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Popcorn and memories

Brilliant new set from Lunar Seasonal Designs is on sale starting this Saturday @ the KT Creators Festival! Had a lot of fun with this collection. There are couply chairs and also single pringle chairs / friends – both can animate you to chomp popcorn,drink,sit etc. They also have colour change for the upholstery so can fit around your existing decor hurrah! I set mine up outside as we are having such glorious weather and bought along my two new doggy friends (Omen gacha) as company.

The table, projector and screen are all one piece, so really easy to position. The screen comes preloaded with some photos BUT remove them if you wish and load up your own! As its our 10th SL wedding anniversary this month, I slammed a load of weddingy photos in, sat back, munched popcorn and relaxed – our old Avatars looking so dated but SO in love awwww ❤ This is such a great set for a movie night with friends,lovers & family – Love it !

KT Creators Festival (opens Saturday 15th)


Outfit all by Neve

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Scare me.

Still working the Wild West Fair look.  I forgot to say that the Gachas are right next to the rezzing area so easy to find the Image Essential Gachas, there are 2 of them.  I did have a bit of a wander around and there are some Dollarbies but not many and I haven’t had a chance to unbox and check them out yet but you may have more time on your hands.


Scary is another example of an Image Essential prop/pose from a Gacha at the Wild West Fair.  I got 3 in total and loved the one of me hanging from the his arm but this one with this pose was the best for use with my wheat field and of course a Scarecrow needs a field to live in.   They’re all the same scarecrow just different poses.  Just plain fun and again a great photo prop or item of decor for your home.


Save on these pants and spend on the poses.  A simple bargain pair of pants off the Marketplace.  Only 10Lds and mesh and although they’re called “printed spring jeans” both the colouring and flowers lend themselves to the cooler months.  There are a number of items priced at only 10Lds and as it happens but I’ve been way to busy (lazy) to blog one of them and that’s an outdoor cinema set.  I have rezzed it and it actually comes playable it has a browser and through that you can connect to the internet so I read a bit of the Daily Mail and then watched some cute cats on You Tube and packed it pack up.


OOO I rummaged through my pictures and found some snaps I’d forgotten I had taken so a rough shot but enough to show you the screen playing youtube and yes thats a Minecraft clip I’m watching.  Some neat poses in the pillows and the lights can be turned off and on.  Seems to be pretty unlinked so you can remove or reposition the cushions, the sand is the base so that can go and you can put it on grass etc.  Nice and bright and only 10Lds.

The Wild West Fair

TBO Marketplace

TBO MArketplace Outdoor Cinema