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Fools Spring

Ahh I knew it wasn’t really spring – the weather here in the UK has turned all chilly and wintry again ! I’m rummaging in my closets and dragging out my sweaters. ArisAris are smart – they knewwwww we’d want something snuggly and have released this scrummy sweater called “Bravissimo”. If you grab it now it will cost you just $99L ! Limited time promo.

If you take a gander at the Hud you will see just how many sweaters you get for you $99L. Twelve presets and then you can play around with almost every part woohoo! I absolutely love ArisAris Hud’s, they give the ultimate in flexibility. I’m wearing the sweater with the ArisAris jeans released a month or so ago “adoration”, will post the link below.

ArisAris Bravissimo Sweater

ArisAris Adoration Jeans

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I was meandering through the market place yesterday and came across this freebie from BUKKA…Id never heard of the store before so wasnt sure what to expect…I’m sooo glad I nabbed it ! The box contains this sooper pair of worn denim shorts , they have terrific turn ups and a deeelicious belt…you also get the tee…it does have a prim body which is pretty nifty but I wanted to show you the belt so left it off. Was so chuffed with my find I decided to explore the inworld store…

Shockingly one of the lucky chairs was on ? , I’m rarely moved to run in SL but this time I did ! Scored with this brilliant Tshirt I’m wearing above…slapped the subscribo on the way around and was given a gift of this fantabulous leather belt bag…yay!  Lotsa lucky chairs to prowl, long wait time but totally worth it for the goodies they contain. The store took an age to rez but I was patient and wandered about to view the rest of the items…great collection of girls & guys wear..seperates, casual…the ponchos really caught my eye…go look!

Market place for shorts & tee : BUKKA gift

Mainstore: BUKKA

Poses: hate me eat me

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Secret Code

I’ve got a new-to-me store to share with you…if you like something fresh & well made…go check out K-Code ! The jacket I’m wearing above is called “kate”, scrummy colours, buttery melt-in-yer mouth yellows, zesty green florals & dainty little pink buttons. Sooo many options in the box to get just the right fit. I have to say I just wore it “off the peg” no messing about required and I love that yay! There is a choice of collar styles, I liked the double version seen here, superb cuffs on the sleeves also…would look fabbo with jeans,pants or skirts….very versatile addition to your SL wardrobe.Take a wander around the store and have  a gander at the goodies on show, many many dresses that look to be real scene stealers !

K-Code – kate jacket

Pose by – hate me eat me   

Skirt – Miao

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Get that Graffiti

Out & about this mawnin – gawd its 5am – shopping as usual ! I’m wearing a new set from Graffitiwear “comfy cozy”, great denim skirt and lacey denim shirt..comes with some flats & the cutest crumply socks also for just 150L ! (I just couldn’t bear to take my HouseofFox Arch boots off though platinum hunt 10L), teamed it up with some sunnies I just lovelovelove from fameless, “pornoglasses”, squillions of colours available and at 150L a pop  a great buy….

Go gettum: Graffitiwear         fameless

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Super Bargain Saturdayyyyy! (and big dose of awwww)

awwww looks like it time to climb up the wooden hill to sleepyland for me & Steve…we’re all ready for bu’byes in our sooper jammie sets from Argyle Anonymous. Steve is lookin resplendant (if a lil bit grumpy) in his boys set,complete with sheriffs badge on the tank & slippers…

anddd here I am not lookin remotely sleepy ! The girly set has two options on the tank, naughty or nice..naturally Im wearing the naughty nipply one hurrrah….this set is sooooooo dammed cute I wore it for 2 days solid,refusing to take it off and stomping about with my bunneh renting homes and blogging stuffage…comes with some strawberry slippers…and cupcake jammie pants…trust me…if you put these on…you wont wanna take them off…best part issss…they are part of the Super Bargain Saturday thinger…and will cost you just 60L per set *zoinkfaint*, don’t miss them…only this Saturday then they revert to full price …thanks swan xx

Go get snuggly: Argyle Anonymous