorry, it’s not a piece of clothing I’m showing you but tbh I’ve not had much SLing time today and nope it’s not because I’ve been watching the footie, I’d rather clean out an overflowing litter tray than be stuck watching a football match.

I did just grab this simple pot plant from Noctis.  1 prim and mod.  I did make it bigger, not in this picture though, and taking it up a notch or two made it look better on top of my piano and the prim stayed the same.  It said Mod but apart from changing its size I couldn’t rip it apart and use those leaves in my garden BUT at 1 prim there is no reason you cannot simply sink the plant pot into the ground and still have those lovely green leaves showing.  Notcis is an excellent shop for Victoriana/Gothic lovers, heavy and dark, sumptuous and rich furnishings and everything you need from the kitchen sink to knick-knacks on your mantle, and yes you can buy a mantle as well.

OK keeping this short and sweet so I can get back inworld and find a nice little outfit to show you.


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A simple start.(Freebie).

It’s gonna be an “Instagram” day for me.  I’ve changed from my old t-shirt and baggy PJ bottoms to my posher staying in a hotel/hospital PJ’s and I’m snuggled up on my chair with a pussycat on my lap watching as the snow drifts down outside. Later on, I will throw seeds out for the birds and I will watch them with my cat as he glares at them through the window yakking away with bloodlust, fun times lol.

Till then here is a little giftie. I picked this up from the Imeka shop with a couple of other GG’s.  For some reason out of the 6 gift boxes on the floor only 2 of them actually contain GG’s and it does cost a Linden to join but if you check out the Imeka MP shop there are some other freebies inc a very good drink of iced coffee and some ballet poses.  Although this is a small shop it’s full of tempting Gacha’s, poses, wearables etc.


Imeka MP

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Pick it up pick it apart.(Freebie).

Even though my SL time was running out, don’t you just love it when I do a quickie cos there is less blabbing on LOL, so once I’d taken the picture of this rather good planter in my garden I had to TP to my studio and RIP IT APART!

As it comes it’s 1o prims but since this is copy/mod you can shrink it or as you can see it can be edited down to its basic build.

These come from Whims A Plenty and are out front with another GG and that’s a bird house.

I’ve left my AV stood outside this shop as the name and the shop just doesn’t look familiar to me and although there won’t be any more gifts inside I’m going to have a nice wander around later to see if there is something new for my home/sim.

OK that’s it see ya’s all later.

Whims A Plenty

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MP for a Dollarbie.

Just a quickie cos RL is calling.

A sweet Dollarbie from a shop called “The Ruddy Duck”

A simple planter of Hibiscus flowers.  It says “copy and mod” but I haven’t had time to play with it not that it needs to be changed.  So a lovely and simple sweet gift for your home/garden.


The Ruddy Duck(Marketplace).

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Sorry NOT Sorry. (Dollarbie).

As I’m slowly and painfully going through my invent bining stuff I keep on coming across items which I don’t know if I’ve shown you before but are just too damned good to not do a post.  So basically over the next couple of weeks, I might end up showing you something you’ve seen before but then again anyone new to this blog or someone who forgot to grab it the first time may just appreciate a repost.

Having said all that I don’t think I’ve shown you this plant before.


Wow, this is really a wonderful Dollarbie.  A single prim, stunning textures, colours, and COPY! You have to get this from the Marketplace as I’m not sure where or if there are freebies/gifts in the inworld shop because it’s more a case of sets of furniture and builds set out on a sim.  However, I spotted a really stunning sunroom/garden room which is fully decorated, everything with the sofa to china in the cabinets and in the sim setting it’s ethereal and so gorgeous!  It made my old, cold, cheap heart miss a beat and also check my linden account LOL.  Sadly to buy the whole lot as a package cost 1000Lds BUT you can buy the pieces individually if you wanted, however, I bet 9 out of 10 of you would think that the price tag for such a stunning room is a bargain.

Sod it I’m going back in just to take a picture so you can see what I’m babbling on about.  Fortunately, the inworld LM took me straight there, this is just a teaser as this sunroom/garden room etc also has chairs, sofa, seating area.  As a hint of the prices the pink coffee pot costs 29Ld and the plate of banana is only 59Lds so you may not want the whole lot but there is certainly some bargain priced cuties for you home.


PS If Pink isn’t your colour then the build comes with a small selection of colours in a menu and I’m going to assume it also changes the china, rugs etc but check it out for yourself.



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KISSING it with a Dollarbie.

Lots of people will hopefully know by now that when I say “kiss it” I mean “keep it simple, stupid” and it’s something I do so well esp with this simply lovely Dollarbie I picked up from the Marketplace.


You might have to squint a bit to be able to see it which isn’t too much unlike me at the moment because guess what!  I broke my glasses, I even managed to break them into 3 pieces which is a record for me.

So with me being as blind as a bat and my OH still being on holiday I’ve not been able to SL much and I will admit I am having withdrawal symptoms but I did manage to sneak into the Marketplace and snag a whole load of S**T and some SL time and hidden amongst all the “S**T” was this simple and so pretty Orchid.


I’ll save your eyesight and zoom in for you.  So damned pretty and perfect and just a simple single Linden.

PS I also love even the “S**T” stuff because it can be fun to unpack and be surprised on occasion.

PPS I’m off to get new spec’s tomorrow.

Terrashop (marketplace)