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A good start.(Hunt).

Here is yet another really good looking hunt called “A Dozen Good Eggs” almost best of all this is a smaller hunt, only 13 shops so it’s a lovely sized hunt but every shop has 6 hidden eggs so each shop is going to be giving you oodles of goodies.

Some well-known shop names on the list as well inc Noctis which was the first shop I TPed to as I LOVE Noctis stuff.  Noctis sells very heavy Victoriana furniture and decor items.  Anyhow, I not only managed to find 3 of the hidden 6 eggs but I also picked up the new Free to join group gift.  The baskets are the group gift and you get them in singles, pairs or all linked and even all of them linked they’re just 2 prims.  Large and very rustic “Market Baskets” for your home.

This is what the eggs contain.

Each egg seems to contain the same glass jar but different colours and there are 2 types, one with and one without the butterfly.  Only 2 prims each.

Slap the poster to get the Hud which TP’s your AV ass around the different shops.

PS.  Don’t let the fact I’m just showing you a couple of decor items because the shops in this hunt are varied so I’m sure there will be clothes, jewels etc just waiting for our sweaty palms to grab them.

A Dozen Good Eggs.  Starting point but you can slap any poster in any shop to get the hud.

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

I feel bad!


Only about the previous picture I used to show off the amazing Red Riding Hood Gown from the Pepe stall at Enchantment.    Love my pomegranate skin (old shop now long gone) but I can’t help think it distracted from the brilliant colouring of the dress so I’ve put on a classic pale look and retook the photo.


However check out the table and chairs that I picked up at the same time.  The table comes in 2 versions one with the lace table runner and one without.  I bought the darker coloured set but there is also a lighter one.  Just gorgeous and I can see this set in a wooded scene with the table groaning in goodies because at 3prims for the table and 2 prims for each chair (all are copy) that should allow you plenty of prims for decor items however this set would look just as equally gorgeous with minimum decor such a  jug of wine and a couple of glasses.  450Lds for the lot and for mean old me to part with so many lindens means it’s pretty darn lovely.  This is from the Ohmai stall again at the Enchantment Event.


Honestly I nearly always forget to mention a great load of poses, both static and animated.