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Must try harder! (Freebie).

Yup yet again I’m going to be MIA because I am away.  This time my jaunt is for a whole 6 days woo hoo lucky me unfortunately my destination isn’t for a hot beach resort or a exotic and exciting destination it’s a Northern town called Leeds which is so similar to my own home town of Newcastle it will be like a home from home which includes the rain, dullness and tbh they’re not the most polite of folks and if anyone from Leeds reads this post, don’t hate meeeee.

So I’m going to spend today snagging as many freebies/gifts/dollarbie and I may even go apesh*t and spend some Lindens if I find anything worth it and I will line the posts up and hopefully Faith will be able to click “publish” and over the next week I maybe MIA but my goodies will still be here.

First the freebies are from Noctis.  I’m showing you the freebie first and then a piccie of one of the Noctis shops.

Simple 1 prim rugs, great colours and design and Free.


Although Noctis puts out great freebies it’s been a while since I grabbed on so make sure to slap that sub board so you don’t miss any of them.


I took a quick snap of the Noctis shop I visited as there is a handful of them, the same gift can be found in all of the shops, this particular shop is one of my favs because of its setting.  It’s a shack on a Bayou?  I think that’s the style of the shack and landscaping.  It’s pretty inspiring.

OK off for my next freebie/find.

Noctis (on the lake)