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Suprise. (Freebie(s)).

Cory Edo’s genrosity continues!

We all know that last year Cory Edo the owner of Trompe Loeil was so generous with full quality builds and a piece of furniture as gifts for the “Stay at the home club” and since the world, on the most part, is back to full lockdown just look at whats out for us.

Yeah, this is a FREEBIE!

I clicked on the window and you get the wood screens up. It’s these small touches which really make a build stand out.

Today my first post was going to be those small plant pots on the fireplace. You can also see my horses bum through the window as I had to rezz this house on the field he runs around in.

This staircase is just so well done.

The stairs lead up to a bedroom which is pretty big, big enough for bed, shower, lounging area. Nothing has been skimped on this build.

The chair is the extra gift, you get 2 shades and I think this is the dark one. Excellent poses as expected with Trompe Loeil.

The table in the background is a Christmas Gacha freebie. You will see that there is a stand showing you all the prizes in the Christmas Gacha’s, only 25Lds a pop. NOW PAY ATTENTION because you do need the table to get the Cacha prizes.

The table is the “2020 calender” and when you play the Gacha you get a “key” which you then rezz next to the “calender” ie table and then “~ Then, rez your 2020 Key next to the Calendar. (You must REZ the key – it cannot be attached to your avatar.) The corresponding numbered ornament on the Calendar will light up, and you will be given a surprise gift!”.

Don’t worry it’s all in the note so read that and I think when I log back inworld I may just give it a try as at only 25Ld for the Gacha even though Christmas is over I’m happy to hoard my prize till next year.

Trompe Loeil.

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You love what you love. (Freebies).

WOW, I did not expect a brand new FREE home and decor set from Trompe Loeil as C.Edo(cory.edo) has already been amazingly generous with his gifts but I was wrong and here it is.

I have a confession to make in that I own DOZENS of Trompe Loeil homes which I’ve picked up over my SL lifetime and yet I’ve never lived in one.  Most of my homes were picked up from events and at a price tag so reasonable even though I don’t need the home I just have to buy it, yes I am a home hoarder!

This home had only 2 very large rooms.  This is the downstairs one has lovely big feature windows and an alcove area for a little kitchen.

Quality texturing. I’m always impressed when staircases are so well detailed.

The large room upstairs has these windows on all four sides which not only makes the room look even bigger but it’s just nice to be able to see out from all four sides of your home.

I think the prims for this whole build was something like 88 prims.

For those of you who don’t need/want a whole build then these chairs may be just for you.  GORGEOUS! You get the 2 sets and each set comes in a fabric or leather option and the addition of a texture hud is just great.  Love the design and love the poses.

As much as I’m loving the new Hisa range it doesn’t mean I can’t look and admire the skill and work that has gone into other designers creations so I’m happy to add this to my house hoard lol.

Trompe Loeil.

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Tatty old shed. (Dollarbie).

This is definitely NOT a “Tatty old shed” in fact it’s rather a decent build so much so I may just use it on my part of the sim instead of a greenhouse.

If you look at the bottom right of this picture you will see a shrub which is included and also those purple and orange flowers.

These flowers trailing around the door are such excellent quality I have everything crossed that I can repurpose them as YESSS Editable!  So you know that when I log back in I’m going to be tearing it apart prim by prim.

And even better since it’s also copyable it means I don’t have to sacrifice this really good build.

PS.  This gift is standing next to the Hisa shop and inside is another Group Gift of lanterns.

UPDATE: Wowzer, so I had a bit of a flyby to check out a building I spotted and I am most impressed with the few homes that are for sale on the sim.  Nice fresh designs, excellent texturing and OMG the prims are so unbelievably reasonable.  Check out the “Forest Retreat” near to the LM, all of that and a “bag of chips” for 34 prims!  I was so interested in how much this build costs I tried to TP to the Shiny Shabby event where it’s for sale but I couldn’t get in because I don’t think it’s open to us as of yet.

This is a BRAND new shop to SL but whoever is behind the label must be an SL old-timer as to hit the market with such great builds is someone who knows their stuff.  This is a shop I can see growing big in SL.


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Just in case. (Freebies).

I know that not everyone has a need for a home or decor items but even non-home owners in SL can still hoard a quality build or decor items for that day when they do decide to create their SL dream home.

Yup there I am in the bottom corner, this gives you some sort of scale the size of this house. In this picture I’m using the white one and in the next is the natural one.

Click on the windows and they become closed with these shutters which you can see inside as well as outside.

The inside is one big room, big enough for a living area, bedroom, kitchenette etc.

You also get as a separate gift a set of loungers.

Again you may not find any use for such a build now but one day when you change your mind then you have a nice home to use and if you’ve picked up the previous ones and the ones to come a very nice choice of top quality homes.

Trompe Loeil.

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I knew it! (Freebies).

Before I’d even rezzed properly I knew from the crowd of people that Trompe Loeil has it’s NEW freebies out for us.

The dark green and reddish brown woodwork all hint of snuggling down at Christmas.

A nice large deck both at the front and the back of this building. These 2 seats are also set out as freebies for us.  You can see a difference in the cushion texture because you do get a menu to change.  I didn’t try out the different colours but I think they’re all plaid….I happen to love plaid.

This is the front of the house from inside so you can just seem more of the detailing plus the control panel.

This is a lovely feature window downstairs and you can just make out the bottom of the staircase which heads up to a sleeping platform. 

I’ve just spotted that you can see on the other side of this build is another feature window.  I can’t remember the exact prims but I’m sure it was around the 69 count which for the attention of detailing is amazing.

Actually just getting these freebies is amazing.  I don’t know how long the team at Trompe Loeil will keep on giving but until they decide enough is enough I will keep on grabbing because builds of this quality don’t come along often.

Trompe Loeil

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Holy Sh*t she was right! (Free House & Chair).

Sparks, one of our reg readers, dropped me a note to tell me about a FREE TROMPHE LOIEL house & chair!

TBH I thought she was mistaken as I do know that for group members, which is now free to join, there are larger builds for sale at a discounted price but she was RIGHT and I was WRONG and WOW what a find!

Check this beauty out.

I have a whole load of Trompe Loeil houses, usually picked up from discount events, and I can tell you that this is not some old dated build dusted off and repackaged.

This is top class texturing.

Inside is one big main room and you can see the door which leads onto the decking on the side.  Lots of windows as well as this lit fire.

Last shot is of the decking at the side.

What a great gift.  You also get this Mint version or you can choose Blueberry or Vanilla which I will assume since I’ve not rezzed them will be mainly the colour of the doors and window shutters.

I didn’t rezz the chair either and I will when I have the time to but I can imagine it’s going to be the same quality and of a similar design. I can’t remember the exact prim count but it was in the 80ties range which for the quality of details is excellent.

ATTENTION! To find this, check the wall/pillar on the right of the shop doorway.

Trompe Loeil

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I’ve made my mind up.(Just for fun Freebies).

Yesterday I stumbled on an old and beloved SL memory, Arcadia Asylum and everyone over a certain SL age will hold this shop close to their heart as it was one of the biggest, bestest freebie places and it’s still there for us to enjoy.

As it happens Faith has given me free rein to play with the plot of land next to her home and so I’ve decided we need a parking space all my shiny new spaceships.

Since the land space is still limited I’ve just stacked them up.

They’re all drivable/flyable or in the next picture, walkable.

All joking aside there is just so much random stuff, everything from a whole pirate village to a Mermaid school, desks, tables, computers etc.  Obviously, these are items created many years ago so premesh and most has not stood the test of time BUT they’re classics, so many of us oldies will have if not had some as decor we all have taken pieces and ripped them apart because back in the old days we used to learn how to edit and create by ripping mod/copy items apart.

Use the TP system to check out all the odds n sods and although you have to pay 1Ld it is refunded straight away and you don’t have to join any group.

Arcadia Asylum Library and Freebies Center