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Pre-Grand Opening special deal !

Sooo I have some BIG news…A new store is opening on the 1st July….called “Lovely Designs”, owned by Talena Carissa…and to get the partay started…there is a fab complete outfit on offer for just 99L ! Here I am lapping up the sun outside the new store, before you get shopping you might want to enjoy the vista…drop dead gorgeous, with its sparkling water, crashing waves, and mountain views …

Onto the outfit…what do you get for your ninety-nine lindens hmm? Welll a gorgy pair of grey denim shorts…and a darling mesh tank/tee…now you might have seen this style around lately…however….this is hand painted by Talena, with all its spots & splodges and a beautiful butterfly in the middle…have to say..Ive tried a few of this style on before and they just didn’t seem to fit me properly….THIS one comes in five sizes, plussss for the more modest amongst us, a bandeau tube top to wear underneath…..

and if that wasnt enough….you also get the newwwww shoooz! They are calledd Catalina.. they alone are worth more than 200L…so this is a great chance to grab them up at a bargain price…if youre familiar with Talena’s previous work (Pink Label) you will have come to expect all the bells & whistles plus some…and yes…these have them…new HUD thats sooper easy to use…and ohmai… the options ! The pearls around the ankle can be changed..the metal can be changed… and W-O-W the pedicure selection is HUGE ! I had no trouble at all matching my skin…dead simples….and a perfect fit…I suggest you join the group while youre there…a fee will apply at a later stage…at the moment I believe its free…thanks Talena ❤

Lovely Designs

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In The Pink

Oh boy..have I got a great deal for you ! Pink Label is in the middle of migrating to the market place…but Talena Carissa is still letting her Grenade free weds item remain for a few more days ! Its shooooz…plus a lil gifty! In the box you will find…THREE pairs of shoes..mmhmm..thats right..three designs hot offa the press…

pluss…two sweet-as-candy outfits , the black and white ensembles…Talena says it’s “just because” <3…

Whats the price? Hmmm three pairs of shooz…two outfits…would you believe just 69L ?! uhhuh uhuh…thats right..69 of your linden dollars..woot! Hurry along now cause…Im not entirely sure how long these will be left out for..and dont fret..Pink Label will be found on the market place after the inworld store closes its doors…(the sparkle tank and ripped jeans can be found instore also- um, well they were there last time I went..but you know..Talena is a devil for moving stuff around !) Haul your tushies over..snap up those group gifts & shop your hearts out !

Pink Label main store

Pink Label on the market place

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Cart me off

Soooo I have trotted around the cart sale at The Wash sim three times now *pantpant* and each time I go I see more stuffage to buy ! If you’re there today look out for some pritty things on the Pink Label stand..all the pieces I’m wearing above are  priced at just 10L each..and yes..that includes the rather marvelous shooz! This colour is called blush..I think it’s really pink in disguise ! The tops are a sooper bargain, you get two in the pack, stripes & dots..lovely detail at the nape of the neck. The shorts are very different for me..somewhere between a capri or a bermuda..pretty embroidery around the thighs, pockets on your derriere…the shooz as always come with Pink Labels fantabulous simpledimple HUD..which gives you options on metal,nails & skin tone

Two colours to choose from, or mix & match…both tones look lully together. I slipped into a verrrry old pair of Pink Label jeans, just to show how well these tops go with most anything…this is the olive shade which I just adore…matching shooz for this colour also…the jeans you can find in the mainstore..I popped over and found some similar to these in the discount building for only 10L..(actually they had some extra detailing on) when you’re done at the cart sale…

head on over to the store, grab some jeans..and join the group so you can get your mitts on alllllll these group gifties ! (very small join fee applies) Dont forget to check both the new releases section are past hunt gifts for a nominal charge…the other building is the discount area…have fun !

Pink Label: cart sale 

Pink Label : mainstore

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Six Six Six….Gobble

I’ve succumbed to a seasonal sniffle…and I SO wanted to strut around in these shooz…but hey ho…sitting by them is coolbeans too ! Pink Label has a wee mini hunt type thinger going on…you find the turkey boxes…et 10L you’ll get a pair of these fabalicious killer pumps! Niiiice, I like this game …also right by the front door is a sign telling you all about this…with a hidden surrrrprrrrise for you within ooo.OOO ! Haul your tushies over there….theres a lot going on…thanks Talena xx

Turkey box hunt: Pink Label

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Grenade Free !

Hola! Yes its Grenade free Weds again! My oh my how these weeks are spinning by as we approach Christmas huh? Soo anyway..Pink Label have this astounding set out for this weeks hoohaaah…its The Grape camo set and brace features a NEW release of shooz! Gawd..Iam praying Talena makes these babies in an array of colours cause I wanttttt them (black,grey,beige,baby pink,RED,,plleeeease!!!)

 So you get for 79L the whole fandango…two styles of skirt…the cardigan/bolero…the ever-so-pretty heart necklace and gorgeous earings..plusssss those shoes *heart flutter*…yumyumyum…dont forget that Pink Label has recently take a chance to update your landmarks and check out the new build, plus VIP clubhouse and group gifts! Thanks Talena xx

Grape camo set: Pink Label (only at the Jersey Shore store!)

 Whirling Dervishes  Bracelet : Dark Mouse

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Winter plaid and smexy shooz & a group gift !

I was out exploring today for new pritty places to take photos and came across this old Victorian shopping area…beautiful! Stopped to order a cafe au lait at this tres chic bakery..Im wearing the newww group gift from Pink Label…Quincy plaid top & the sooper new Shiloh sandals…plusss if you’re looking for a cute pair of jeans to slip on with the gift..check out these adorbs pair for just 10L from Pink Label also !

The blouse comes with a choice of two ruffly bits..with or without the lace..I personally prefer the lace as it has a sort of shabby chic feel to it..

Both the Quincy blouse and the Shiloh sandals come in a multitude of colour options…I adored the warm orangey reds of this tone…looks fab with the dark jeans !  One thing that I always forget to mention about the shoes…is Talena has slaved over a hot stove to make them VERY low lag…these babies wont make your tp’s fail . The group join fee is currently just 100L…and there are hundreds of Lindens worth of group gifts to load into your shopping bag while you’re there…thanks Talena xx

Group gift & Quincy blouse and Shiloh shoes: Pink Label

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Just a little teaser for you to make your Saturday go with a BANG ! My all time fav pumps “Dita” from Pink Label have been made in lushhhhh navy blue…with all the usual accent and colour change metals we have come to know & love…plussss a sooper cute matching purse (read note when you get it for colour change info on the purse) Pink Label has a stunning new store now PLUS a VIP club house so you can rez your gear, use the pose stands anddd snaffle up a whole wall of group gifties hurrah! Have to admit to an epic FAIL on finding the new pumps when I visited…I think Talena is tormenting me ! Head on over and take a mooch around, refresh your landmarks and join up ! The dress is called “Kei” and I found it on the market place from eLDee, you get it in three tones for free ! It feels a little retro and has a delightful printed on belt and camisole bodice, I chose the teal shade to compliment the navy shoes, but you also get burgundy & black !

Pink Label: New main store

Kei dresses: eLDee