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Fools Spring

Ahh I knew it wasn’t really spring – the weather here in the UK has turned all chilly and wintry again ! I’m rummaging in my closets and dragging out my sweaters. ArisAris are smart – they knewwwww we’d want something snuggly and have released this scrummy sweater called “Bravissimo”. If you grab it now it will cost you just $99L ! Limited time promo.

If you take a gander at the Hud you will see just how many sweaters you get for you $99L. Twelve presets and then you can play around with almost every part woohoo! I absolutely love ArisAris Hud’s, they give the ultimate in flexibility. I’m wearing the sweater with the ArisAris jeans released a month or so ago “adoration”, will post the link below.

ArisAris Bravissimo Sweater

ArisAris Adoration Jeans

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ArisAris Promo’s ! Circa & a sweet dollarbie <3

Oh Lordy ArisAris have been beavering away and doing some brill promo’s on the market place. This rather decadent romper is on the market place only at the promo price of just $99L, comes with a Hud with a ton of colour options too.

I’m lounging on new pieces by CIRCA – available at The Vintage Fair that runs until the 24th June – really lovely poses for males and females – and check out those textures ! The table is also part of the set and all the items on it , also the rug ! 50% discount for the duration of the event. Thanks Cherelle ❤

One more offer from ArisAris before it expires – and Id hate for you to miss it – these JEANS ! They are really useful and the Hud makes them indispensable – seriously go check the pics out on the market place store: “16 Fantasy models and 4 classic models. 
With the most fashionable styles, precious lace stitched to the broken, random stitches or beautiful lace on the sides, broken colours or branch embroidery, Discover them! ” Very unique indeed , I always love the textures and colours this designer uses. $99L for a limited time – mesh body fits only. My top is by WellMade – Zan might have blogged this before but I so liked it – 2 colours for just $1L – fitmesh and mesh body sizes.

The Vintage Fair

ArisAris romper offer

ArisAris Jeans offer

WellMade dollarbie

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Its all Alien to me

Alien Gizmo - Lauren in Pink NEW!

Going to share a couple of new releases with you from Alien Gizmo – above is the “Lauren” outfit. Dead cute shirt with turn back contrasting cuffs. Plus the faded out jeans, love the length on these, totally on trend. Heaps of colours for this complete set, go take a peek. Mesh bodies catered for pack inc: Pants & Blouse in 5 standard sizes + Rigged for Slink Physique & Hourglass, Belleza (Freya, Isis & Venus) & Maitreya. Alpha Layers for classic avatar.

Alien Gizmo - Mia skirt & tank in red NEW!

Really like the “Mia” outfit, skirt & tank set in rich tones – lots to choose from. The skirt has a little pocket on the front and the physique fit is ever so well done – no alphas yay! Included in the box : Skirt in 5 standard sizes + Rigged for Slink Physique & Hourglass, TMP & Maitreya. Top in 5 standard sizes + Rigged for Slink Physique & Hourglass, Belleza (Freya, Isis & Venus), Maitreya & TMP. Alpha Layers for classic avatar. The store is vast and spacious so take time to have a good look around, plenty of boards to slap and a group members area towards the back with a couple of lovely gifts .

Alien Gizmo

Alien Gizmo market place

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Spooky! (cheapies & freebies)

Haunted House Halloween Freebie !

I blogged this last year, and its still good to go this year ! One of your $L dollars will secure it – made by Linus Humphreys and updated in 2013. You actually get two versions of this splendidly sppoky build, the one above plus a winter style. The door creaks, theres a few bits of grungy decor inside, its just perfect as an Autumn/Halloween spot. You do get the landscaping in the box, but it isnt hard linked , which makes it optional.

$10L sweater & mesh fit jeans

I also snapped this outfit up for October from TBT, gotta have something with pumpkins on right? This is so cute, rolled up shirt sleeves underneath and the orange sweater on top, just $10L . The jeans are a really good find, they were part of another TBT outfit I also purchased for $10L. They are “fitmesh” and really do fit brilliantly over my Slink Physique mesh body!

TBT market place

Abandoned cottage dollarbie

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Femme Fatale and a wee bit of freebie

siss boom FREE GIFT Tshirt- irrie's Doll House gacha tin pail bag NEW- Magika hair  Dreamy - ArisAris shoes NEW

I hopped, skipped and jumped over to siss boom today, dead chuffed to see this designer back & with an inworld store ! The tee I’m wearing above is the latest group gift – the group is free to join. Simple and easy to mingle in with your existing wardrobe pieces, sporting a lovely printed design on the front too. I teamed it up with my absolute favourite jeans everrrr by coldLogic, they are called “calle” and come in all sorts of denimy goodness tones. My darling little purse is from irrie’s doll house and will be on sale on the 15th January at The Promenade event. I’ve also got newwwww hair yippeee! Love love love this style from Magika, named “dreamy” and its all sorts of girly.

ArisAris - Femme Fatale shoes NEW!

My shoes are also a new release, from ArisAris and I just adore them. Verrrry high,verrrry pointy sharp heels & toes – drop dead gorgeous. The neato thing is with these you get SO much choice.

ArisAris HUD

Check out the HUD that comes with them. There are set colours for speed dressing, but you can also colour each part of the shoes to your own taste, brilliant stuff !

siss boom


ArisAris market place

The Promenade (opens on the 15th)

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place


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All for free


I was waiting for a few photos to load up on flickr and decided to go take a poke around S@BBIA. Havent been there for an age and it was fab to see that mesh is there now. Here I am wearing my first ever pair of fitted mesh jeans ! I’ve not found much in fitted mesh that actually, well you know..fits? (You do get non fitted mesh in the usual 5 sizes so don’t worry.) ! These jeans are the new group gift, the group is free to join. Great high waist with neato little metal stud buttons and lots of detail on the stitched seams. I stood in the store and played the question mark board, won these shoes ! I also kept my eye on the lucky board and snagged this sweater, was dead stoked. It goes with the jeans purrrrfectly, if you cant be patient don’t worry, you can buy the sweater and other colours of the jeans instore at a very reasonable price.


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Scare me.

Still working the Wild West Fair look.  I forgot to say that the Gachas are right next to the rezzing area so easy to find the Image Essential Gachas, there are 2 of them.  I did have a bit of a wander around and there are some Dollarbies but not many and I haven’t had a chance to unbox and check them out yet but you may have more time on your hands.


Scary is another example of an Image Essential prop/pose from a Gacha at the Wild West Fair.  I got 3 in total and loved the one of me hanging from the his arm but this one with this pose was the best for use with my wheat field and of course a Scarecrow needs a field to live in.   They’re all the same scarecrow just different poses.  Just plain fun and again a great photo prop or item of decor for your home.


Save on these pants and spend on the poses.  A simple bargain pair of pants off the Marketplace.  Only 10Lds and mesh and although they’re called “printed spring jeans” both the colouring and flowers lend themselves to the cooler months.  There are a number of items priced at only 10Lds and as it happens but I’ve been way to busy (lazy) to blog one of them and that’s an outdoor cinema set.  I have rezzed it and it actually comes playable it has a browser and through that you can connect to the internet so I read a bit of the Daily Mail and then watched some cute cats on You Tube and packed it pack up.


OOO I rummaged through my pictures and found some snaps I’d forgotten I had taken so a rough shot but enough to show you the screen playing youtube and yes thats a Minecraft clip I’m watching.  Some neat poses in the pillows and the lights can be turned off and on.  Seems to be pretty unlinked so you can remove or reposition the cushions, the sand is the base so that can go and you can put it on grass etc.  Nice and bright and only 10Lds.

The Wild West Fair

TBO Marketplace

TBO MArketplace Outdoor Cinema