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What a difference a day makes.

Drat I’ve been so MIA I’ve almost missed the latest The Cart Sale which means I’ve missed out on ooodles of super 10Ld bargains.  From previous visits I know you can get everything from SLink shoes to full builds and everything in between.  However I also know that although it’s official last day is the 6th previously a lot of the designers are a bit lazy in clearing off their stands which means for us late comers there is still plenty of time to grab some cheap goodies.

The reason I’ve just remembered this event is that Ever Wonder who owns a shop called More Than Ever sent me a new discounted outfit.  This cardie/jeans combo isn’t her Cart sale item, thats a rather pretty dress and a very nice quality fur shrug, and I do believe that this dress is also the first she has done that comes with SLink Boobie Appliers.  This cardie/jeans combo is only found for the moment at the Designer Showcase event and Ever Wonder has upped her game even more because this outfit comes with all the fitmesh sizes but also a Mesh Body version so if you wear SLink, Maitreya, Belleza or Omega then there is a size for you and add to that the jeans also come with an applier and even after all this time fashion wh*res like me still need to have some system layers when you want to create a look with a lot of Mesh.  Nothing worse than getting a great pair of mesh jeans but you can’t wear them with the mesh boots or top you like so these jeans will come in very handy.


Now zoom in on this hair and imagine this hair on your OH!  Yet another late event post.  Gael is actually a mans hair but of course like many of Mina’s hairs it’s beautifully unisexed.


This hair is very similar to the female version called Stella but it’s a little bit shorter and Stella has a light windblown look to it as well.  The reason I’m talking about 2 hairs is that because so many of Mina hairs look just as gorgeous on both sexes that to just keep yourself to the womans dept in her shop is a shame and of course if you’re a man looking for hair then Mina’s has a ever growing mens dept.  This hair can be found at the latest round of the MOM event, that stands for Men only Month which fortunately still has 10 days to go.

OK you MUST CHECK THIS OUT….More Than Ever Blogg Spot I have to confess that I started this post this morning and it’s not this evening LOL.  Sorry RL again but I couldn’t help notice than Ever More has some lovely pictures of not just the 10Ld offerings at the cart sale but there is also a picture of her Free GG/Sub gift and since I’m running badly behind I’m sharing the link so you can check it out and then TP your AV over there as quickly as possible.

The Designer Showcase

More Than Ever Mainshop

Men Only Month

Mina’s Mainshop

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Cart Sale – Brilliant !

Cart Sale - Pure kitchen Island 10L !

I had to make a separate blog about this purchase at the Cart Sale…I SO love it ! I found this little gem at The Cart Sale – for the princely sum of 10L. Its by Pure and to be honest, although I liked the look of it on the box, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect once Id got it unpacked. Blimey ! Its awesomely fabulous. Looks just like a plain kitchen island, then you hop on board et voila, the magic happens. There are some seriously good animated poses, which send props for you to wear straight to your inventory. Above I’m making dough with my little rolling pin.

Cart Sale - a few animatins

There also mixing, whisking eggs, making sammiches and lots more. Its not all about baking, there are a few that will pose you having a morning coffee ! My best find at the moment .

The Wash Cart Sale

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Cart Sale (everything 10L !)

Cart Sale - Clown avatar, complete with heaps of gestures 10L

I hopped, skipped and jumped my way over to the bi-annual Cart Sale. It’s such a vast space to cover with soooo much to see ! Everything is priced at 10L or under, here’s a few of my top buys. Above is a brilliant Clown avatar by Wicked Monkey. Its dead creepy and is totally complete, you also get a ton of really really cool animated gestures to play around with it ! Alllll this for just 10L *faints*. I will definitely be heading over to their main store to investigate further.

Cart Sale - Fantasy Sky Dome 10L!

I nabbed this from [[A.R.C. + F.N.]] , the fantasy sky dome ! It’s gloriously colourful and comes along with two loungers and table to enjoy the view. I really liked that nothing is hard linked, so you can pick and choose which parts you want (or add more) its pretty low prim also yay!. Again, just 10L, it’s a real winner.

Cart Sale - Hair 10L ! Roses Jewelry 10L !

Last up for this post is a hair-do from [Bizarre Hair], its called sweetheart and is pretty unique. It comes in three parts, so don’t forget to wear them all ! Just 10L and definitely worthy of inventory space. Head over and have a wander, theres stuff for guys too, home decor, skins etc

The Cart Sale


Cart Sale & added freeness

la petite morte. iris shape - la petite morte mesh jeans & top for The Wash cart sale -  BananaN room dividers 1 prim FREE!

Oh yeah, it’s that time again, the cart sale at The Wash is almost upon us! Just to make sure you note it in your diaries, here’s a little teaser from la petite morte.  I’m wearing the iris shape, mesh jeans anddddd striped orange tee and clarity yellow eyes, all from la petite morte. (HA! I just noticed I’ve got wonky-mad eyes in the photo – oh well !) Nothing is over 10L at the sale…so these are incredible savings ! The room dividers behind me are actually a market place freebie – set of four colours and pretty unbeatable at just 1 prim per screen huh?! By BananaN, more about the inworld store later !

la petite morte. clarity eyes-yellow - la petite morte. iris shape & iris t2 skin - The Wash cart sale

This is the skin by  la petite morte, iris t2, it’s a peachy skin tone and sooper sweet.Very pouty kissable lips. Amazingly this is also out for the cart sale *faint*….Cart Sale starts on the 4th September and runs until the 25th, don’t forget !

The Wash Cart Sale (not until the 4th!)

BananaN room dividers

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Cart me off

Soooo I have trotted around the cart sale at The Wash sim three times now *pantpant* and each time I go I see more stuffage to buy ! If you’re there today look out for some pritty things on the Pink Label stand..all the pieces I’m wearing above are  priced at just 10L each..and yes..that includes the rather marvelous shooz! This colour is called blush..I think it’s really pink in disguise ! The tops are a sooper bargain, you get two in the pack, stripes & dots..lovely detail at the nape of the neck. The shorts are very different for me..somewhere between a capri or a bermuda..pretty embroidery around the thighs, pockets on your derriere…the shooz as always come with Pink Labels fantabulous simpledimple HUD..which gives you options on metal,nails & skin tone

Two colours to choose from, or mix & match…both tones look lully together. I slipped into a verrrry old pair of Pink Label jeans, just to show how well these tops go with most anything…this is the olive shade which I just adore…matching shooz for this colour also…the jeans you can find in the mainstore..I popped over and found some similar to these in the discount building for only 10L..(actually they had some extra detailing on) when you’re done at the cart sale…

head on over to the store, grab some jeans..and join the group so you can get your mitts on alllllll these group gifties ! (very small join fee applies) Dont forget to check both the new releases section are past hunt gifts for a nominal charge…the other building is the discount area…have fun !

Pink Label: cart sale 

Pink Label : mainstore

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The Wash Cart sale time yay!

I so so SO love the cart sale’s at the Wash sim…I get all soooooper excited and dash over to scoop up lotsa goodies *squeeee*…this one is fantabulously huge…lots of new designers I havent seen before and alllll the ole fav’s I have come to love…soooo onto the info…have you ever been to a cart sale before? no? Wellll…lemme fill you in..everything, and I mean… 10L or under ! It’s such a fab way to try stuff before heading over to the designers mainstore and stocking up..there are skins, clothes, shooz, boots, home decor, jewelry..and more and more and more ..guys, YES, there are things for you also hurrrah! B!ASTA have this scrummy blouse & shorts set out…you can also snatch the matching peeptoe boots..both just 10L…I’ve wanted to try this look for agesss..ever since that chick in the UK Xfactor wore it week in and week out..well here it is..and I adore it. The blouse could also be worn with pants, skirts..verrrrry prettty. The skin I’m wearing is by Nvious..”Allyssa Medium M1B” very delicate facial features and beautiful details…

Schwarz have a few items on offer for absolute fav was this mesh tee with the lil dawgies on..awwwww ! Lots of sizes to choose from in the pack, plus you get a light and dark option..fabulous!


Thenn I spied these adorbs boots from DUH ! omaiiii I just fell in lurve with them…and uhmm..bought quite a few colours..but but but they will be sooo useful and at 10L a piece..its not breaking the piggybank is it?

My last purchases were this so-so-pritty frock from snatch… me ! I teamed it up with this sensationally good jewelry set from nana, and a skin from Style by Kira, Ive been searching for a good mascara running skin for simply ever..and this one really ticks all the boxes, lovely skin tone, great lips…each item only..youve guessed it..10L. Have a blast go and grab up all the gear !

The Cart Sale