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I decided to check out the shop next to Meander and it’s a name I do recongise but I’m not sure if I’ve ever bought anything from this shop and so when I get back inworld I’ll type the name into my invent and see what pops up (I did that but apart from the demos and these shoes nothing else popped up).

This is a big shop and it’s stuffed with temptation.  Oh my Lord, I only bought the one item but I could easily have lost control.  As it was I just picked up a load of demos, which I will probably bin without even trying them on because it will be like punishment as I know they will look great but do I need more jumpers, pants etc?  Nope but I can never have too many shoes and these come with a very reasonable price tag of 60Lds.

As soon as I spotted them, and the price tag, they were going to be mine as I honestly do not have this style of shoe in my invent…yeah I know I’m fishing for excuses for yet another pair of shoes.  Anyhow, because the demo is only for the fit and its colourless so I’ve taken this picture just in my nams setting so you can see the colour/texture as I see it.

There are more discounted items but when you look at them don’t turn around because on the other wall are the Group Gifts.  The cost of joining the siss boom group is 500Lds but there are a lof of gifts, 34 I believe in total and some really good pieces.  For that initial free you really do get a lot so check them out.  Go on be brave and check the rest of the shop as well, there is some lovely sweaters in the Winter section.

siss boom

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Something to trifle with (group gift)

siss boom Gift Trifle FREE

If you recall the lovely little mesh tee I blogged about from siss boom, you might recognise the pattern that’s stitched right across the front of this group gift dress. I hopped over to the store and collected the latest group gift (group is free to join). It’s this sweet little silvery frock, it really does feel so twinkly ! The pattern is also across your rear, its subtle and delicate and I really like it. Beautifully done shoulder straps that fit very nicely, and two alphas to choose from for that perfect look. If you look closely you might also notice that I’ve gone back to wearing my Curio  skin “Simone”. I’ve been patiently waiting for monthssss for Curio to get some Slink Physique appliers out – no joy so far, but I missed its more grown up appearance so – horror of horrors I’m going without my mesh body *GASP* ! Yes I love my Curio skins THAT much – go try a few demos, bet you do too.

siss boom


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Femme Fatale and a wee bit of freebie

siss boom FREE GIFT Tshirt- irrie's Doll House gacha tin pail bag NEW- Magika hair  Dreamy - ArisAris shoes NEW

I hopped, skipped and jumped over to siss boom today, dead chuffed to see this designer back & with an inworld store ! The tee I’m wearing above is the latest group gift – the group is free to join. Simple and easy to mingle in with your existing wardrobe pieces, sporting a lovely printed design on the front too. I teamed it up with my absolute favourite jeans everrrr by coldLogic, they are called “calle” and come in all sorts of denimy goodness tones. My darling little purse is from irrie’s doll house and will be on sale on the 15th January at The Promenade event. I’ve also got newwwww hair yippeee! Love love love this style from Magika, named “dreamy” and its all sorts of girly.

ArisAris - Femme Fatale shoes NEW!

My shoes are also a new release, from ArisAris and I just adore them. Verrrry high,verrrry pointy sharp heels & toes – drop dead gorgeous. The neato thing is with these you get SO much choice.

ArisAris HUD

Check out the HUD that comes with them. There are set colours for speed dressing, but you can also colour each part of the shoes to your own taste, brilliant stuff !

siss boom


ArisAris market place

The Promenade (opens on the 15th)

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place


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I have a sooper fresh outfit called *ahoy* to show you, it’s from siss boom and is their gift for the “Where is the concert” hunt.The outfit comprises of a mesh skirt thats a really unusual chic shape, a navy tshirt and collar with a jaunty tie..its such an adorable ensemble, I totally fell in love with it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that siss boom make more of this style of skirt..adorbs ! Youre looking for a concert ticket good luck  & thanks Lestat xx

The hunt web blog: Where is the concert

siss boom hunt hint: Dont let the backdoor hit-cha

siss boom: mainstore

Skin: Californian new range from CandyMetal 499L

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Milk in my coffee

I just had to finish off my post vacation blog fest by showing you this new release from siss boom…its called “milk in my coffee”…and is super stylish, just the right antidote for all my Chrismassy bright reds & greens etc..melt in the mouth lattes & creams, with a lush chocolate-brown skirt…its effortlessly chic with its little posey of flowers on your chest…perfect flute sleeves, dress it up or keep it simple…its a keeper..while youre over there, look out for the two outfits on special offer for just 100L…they are dreamyyyy !

milk in my coffee: siss boom

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Bizarre Behaviour Hunt

ohmaiiii the hunts keep beginning…I cant keep up! One of my new haunts siss boom has one starting Sunday the 11th…all gifts are priced between 1-20L (siss boom gifts are priced between 10-20) There are other stores also participating so be sure to check them ALL out, you never know what you might find *winks*…oh also…a jolly good idea..if youre not into hunting? But want some of the gifts…there is also a little cottage set up with them all in at a higher price – hunting is fun ! Above I’m showing “savoir fair* it’s truly stunning…something so delicate about it,click on the photo to get a closer view..amazing..I think its my fav? butttt I could be wrong because…then I spied…

 …thissss tweedy dress & belt ensemble ! I was lucky enough to get my paws on a review box of the items up fer grabs..I initialy thought “oh I will show my personal fav’s,maybe one or two items” but two became three..then four..get the picture? Ohhh btw, the skin I’m wearing is also in the hunt hurrah! Its called “poem” and there’s two tones of it around…I stuck with the medium shade..subtle not orangey and very sweet..

“cold little snowflake” caught my eye…its got sparklies! Dotted about are the most gorjuss glittery snowflakes..a real show stopper of a gown..make an entrance for sure ..

I had to show this long evening dress “exceptional” its classy…you might even wear this on a summer evening…more maxi-dress than full-blown gown. Adorable big happy flower under the v-shaped neckline and layers and layers of floatiness right down to your tootsies…I like this one verrry much…howeverrrr…

I saw this outfit “unorthodox patchwork” …gawd…isnt it divine? There is a layer to cover your legs , sheer and pretty..but I really really loved how it looked without it too…beautifully shaped camisole top..and a gorgeous rose under the bust area..hankerchief style skirt just finished it off…perfect. (and PINK tones a bonus !) Head over and see what you can find..the sim is ready to be explored, snow is falling, the trees are frosty…its magical…thanks Lestat ❤

Bizarre Behaviour Hunt : -siss boom- & Lemania Indigo (and other participating stores)

The cottage (for those who don’t want to hunt): The cottage

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Liquid Diva with a Wind Chill

I’ve never been to aDiva before…and I was totally surprised to find myself adoring their gowns…YES, I said dont often hear me talk about them..or even see me IN them do you! But wowser..its high couture babies..and my little paws got all sweaty when I mooched around gawping at the loveliness on offer..

I was lucky enough to get my mitts on a review copy of the new stunning *Liquid Lace* dress yesterday…and I kept on putting off opening the box..knowing Im just not a high couture kinda girly..well dont need to be..the dress does it all for you ! This is how it went on me..straight out of the box..voila perfect! Deeeep cut back to expose your spine…layers upon layers of lace…

and..ohmaigosh..the detail on the neck & collar is just incredible…80’s inspired shoulder pads also..You might have noticed my new skin..its from siss boom…at the moment there is a skin sale on there hurrah! This ones called Wind Chill..and I so so SO LOVE IT..its fresh…with a light dust of wintery wind blown colour across the cheeks..lush lips..and a totally fab slight sheen to the skin the moment you can buy this for just 600L *faints*, it’s a keeper for me..there are others also with 50% off so be sure to dash over and check them out..not sure how long the sale lasts for ! Thanks Lestsat xx

You also get these chunky ankle booty shoes with the gown…dunno about you..but Id wear these allllll over the place in their own right *squee*..

Liquid Lace Gown: aDiva

Wind Chill skin & skin sale: siss boom