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Truly Scrumptious (inc Free item)


I will be dashing about this Christmas Eve, delivering pressies and fetching a few last-minute treats. Though you might like to know about some incredible foody items from Circa before I sign off. There are heaps of food platters,cakes and treats (savoury & sweet) at The Twisted Krissmuss event. All are so beautifully crafted, most give out items to eat and wear, some are decorative only. Top notch quality to place out for your guests or to fill your own home, gorjuss!  The Cookie Jar is having a hunt and Zinnias has a simply adorable little table & candle out for you to find.  It is a beautiful little demi-lune table sprinkled with papel picado snowflakes, plus a sweet candle on a glass platter. Perfect to spruce up your space for the winter season!


Just a few little closeups to tantalise your taste & style buds! Thanks Cherelle & Zinnia ❤

Twisted Krissmuss


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Free Falling into another week (freebies)


FREE mesh jumpsuit

Insomnia is a wonderful thing, there I was all snuggled up feeling sleepy – then boom – WIDE AWAKE ! I’ve got an early start so figured  I’d only oversleep, so got up and logged on. Soooo what to do what to do, I fancied a little hunting. I found myself first port of call at FashionNatic, thought I was going to have to get my huntin goggles on but oh no – there was the gift right on the counter. This sweet jumpsuit is the prize in the “Around the grid 3” hunt, each prize is $1. As I was stood there, I spotted more hunt prizes, so snapped those up also.

FREE Dress

One of the boxes contained this little frilly frock, very cute!

FREE mesh pencil dress

Another was this pencil slim clingy dress with cross motif.

FREE mesh jumpsuit!

Another jumpsuit but in black with a lilac coloured top – more evening wear than the first. Grand total of $4L spent ! I’m off to watch some lolcats on Youtube and probably fall asleep and wake in a blind panic


Around the grid 3 hunt blog

All hair by Argrace

Free skin “Ale” by Lara Hurley (group gift, free to join)

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In my dreams (inc. Free & 21 Shoe)

21 Shoe Ingenue - coldLogic carlson dress NEW - DUH! FREE Bag - [e] NEW hair Kara (colour change bow)

In my daydreams I waft fragrantly about looking just like this, and own this car. I drive around town looking glam and gorgeous – the reality is more smart car, jeans and hot & flustered though ! So so so 21 Shoe is only two days away and its now been extended to 48 hours – more time to get around the grid and snap up those two’fer one deals yippeee! Ingenue have these sweet little heels as their offer, you get both colours for the price of one. Peach and a stunning robin eggs blue, designed to fit the Slink Mid feet, Belleza & Maitreya. Dress is one of the latest releases from coldLogic, called carlson and I’m showing the eggshell tone which is ever so summery and delish! The fishy shaped bag is a free gift from DUH! It’s the gift for the ENmeshED Hunt, you actually get three colour versions of it which is sooper coolio – thanks Renee ❤ Continuing on my hair fest of late I also treated myself to a new “do” from [e], named Kara and comes with a HUD with a gazillion choices for the colour/pattern of the bow.

21 Shoe - Ingenue Laura heels (Belleza,Slink,Maitreya)

Such a cute style and very chic, perfect for showing off your pins in dresses and skirts. Dont forget the 21 Shoe event begins on the 21st through to the 22nd.

21 Shoe Blog


coldLogic store



enMESHed Hunt blog

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Doo Wop (hunt)

FREE retro counter & wall art - FREE retro dress - FREE record player (animates and plays music) I’m so glad I couldn’t get to sleep, I was looking for something to dooo and found this hunt, it’s called The Doo Wops sock hops Hunt – yes, bit of a mouthful isn’t it?! Anyyywayy as soon as I checked out the hunt blog and saw that Finishing Touches had theeee most splendid hunt gift for it, I threw myself into action. Here’s a piece of information that you really don’t need – I have never, ever in my hunting history, found a hunt gift at Finishing Touches – IKR? The hint is always good , and off I plod full of hope, and I never find it ! Luckily this time, fate was on my side because I SO wanted this retro counter and wall art I could’ve screamed when I wasn’t seeing it. I wanted it NOW, not tomorrow with Zan aiding and abetting me – I’m impatient what can I say ! It was worth the two visits to find it, its damm brilliant. The stools have some lovely poses in (unisex) the wall art is fabulous. Red Pepper Designs made the twee little record player, it actually plays a song andddd animates you to dance some really neato 50’s style moves – only 2 prims yay! My mesh retro dress is by Get Frocked, its PINK – and I had to have it. Five standard meshy sizes, and it does fit over a slink physique body. FREE - Doo wops sock hops hunt Closer looky at the treats – erm what you waiting for?! Get going and grab those goodies. All the landmarks and hints are on the blog below, also some photos of prizes but not all. Doo Wops Sock Hops Hunt Blog

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Lovely free & inexpensive pretties

Free gifts and towel rail Dench Designs

Lok’s has a new subscriber gifty out, it’s a shelving unit – you get two versions in the box. One with added décor and one without, so you can choose how many prims you want to use – nifty! The tub is Lok’s prize in the HFYIS (hunt for your inner slut), at just 2 prims it’s a real winner and has various adult poses, couples only though. I picked up the towel holder from Dench Designs the other day, it comes with a HUD and you have three different colours for the towels. Cost is only $40L, just perfect for a finishing touch to your bathroom.


Dench Designs

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And now for something completely different

Hunt Gift - clothes stand rezzes many items !

I’m always on the look out for unique finds for my home, so I was stoked to find this from Cedar Bay in the Steam X Steam the dream hunt.Its a valet and wardrobe rezzer, nifty little thing it is to. It will sit as is quite happily in your bedroom at 3 prims, but if you touch it you get a menu of items it rezzes to make a complete scene. It has a gentleman’s and ladies set, or you can rez bits and bobs as you wish. Sometimes you can find that the rezzable items add up to a lot of prims, not so with this, the items were around 1-2 prims a piece, so you can have a lot out. I’ve just given a few examples above but there are heaps !

Cedar Bay

Steam X Steam the dream hunt blog


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Little treats

Hunt & group gift

The house hunt has begun and there are some lovely items to be found – they cost 20L a pop, brilliant ! This little table is by tarte, only 2 prims and will brighten up a corner in your home perfectly. The two other jars are a group gift from vespertine, you get two to hold and two to rez, the group is free to join btw.

The House Hunt - 22769bauwerk (20L fee)

My favourite hunt prize is from 22769bauwerk, “birdhouse in your soul” is a gorgeous wrought iron chair. Its filled with plump cushions and lots of poses so you can lounge about looking lovely. I think I’m right in saying its just 6 prims (or thereabouts) Btw you might want to be careful at “casita”, I found the hunt prize (its a little box with a heart inside) but it wasn’t set for sale – slip of the finger and I had bought a tree shaped shelf @ 150L I didn’t want – I really dislike when stores hide hunt prizes inside other items set for sale grrr)

The House Hunt Blog (lists participating stores with url’s)