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Promenading in Luxury & warmth

The Promenade - CIRCA Gacha pieces NEW!

I do love a bit of furniture arranging, and decor is close to my heart – so when Cherelle Capra, the creator at CIRCA dropped me a peek of her latest collection for The Promenade I was so excited. Cherelle has made a whole set for her gacha at the event, its called “Winter Paris” and is all kinds of pretty shades of frosty blue, with a floral hint now and again. Eleven commons and four rares to win – I haven’t been able to fit it ALL in shot, there’s also a gorgeous sideboard and a stunning chaise, plus a room divider !

The Promenade - CIRCA

As is usual with CIRCA, the level of detail is superb and the prims pretty low (range from 1- 11 Li) I LOVE the pillow chair – its my favourite piece, male & female poses included.

The Promenade - cape

I’ve also got this warm and cosy poncho to share with you, its by Fi’s Creations, I’m wearing the blue which is a common win, there’s other colours to try for including a verrrry scrummy pink. Nice touch with the fat buttons along the lovely shaped collar.

The Promenade

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The Promenade – new round

The Promenade gacha Biasta - coldLogic jeggind knight

A new round of The Promenade has opened today and its full of sweet & adorable things. B!asta has a brilliant gacha lined up for you, chokablock with superb clothing. The poncho, boots and bag are all wins from their machine (The leggings & top are from coldLogic)

The Promenade - Gacha item Biasta -

The boots are for Slink high feet, there is also  a jewellery set to try and get your paws on. I managed to slip a mesh tshirt on underneath the poncho just by wearing one size larger – (Im also wearing this with my Slink Physique mesh body- but you don’t need too, just sayin!)

The Promenade

I was also rather taken with this dress and shoe / sock combo from M.I.X, I’ve got the red version on and as you can see it’s not your typical cherry-in-your face kinda tone – very gentle and I totally adore it. Heaps of other colours to choose from. The black & white and the peach tones are rare wins. Ohhhh musnt forget my little poodle! This is by Bye Bye Blackbird, sooper sweet and low prim, would make an ideal Valentine gift for someone. The board suspended from its mouth has different options on it too. Lots to see, furniture,décor, and clothes.

The Promenade

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Femme Fatale and a wee bit of freebie

siss boom FREE GIFT Tshirt- irrie's Doll House gacha tin pail bag NEW- Magika hair  Dreamy - ArisAris shoes NEW

I hopped, skipped and jumped over to siss boom today, dead chuffed to see this designer back & with an inworld store ! The tee I’m wearing above is the latest group gift – the group is free to join. Simple and easy to mingle in with your existing wardrobe pieces, sporting a lovely printed design on the front too. I teamed it up with my absolute favourite jeans everrrr by coldLogic, they are called “calle” and come in all sorts of denimy goodness tones. My darling little purse is from irrie’s doll house and will be on sale on the 15th January at The Promenade event. I’ve also got newwwww hair yippeee! Love love love this style from Magika, named “dreamy” and its all sorts of girly.

ArisAris - Femme Fatale shoes NEW!

My shoes are also a new release, from ArisAris and I just adore them. Verrrry high,verrrry pointy sharp heels & toes – drop dead gorgeous. The neato thing is with these you get SO much choice.

ArisAris HUD

Check out the HUD that comes with them. There are set colours for speed dressing, but you can also colour each part of the shoes to your own taste, brilliant stuff !

siss boom


ArisAris market place

The Promenade (opens on the 15th)

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place


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Shiny Shabby – New event !

Scarlet Creative - shabby gacha NEW_002

Oh la la, there’s a brand spankin new event to get your knickers in a knot over ! Shiny Shabby features some fabbo designers, including Scarlet Creative. Now you should all be familiar with Charlotte’s work, Ive featured quite a few pieces from her spot at collabor88 over the last year. Soo you’ll know what to expect with this latest release. Top notch quality, attention to detail and of course SO unique. The home is called “the foundry”, it’s the rare win from the gacha machine, but waittttttt – there’s so much more to be had than just the rare !

foundry key

Take a peek at the board above, hubba-dee-hubba huh? At 50L per play you can walk away with some sooper gorgeous goodies, such as the antler bed, the chair (that I love sooo much) You might have to click on this photo to get a better view of the prizes, orrr of course visit the event ! Whatever you win it will be fantastic .

Scarlet Creative - shiny shabby

Ohhhh incase you’re wondering – YES you don’t have to have the snow cap on the foundry – thats an add-on, here it is “naked” so to speak. Inside is so eclectic, two large rooms and separate levels, with old weathered beams and a mish mash of nooks and crannies that are ideal for showing off your decor treasures. I think it’s about my favourite build from Charlotte this year.

Scarlet Creative for Shabby

All the usual details are present, I adore the wall effects Charlotte uses, so I always include a photo of them. The furniture has poses for singles, couples and friends, very low impact also which is always lully. Btw my doggy is from Bye Bye Blackbird and is just one of the gazillion gacha wins in their machine – theres doggies galore, wreaths, and step ladders – this doggy however is all MINE so back away !

NB> I’ve just been told by one of our readers that you can actually just buy the item you want also – as opposed to using the gacha – what a great idea ! Thanks Betty ❤

Shiny Shabby

The Promenade

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We can see your knickers

WinTeRwooD Designs The Promenade gacha - rare win - Bens Boots Serena !!

Oh yes indeedy, here’s me in my knickers – oh and jeans , bra top and a cardigan ! This is Winterwoods offering in their gacha machine @ The Promenade. This is the rare win, so you get the whole look, the commons is the bra top, panties and cardigan. It’s not my kinda look to be honest but I know a lot of people who DO love this knicker-showing-style, so have at it ! The earmuffs are a free gift from the same maker, located right slap dab infront of their stall.

The Promenade

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Santa’s Helper – its got my name on it

The Promenande - American Beagle Santas Helper mesh outfit - gacha various colours When I saw this outfit by American Beagle Outfitters – I knew I had to wear it . On our home sim called Dreamworks I have been acting as Santa’s elf for a week or so now. Santa has a mail box for people to drop a letter into , telling him their Christmas wishes! He really does reply to ALL letters and sometimes he sends a gift or three ! If you havent come to see Santa yet, here’s the landmark – just follow the board walk , through the frosty tunnel and out onto the ice, Santa is waiting for you ! Anyhoooo back to my outfit, its in a gacha machine at the latest round of The Promenade, there’s squillions of colours to win and its so affordabubble. Scattered around the event are gifts for you to snap up too – get your skates on. Thanks Barb ❤ The Challenge - Cleo Design, Percent free gift boxes - Once upon a time wall decor & freamed artwork While I’ve got time – a short note about the new round of The Challenge. Sorry to be so brief but I’m running out of time before I go on my winter vacation *squeeee*, there is always SO much to share in the run up to Christmas I get giddy. This rounds theme is fairy tale – how utterly lovely! The daybed above is by Cleo Design, beautiful poses as always. Its got multi layers of mattress so its like that tale of the Princess and the pea. All the decor pieces are from %Percent, there’s a shed load more, all in various colours – btw the “once upon a time” wall art isn’t fixed to the daybed – I just placed it there ! Ohhh btw the sweet gift boxes Ive got in the photo are free gifts from %Percent – these can be found at the mainstore location.

The Promenade

American Beagle Outfitters mainstore

cleo design


The Challenge Blog – shows all participating merchants & url’s

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The Promenade for a rainy day


The Promenade Ashmoot gacha

Ohhhh just one more post showing items from The Promenade gacha event – these items from Ashmoot caught my eye ! Yes yes yes system layers *faints* with added applier action for those of you with boobies & butts ! I just adore this sweet little blouse, its got lovely texturing and it will be a keeper for me for sure. The brown woolie leggings are super nice , there’s also some cheeky lace shorts too have a go at winning too. However, its the furry “Dolly” jacket that’s a rare win – that I would just have to own ! The boots are also in the mix, not for slink feet so ever so easy to slip on, great fit and no need to fiddle about with them – yay!

The Promenade - B!ASTA Autumn Treasures

I also just wanted to share another jewellery set from the B!ASTA gacha machine, its called Autumn Treasures and I’m wearing the necklace and earrings, love !

 The Promenade – opens TODAY !